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Chapter 711 - Getting to Work

Netherluna was a born leader. She was a stunning beauty, but she was also much more than that. She’d already reached Level 116, ranking in the top five on the level leaderboards. Her equipment was of excellent quality, and her skills were top-notch too. The only area where she fell short at was that she wasn’t a Master yet. She was hesitating on taking on her class advancement quest since she had no idea what it was like.

The catalyst for the Sanction Sealing Formation was a special scroll, which was consumed after use. They naturally couldn’t let such a precious item go to waste. So, they decided to make the Level 180 Kong King their target, since anything it dropped would be of immense value. A single piece of equipment dropped by this Lord would fetch them enough to eat and drink without worries for the foreseeable future.

「I’ll go make contact with Nirvana Flame. You guys stay here and deal with the boss. Be careful. I’ll be back in three minutes tops,」Netherluna said.

「Understood,」Canon replied.

Netherluna brought two people with her and headed over toward Nie Yan’s group.

Nie Yan’s group was slowly making their way towards Dark Recital’s forces. King of the World, who was scouting the path ahead, sent a message.

「They’re a guild called Dark Recital. Their strength on the whole is pretty average. Somehow they got their hands on a magic formation, and they’re using it to lock down the Kong King,」King of the World said.

Dark Recital? Nie Yan had never heard of this name before. Guilds like these were generally too small to attract his notice.

“No wonder they dare to take on the Kong King. Just like Lustboy said, they found some special method.”

“I don’t think it’ll be that easy to kill a Level 180 Lord, just a magic formation won’t do.”

“Should we go over and take a look? If we approach any closer, a battle might break out.”

Everyone gazed at Nie Yan. None of them were afraid of fighting. If it was necessary, they could easily wipe out every last one of these 1,000+ players. However, as members of Asskickers United, they couldn’t act so rashly. They had a reputation to uphold.

“Some people are coming over,” Nie Yan said.

Everyone gazed up ahead. Three people were heading towards them. The player leading them was a Paladin.

“Their leader seems to be a girl. Her equipment is pretty decent,” Undying Scoundrel remarked in surprise. After thinking about it, it wasn’t anything strange. After all, many experts in Asskickers United were girls.

Netherluna and two others stopped a good distance from Nie Yan’s group.

“Our Dark Recital guild is hunting a boss. We’d like all unrelated players to please leave,” Netherluna announced. Even though she knew the person in front of her was Nirvana Flame, she acted neither servile nor overbearing. She purposely pretended not to recognize him.

Nie Yan activated Transcendent Insight. Netherluna was a Level 116 Paladin. In his group, the highest level player was Tang Yao at Level 112. They had really spent too much time doing their class advancement quests. There were already many players over Level 100. For this female Paladin to be Level 116, she had to be ranked pretty high on the level leaderboards. Of course, in terms of actual battle prowess, she couldn’t hold a candle to anyone in their group.

“I’m Asskickers United’s Nirvana Flame,” Nie Yan said.

“Oh, so it is Nirvana Flame. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you for a long time. We’ve heard over the last few days that you became the new lord of the Abernathy Great Grasslands. Dark Recital will of course support you. We hope to come and visit Okoron later. Our guild is in the middle of hunting a Lord right now. I’d like to ask that you make things easy for us. I’m sure with your reputation, you definitely wouldn’t care about a single Lord, right?” Netherluna said in a soft yet clear tone. “If you want this Lord, there’s nothing our small guild can do about it. However, I’m sure this kind of matter wouldn’t sound good if made known to the public. I’m a straightforward person who speaks my mind. If I’ve offended you in any way, please excuse me.”

Bladelight smiled and whispered into Nie Yan’s ears, “Her words sound soft and pretty, but she clearly isn’t backing down. Looks like the reputation of our Asskickers United isn’t too useful here, hah.”

Nie Yan chuckled. “Since she’s said it like that, I guess it wouldn’t be good for us to steal away the boss, or else people will accuse us of abusing our authority.”

Nie Yan turned to face Netherluna. “As the guild leader of Asskickers United, I, Nirvana Flame, promise we won’t snatch away the boss from you guys.”

“Thank you, Nirvana Flame. We still have to kill the boss. When all this is over, we’ll pay you a visit in Okoron and express our gratitude properly.” Netherluna inwardly breathed a sigh of relief. Since Nie Yan agreed not to snatch away the Kong King, there was no problem. With his position and status, he wouldn’t likely go back on his word. She had also secretly recorded their conversation, just in case.

Netherluna hurried back with the two other players in tow, only to hear a world-shaking roar cut across the air. Her face paled. Not good!

Smoke Stub faintly smiled. “Looks like the Kong King went berserk. Dark Recital is going to be in for a nasty awakening.”

Before Smoke Stub even finished speaking, a violent tremor shook the earth. The Kong King was absolutely frightening once it went berserk.

“Let’s go take a look. If they can’t deal with it, that Kong King is ours,” Nie Yan said. At that time, Dark Recital would have nothing to say. After all, they were simply too weak.

Nie Yan’s group leisurely strolled over toward the Kong King.

“GRAWWWOOOH!” The Kong King let out a thunderous roar. Its eyes turned blood red and its fur stood on its end, as a red aura overflowed from its body. It smashed down on the Fighter with one attack after another, slowly forcing him back.

「Boss, I can’t hold on any longer!」the Fighter tanking Kong King cried out.

「We can’t falter now! Priests, focus all your healing on Silver Wing!」Netherluna anxiously ordered.

The 30+ Priests at the back were restoring Silver Wing’s health with all they got. The heals never stopped. His health kept fluctuating up and down. Every time his health was about to drop to zero, he was rescued from the clutches of death.

「Not good! His health is falling too fast!」

「Cast your blessings!」Netherluna raised her sword, giving Silver Wing several buffs. His stats immediately shot up. 

At this moment, the giant Kong King was like an enraged T. Rex. It violently rammed into the formation locking it down, which was already showing signs of breaking.

Silver Wing’s health plummeted. If it weren’t for the 30+ Priests constantly healing him, he would’ve long since died.

A Level 180 Lord going berserk was truly frightening.

The Sanction Sealing Formation was on the verge of breaking. The 16 Great Mages powering the formation were also running low on mana. If Silver Wing died, all that awaited them was complete annihilation.

Seeing the situation take an ugly turn, Netherluna’s face paled. She promptly made a decision.「Everyone, retreat!」

「Boss, even if we retreat, that Kong King won’t stop chasing us. We’ll lose at least half our people!」

「That’s still better than all of us dying! Everyone, retreat!」Netherluna shouted. They had underestimated the boss’ strength, even after making ample preparations and collecting so much data on it. They believed they were set, but they had still hit a hiccup. Every Lord had an innate ability that generally wasn’t written down online. The Kong King’s innate ability was Outrage!

As soon as the words left Netherluna’s mouth, the Kong King’s mallet-like fists smashed down onto Silver Wing. He was instantly killed. His corpse lay motionless inside a deep depression in the ground. BANG! The Sanction Sealing Formation finally shattered into pieces, sending the 16 Great Mages flying out and crashing into the ground.

Everyone’s faces paled. At this moment, the Kong King had completely broken free of its fetters.

The players from Dark Recital turned around and fled in all directions. KRASSH! The Kong King charged out and smashed down on a Warrior. Transforming into a ray of light, the Warrior was instantly killed. 

The Kong King didn’t stop after killing the Warrior. It continued chasing down the others, steamrolling through one player after another.

The Kong King swept through everything in its path, leaving a trail of corpses in its wake. The players scattered like rats. Dark Recital’s casualties were rapidly adding up.

Netherluna despaired. In all their meticulous preparations, the countless possible outcomes they’d emulated, this result never crossed her mind. All they could do now was run and hope the Kong King would lose aggro quickly. The losses they were going to suffer was something she didn’t want to imagine.

When Nie Yan and the others arrived, Dark Recital was already in the middle of a full retreat. Many players ran past without giving them a single glance. They were too busy fleeing for their lives.

“This is what happens when you try to challenge a Lord when you’re too weak. If you succeed, the rewards are astonishing. If you fail, you’ll face a total wipe,” Bladelight said. He appeared extremely calm. He had faced many similar situations when leading teams to hunt bosses together.

Netherluna checked the casualties. More than 30 players had died at the hands of the Kong King in the short span of 15 seconds.

All Netherluna could hope for in this moment was that the casualties could be kept to the absolute minimum. She swept her eyes around the surroundings and spotted Nie Yan’s group not far off in the distance.

Nie Yan and the others were standing only 100 meters away from the Kong King. They watched it slaughter the fleeing players without a hint of fear in their eyes.

After thinking for a moment, Netherluna quickly approached Nie Yan.

“Nirvana Flame, could you please help us deal with the Kong King? I definitely won’t forget this favour,” Netherluna asked with pleading eyes. If Nie Yan and the others intervened, Dark Recital could avoid taking even more losses.

“This doesn’t count as snatching the boss, right?” Nie Yan chuckled. He brought up the previous interaction he had with Dark Recital. 

“N-no, it doesn’t,” Netherluna answered after recovering from her daze.

“Alright. Boys, let’s get to work!” Nie Yan said.

“Sure!” Lei Su and the others excitedly exclaimed. They could finally take action.

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