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Chapter 681 - Bayonet’s Name

These soldiers were all elites under Mo Yuntian. They were aces of the army. Them calling Nie Yan instructor was proof they recognized his strength.

Born the son of an army man, Nie Yan had inherited some of his father’s thinking. He also believed strength reigned supreme and subconsciously devoted himself to training his body. However, having only faced students, he had no clear view on the extent of his progress. There was a clear difference between them and real fighters. But this match with Wang Duo today gave him new confidence. He wasn’t any weaker than the elites of the army!

Nie Yan became all the more aware of the changes that occurred to his body after advancing to a Shadow Dancer. Just what sort of secrets did this title hold?

Knowing he wouldn’t find the answer right now, Nie Yan stopped thinking about it. He focused on his task at hand. He had to instruct the 36 soldiers in front of him.

Wang Duo retreated back into the ranks. He was thoroughly convinced of Nie Yan’s strength. When he gazed at Nie Yan, his eyes flickered with a hint of zealotry. He admired anyone stronger than him. Especially Nie Yan who was even younger than him. He could already imagine what Nie Yan would be like in a few years. He no longer had any doubts about this new instructor Mo Yuntian found for them.

After receiving Mo Yuntian’s approval, Nie Yan faced the group. “Some of you might feel reluctant or unwilling. After all, General Mo Yuntian found a 19-year-old kid who’s still in school to be your instructor. The army is a place where strength speaks. I won’t try to win you over to my side with flowery words. If any of you are dissatisfied, you can come forward and take it up with me. We’ll settle it with our fists. Starting today, as long as none of you can beat me, I am your instructor. Since General Yuntian is leaving you guys in my care, I naturally have to produce some results,” Nie Yan said. Even though his tone was laced with arrogance, this was a must in the army. He knew this was the only way to tame this prideful bunch.

The several dozen soldiers stood up straight with their chests out and heads held high. They were already thoroughly convinced of Nie Yan’s strength after watching him beat Wang Duo. So, none of them voiced any complaints.

“Good, now give me a head count,” Nie Yan said.

Nie Yan quickly received the number, 36 people in total. He had to whip them into shape to Mo Yuntian’s satisfaction. Thinking about the arduous task at hand, he felt a heavy weight on his shoulders.

“Introduce yourselves. State your name, age, etc.” Nie Yan swept his eyes over the group. Since Mo Yuntian had placed them in his care, he naturally had to know a little bit more about them.

Wang Duo and the others turned to Mo Yuntian. Seeing the general give a nod, he stepped up. “Reporting to instructor! Wang Duo, 26 years old, 721st Special Mech Brigade, major general…”

Nie Yan’s mind trembled. A 26-year-old major general, and a member of the 721st Special Mech Brigade! He had heard rumours of this unit’s outstanding military achievements. Any random soldier from there would receive the treatment of a major.

Lei Su and Xiao Yu dropped their jaws in shock. Wang Duo actually belonged to the 721st Special Mech Brigade, not to mention he was a major general!

“Reporting to instructor! Lin Yi, 25 years old, 275th Special Starship Brigade, major general…”

“Reporting to instructor! Luo Ye, 26 years old, 721st Special Mech Brigade, major general…”

One by one, they stepped forward and introduced themselves. Nie Yan felt his head spin. They were at least senior colonels, while there were even three major generals! Not to mention the oldest of them was only 27.

If Nie Yan hadn’t known, he would’ve remained ignorant. Now that he knew, he was flabbergasted. These guys all belonged to special brigades and had reached the rank of senior colonels and major generals at such a young age. Their futures were limitless! Yet Mo Yuntian had tasked him with training such a group. A feeling of incredulity welled up in his heart.

“Next year, they’ll be participating in a military-wide competition. If they place high in the rankings, they can directly enter the 12th Mech Armoured Corps. Originally, I wanted you to help me improve their synchronization rate in Conviction. However, you’re far stronger than I expected. Having you serve as their instructor will be good for everyone. For the next 12 months, I’ll leave them in your care,” Mo Yuntian said.

“I can only promise to give it my best,” Nie Yan replied, forcing a wry smile. These guys were all high ranking officers. Any one of them was a figure he couldn’t afford to offend.

Mo Yuntian chuckled. “I believe in your strength. Are you interested in enlisting? With your skills, passing the physical examination is simple, and then you can easily enter the 12th Mech Armoured Corps. Your father served, and now he’s doing business on behalf of the country. If you’re willing to enlist, I’m sure he’ll be over the moon.”

Nie Yan hurriedly waved his hand with a panicked expression. “Please don’t joke around with me, General Yuntian. I have no plans of enlisting.” If Mo Yuntian spoke with his father, he might really end up being sent off to the military. He had no grand ambitions of climbing the ranks of the army. All he wanted was for his family to live a happy and peaceful life.

Seeing Nie Yan’s strong refusal, Mo Yuntian could only let out a deep sigh. “Fine, I won’t force you. If you change your mind one day, you can come find me at any time. The deadline is one year from now. After that, joining the 12th Armoured Mech Corps will be difficult.”

Nie Yan didn’t even have to think about it. He definitely wouldn’t serve in the military. If he became a soldier, he would have to go on a tour in outer space. Far from home for at least several years, this kind of life wasn’t for him.

Hearing Nie Yan’s refusal, Lei Su couldn’t believe his ears. Did Nie Yan not know what the 12th Mech Armoured Corps was, what this force represented? He really wanted to go up and beat the stupidity out of Nie Yan. The 12th Mech Armoured Corps was a special armed force independent of the military. According to rumours, they would be outfitted with the most advanced mech suits. One could imagine what a supreme honour it would be to serve in it. He would kill for a chance to join them, but Nie Yan had directly refused without a second thought.

Seeing that his words had no effect on Nie Yan, Mo Yuntian could only give up. “I’ll leave their training in your care.”

“Yes, General Yuntian!”

“I heard you have a bodyguard called Bayonet by your side. How skilled is he compared to you?” Mo Yuntian asked. Even though he had heard of Bayonet’s name before, he hadn’t seen the man in action. He didn’t know how strong Bayonet was or whether his fame was just for show.

“He’s much stronger than I am. I’d be lucky to last even 20 minutes against him,” Nie Yan replied. This was the cold, hard truth. Even though he had grown much stronger in these recent days, he was still a far cry away from Bayonet, who far surpassed even the top assassins and mercenaries on the international stage.

“Oh…?” Mo Yuntian was a bit shocked.

Hearing Nie Yan could only last 20 minutes against Bayonet, Wang Duo and the others were skeptical. After all, they had witnessed Nie Yan’s strength first hand just moments ago.

Nie Yan saw Mo Yuntian and the others were doubtful. However, he understood Bayonet’s strength better than anyone. He sometimes wondered if Bayonet had also served as a special forces soldier in his younger years.

Mo Yuntian gazed at Nie Yan’s eyes. He isn’t joking.

“You can rest assured leaving these guys in my care. General Yuntian, I’ll definitely show you satisfactory results,” Nie Yan said. A thought crossed his mind. Even if he didn’t want to enlist, there was no harm in building up a good relationship with these aces of the military. Wang Duo, Lin Yi, and the other 34 all had bright futures ahead of them. Even if they failed to enter the 12th Mech Armoured Corps, this bit of a connection would still be quite helpful to him.

Little did Mo Yuntian know that Nie Yan was already thinking about how he should expand his network of contacts.

Nie Yan turned to Wang Duo, Lin Yi, and the others. “In the evening, come meet me in front of the Asskickers United guild office in Calore. As for during the day, I’ll have Bayonet train you guys.”


Wang Duo, Lin Yu, and the others already viewed Nie Yan as their instructor. Nie Yan naturally didn’t refuse. In the military, this sort of superior-subordinate relationship was incredibly important. Father Nie was a prime example of this. He had been the captain of a squad. Later on, he was discharged while many of his subordinates continued climbing the ranks. Even though most of them ended up in far higher positions than he had ever reached, they still fondly called him squad captain every time they met. It was a relationship that lasted a lifetime.

If Nie Yan wanted Wang Duo, Lin Yu, and these other elites to remember him, he would have to earn their genuine respect and reverence! He had no experience in training soldiers, so he could only push this job to Bayonet. However, when it came to teaching people about Conviction, there was no one more suitable!

“Bayonet, come out.” Nie Yan turned to an empty corner in the gymnasium.

Wang Duo, Lin Yi, and the others were confused. Who was Nie Yan talking to? There was no one there. At this moment, a slim figure stepped out from the corner of the gymnasium. There were only a few benches and tables over there.

Wang Duo, Lin Yi, along with Mo Yuntian, Lei Su, and the others’ minds trembled. They had been in the gymnasium for so long yet never noticed there was anyone else in here with them. What kind of hiding ability was this!? If Bayonet wanted to kill them, none of them would have a chance of surviving! At such a close distance, with any half decent weapon, he could wipe them all out in an instant.

He’s strong! Wang Duo, Lin Yi, and the others shared the same thought.

Bayonet really did live up to his reputation.

At this moment, Mo Yuntian als couldn’t help but envy Nie Yan. A person like Bayonet would be a huge asset to the military!

Wang Duo, Lin Yi, and the others finally believed Nie Yan’s previous words.

“Over the next year, he’ll be training you in combat techniques,” Nie Yan declared.

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