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Chapter 705 - Inspecting the New Territory!

Nie Yan gained almost full control over the entire potion market. No other power could shake his rule.

Because of the increase in the prices of potions, guilds like God Executioner Sword, Divine Protectors, and Angel Corps had no choice but to spend vast sums to purchase large quantities of potions from the Starry Night Potion Shop every day. They gritted their teeth with anger, but there was nothing they could do. 

After several days, a chain reaction occurred. Seeing that Nie Yan was determined to monopolize the potion market, the other potion shops both large and small realized they had absolutely no way of competing with him. Many reluctantly chose to close down shop. Some switched over to other industries. Others decided to sell their shops.

Nie Yan with his several dozen million gold had undoubtedly secured his spot as the biggest player in the game. Even so-called moneybags like Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group couldn’t compete. Most of the shops that closed down ended up falling in his hands.

An enormous commercial empire had already taken embryonic form.

Nie Yan checked the calendar. Nine days had already passed since he received the notification to meet with the Elder Council to accept his fiefdom. He only had one day left before the deadline. With abundant financial resources, he could start developing his territory.

After settling some guild affairs, Nie Yan checked the recent reports. Qin Han was still keeping his skeleton army on standby. There was no point for him to sit at the ready, waiting for the other party to attack. He could hurry back when the time called for it. Thinking to this point, he headed to the Elder Council in Calore.

The Elder Council. This place was still as imposing as ever. Players passing by outside the entrance kept their heads down low, not daring to stir up any trouble.

After entering the Elder Council, Nie Yan immediately noticed something off. Both Jebiah the Great and Elder Redwin weren’t present. The person who received him was an NPC called Elder Manwell. His position in the Elder Council was fairly low. He looked middle-aged with a robust build and a firm gait.

Elder Manwell guided Nie Yan through a hall. He looked around in surprise. It was so quiet here. The guards from before were nowhere to be seen. 

Nie Yan was filled with doubt. But after thinking for a bit, he decided he was better off not being a busybody. Every person in the Elder Council was a legendary NPC. They could easily kill him with a flick of a finger. Poking his nose around here, especially in places where it didn’t belong, wasn’t a wise idea. He obediently followed behind Elder Manwell. Even though his eyes would occasionally dart all over the place and he was acting a bit strange, nothing particularly noteworthy happened.

“Great Prophet, Jebiah the Great has already left the Viridian Empire for a long journey. Before leaving, he entrusted me with this task.” Elder Manwell handed over three items to Nie Yan.

Nie Yan examined the items, a map, a deed, and a crystal shard.

“Elder Manwell, do you know where Jebiath the Great went?” Nie Yan asked.

“Sorry, I do not know about his whereabouts.” Elder Manwell shook his head.

Seeing he wouldn’t get an answer, Nie Yan could only give up. This situation was too strange. The Viridian Empire was practically overrun by undead. Yet the Elder Council showed no signs of movement, and Jebiah the Great was nowhere to be found.

Even though Nie Yan knew something was wrong, he didn’t dare to investigate too deeply. The Elder Council was a sensitive place. If he did something he wasn’t supposed to do, he would bring down a calamity not only on himself but also on all of Asskickers United.

“Alright. Thank you, Elder Manwell.” Nie Yan nodded.

A game-wide announcement popped up.

Nirvana Flame has been conferred the title of Duke. He has been awarded the Abernathy Great Grasslands as his fiefdom.

A huge uproar shook the entire playerbase. Everyone was fervently discussing this new development. Nie Yan kept accomplishing one shocking thing after another. First it was him receiving the title of Great Prophet. Now he had become a Duke and obtained his own fiefdom. In their hearts, no one could compete with the legend of Nirvana Flame.

This announcement had undoubtedly made Nie Yan’s achievements even more resplendent.

All the major powers paid close attention to Nie Yan’s movements at all times. News of him receiving a fiefdom left them completely shocked. They immediately researched the location of the Abernathy Great Grasslands. After finding it, some rejoiced while others despaired.

The guilds far away from the Abernathy Great Grasslands naturally didn’t have anything to worry about. However, those close to it started worrying. No one wanted to be swallowed up by Asskickers United. The most concerned were undoubtedly Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group.

The Abernathy Great Grasslands was located on the border between the Viridian Empire and Satreen Empire. Asskickers United occupying this region meant they could threaten Angel Corps at any time.

Angel Corps guild headquarters. Cao Xu donned in black ornamental robes walked into the main hall.

“Fan, my boy, long time no see,” Cao Xu said.

Soaring Angel in his azure leather armour sat at the head of the table. He nodded in response. “Long time no see indeed, Brother Cao. I trust you’ve been well?”

“I presume you already know Nirvana Flame obtained the Abernathy Great Grasslands as his territory. So, what are your thoughts?” Cao Xu asked.

“The Abernathy Great Grasslands is located right on the border between the two empires. With ordinary flying mounts, you can get to Orc King City in about three hours. As for siege weapons, though they’re slow, the travel time is still less than a day. I’m deeply concerned. Brother Cao, do you have a solution?” Soaring Angel said. He understood Angel Corps and Asskickers United would face off eventually. He wasn’t afraid of a war. But he didn’t want to lose the advantage before the fight even began.

“None. Not at the moment, at least. His territory is under protection for three months. We can only hope the Monet Financial Group doesn’t fall too quickly. It would be great if they shaved away more of Asskickers United’s strength. For now, we need to take some defensive measures. If we can endure through these three months, we can destroy Nirvana Flame’s territory,” Cao Xu said. After operating in the Satreen Empire for so long and acquiring more than 30 guilds, his strength wasn’t to be looked down on. With three cities under his control, he was only second to Angel Corps with their five.

Soaring Angel nodded. He had already started taking measures to deal with Asskickers United. It was just that he wasn’t willing to inform Cao Xu. These two men both had their secrets. They weren’t as friendly as they appeared on the surface. On one hand, the Century Financial Group was a shareholder in Angel Corps and also their business partner. On the other, they were a formidable rival. 

“Asskickers United recently formed a monopoly over the potion market. We also have no choice but to purchase our potions from the Starry Night Potion Shop. Asskickers United’s influence is at an all time high right now. If they develop their territory, the ones who’ll suffer a calamity will be the two of us,” Cao Xu said.

“Don’t worry, Brother Cao. This much I understand.”

The two largest powers in the Satreen Empire continued discussing on how to deal with Asskickers United.

Nie Yan, Bladelight, Smoke Stub, and three others teleported from Calore to Nisode. Afterwards, they took to the air on their flying mounts and set off for the Abernathy Great Grasslands.

About two hours later, after passing through a towering mountain range, the six of them arrived at the border of a great grassland. Looking into the horizon, all one could see was an endless stretch of green. There were a few lakes scattered here and there; their water was crystal clear. Occasionally, one could see herds of monsters moving over the land.

“This is the Abernathy Great Grasslands?” Bladelight asked with a shocked expression. This vast grassland all belonged to Nie Yan? This was too frightening!

“Yes. Everything the light touches is ours.” Nie Yan faintly smiled.

The map showed that the Abernathy Great Grasslands was even larger than the plains of Calore!

The five continued on ahead. Even after flying for more than five minutes, they still couldn’t see an end to the grassland.

What a large region!

Bladelight and the others couldn’t help but be amazed.

Observing the land below, one could occasionally see rows of white tents. The people occupying these tents were the natives of the Abernathy Great Grasslands. There were about 500,000 NPCs living in this territory, of which 200,000 were humans and 300,000 were orcs. No matter what their race, they would now have to recognize Nie Yan as their ruler or risk opposing both the Viridian Empire and Satreen Empire.

Nie Yan held absolute authority in this land. From making laws to deciding over the life and death of the NPCs living here, all of it was within his grasp with the Viridian Empire and Satreen Empire as his backing. But even though his power was great, he had no intention of becoming a tyrant. If he wanted to establish a foothold here, ruling with an iron fist wouldn’t work. He needed to receive the support of all the NPCs to create a powerful army. Only then would his rule be firm.

Seeing this vast expanse, Nie Yan’s eyes lit up with anticipation. Finally, he could begin developing his own territory!

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