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Chapter 1749: Car Accident

She could not go on sleeping like that. What if she got thirsty or hungry?

Just thinking about that made Qiao Nan’s throat feel hoarse. Her mouth also felt dry and uncomfortable. Even though she was asleep, her eyebrows were deeply furrowed into a frown.

Before long, she felt as though someone had smeared a layer of cold water on her mouth, slightly reducing the discomfort that she had been feeling.

Qiao Nan herself had no idea how long she had been in this state. To her, it felt as though she had been in this state for a whole century. Once she woke up and could finally speak, she would have to give a good lecture to Zhai Sheng and her three children. Even if they wanted to let her have a good rest, this was no way of doing it. Were they not afraid that she would never wake from her sleep or that she might even become disabled?

“You’re awake?” The moment Qiao Nan’s eyelids fluttered, a woman by her side was pleasantly surprised and asked if Qiao Nan was indeed awake.

Qiao Nan very much wanted to reply to her, but she could not force any sound out of her mouth. What confused Qiao Nan was that this woman sounded rather foreign to her. It was neither the voice of the auntie at home nor her mother-in-law’s, much less her daughter, San Bao’s. When had an unknown woman entered her house without her knowledge? Was this a newly hired auntie?

“Don’t be in too much of a hurry. I’m sure you’re thirsty. Get a sip of water.” That unknown lady had fair and tender skin, a particularly good attitude, and was dressed in white. She seemed so surreal under the sunlight. The lady helped Qiao Nan up and fed Qiao Nan some water. “You’re finally awake. If you didn’t wake up, you would have been in danger. I’m sure you’re hungry, but you can’t eat or drink for now. Let me check if there’s any porridge available. It’s better for you to have something light and liquid for now.”

When the glass of warm water entered her stomach, Qiao Nan finally sobered up significantly.

Qiao Nan’s eyebrows were deeply furrowed. She was completely baffled by the sight in front of her. “It hurts…” What Qiao Nan knew was that the young lady had only helped her up and stuck a straw into the mug for her to drink from. Such a simple action made Qiao Nan feel sore all over as though her bones and muscles had all been ripped apart. It was so painful that she wanted to cry.

She could not even remember how long she had not felt such intense pain that was enough to bring her to tears.

“Bear with it. You were in a car accident, and you sustained fractures in many parts of your body. Thankfully, you were lucky, and none of your internal organs were damaged. That was why the doctor was able to save you. You’re probably feeling intense pain because the anesthesia has worn off. I’ll ask the doctor if you can have some painkillers for now.” How could it not hurt after she had gotten into an accident so serious that her blood had pooled on the ground?

The surgery had been quite successful, but weirdly enough, this patient had not reacted like other patients and had not woken up immediately after the anesthesia wore off. Instead, she had gone into a deep sleep for much longer than other patients.

It had been three whole days. In these three days, the patient had no sign of ever waking up. It was as though she had been in a vegetative state. After a long analysis, the doctor said that the patient’s recovery might pose a problem should she not wake up in time, even though the surgery had gone well.

“A car accident?” A vast white expanse entered her sight, and her senses were overwhelmed by the smell of disinfectants that was unique to hospitals. Qiao Nan blinked. “I got into an accident and was hospitalized?”

No, that was impossible. Just yesterday, she was clearly having a meal with her entire family. She had fallen asleep in Zhai Sheng’s arms and had not yet woken up. How could she have gotten into an accident and hospitalized in the blink of an eye?

Besides, if she had really gotten into a car accident, there was no way her three children would not be by her side. Zhai Sheng would never leave her side either. There would surely be at least one or two of her family members around to take care of her at such a time.

“You don’t remember anything?” The nurse could fully understand what Qiao Nan was going through. “Miss Qiao, do you remember that you raised a hundred thousand yuan for your sister to undergo surgery three days ago? That’s right. Do you remember that your sister got uremia and needed a kidney transplant? After that, you ran out from our hospital and were knocked down by a car on the main road in front of our hospital…”

Hearing the nurse’s long-winded explanation, Qiao Nan could not hold back her tears.

Just yesterday, she had told her husband that her life was so blissful that it seemed surreal. In the blink of an eye, what she was worried about the most had happened! That blissful life, a responsible husband, a mother-in-law who treated her like her own daughter, her three adorable children—everything had been nothing but an illusion that she had made up for herself in her dream. Nothing was real…

No wonder there had been times when she had felt uneasy about having all these in her dream. But that dream had been too real and genuine. The nurse told her that she had been in a coma for three days, but she truly felt as though she had crossed into another life and had been immersed in her dream world for decades.

“Don’t cry.” The nurse was at a loss upon seeing Qiao Nan in this state.

Since Qiao Zijin had been hospitalized for such a long time, the nurses and doctors had found out all about the Qiao family’s matters. They knew that the Qiao couple was biased toward their elder daughter, who had married well, and treated their younger daughter horribly. Their elder daughter had her own house but did not want to sell it. Instead, they forced their younger daughter to raise funds for their elder daughter’s surgery.

Such biased parents were truly a rare sight. Miss Qiao lying here on the hospital bed was really pitiful.

The nurse could not bear to tell Qiao Nan about what had happened after Qiao Nan had gotten into an accident and undergone surgery. Because the car accident had happened right in front of their hospital, the hospital staff had immediately carried Miss Qiao back into the hospital to undergo surgery.

What was most heartbreaking was that she had seen it with her own eyes! When Miss Qiao had gotten into an accident and was lying in a pool of her own blood, Miss Qiao’s mother had laughed horrifically! She had even been going on about how they now had a kidney and money, so Zijin would not have to die anymore and that Zijin would be cured now.

Up until now, the thought of the scene still gave the nurse shivers.

After calming down and understanding her situation, Qiao Nan’s gaze cooled. “Nurse, you said that I’ve been here for three days. Has anyone come to visit me in these three days?” She was back. It turned out that she had not died after that car accident and had not been driven to her grave by her mom. After being saved by the doctors, she had been asleep for three days and had had a beautiful dream. In that dream, she had a completely different life.

No matter how blissful she had been in that dream, Qiao Nan could never forget about how she had pulled through in the other world. Although she had just woken up, Qiao Nan still clearly remembered all the details of what had happened before her car accident.

Could she really forget it now that she had almost lost her life for it?

“Yes… Your dad came to visit you.” The nurse thought about it for a while before answering with the truth.

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