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Chapter 672 - Cut Throat

Nie Yan and Lei Su’s battle came to a deadlock. Lei Su was fairly skilled at PvP. It was no surprise he had maintained the number one spot on the Warrior rankings for so long in the previous timeline. He didn’t lose out in the slightest to Bladelight or Smoke Stub. In fact, he even surpassed them.

Conviction was filled with experts. Even if Nie Yan had knowledge from his past life, it wasn’t possible for him to recruit every single last one of them to his side. At least with Lei Su joining their ranks, Asskickers United would have another valiant general.

Seeing Lei Su taking a defensive posture and on full alert, Nie Yan caressed the blade of Zennarde’s Sword with his hand. He had zero intention of losing this match. He would no longer hold anything back. It was time to go all out!

Lei Su buffed himself with several skills that raised his Awareness. However, it still wasn’t enough to pinpoint Nie Yan. He kept himself calm, moving step by step to prevent his senses from dulling.

At this moment, a flame flashed before his eyes. There!

Lei Su slashed out with his sword. A crescent shaped sword beam brimming with destructive power struck the ground, sending rubble flying out everywhere. The attack missed. Something was wrong! He wanted to defend, but it was already too late.


Nie Yan shot forward like a lightning bolt. Lei Su had no time to react at all. BANG! Zennarde’s Sword struck him in the back.

A breathtaking attack!

It was too fast for the human eye!


A damage value floated up above Lei Su’s head. However, contrary to Nie Yan’s expectations Lei Su wasn’t crippled. Instead, he turned around and slashed down on Nie Yan.

“It’s a body guard skill!” Nie Yan’s heart trembled. He hurriedly evaded and retreated back into stealth.

As a precaution, Lei Su had buffed himself with Bulwark of the War God before the two exchanged blows. A golden aura wrapped around his body, bolstering his defense as well as making him immune to all crowd crowd effects from physical skills. This was the most frightening aspect of a Warrior. If an ordinary Thief met a Sword Saint, they wouldn’t be able to leave even a scratch on their armour, let alone immobilize them. On the other hand, the powerful attacks of a Sword Saint could finish them off in just a few hits.

However, Lei Su was facing Nirvana Flame. There was a clear difference.

Nie Yan’s movement speed and attack speed were more than two times higher than Lei Su’s. Seeing numerous shadows darting around him, Lei Su wildly swung his sword around. But never once did it connect. Nie Yan always dodged before he could even finish his swing. He would then quickly have to defend himself against the flurry of attacks Nie Yan dealt in retaliation. His health slowly fell.

Lei Su’s defense was high. Furthermore, Sword Saints had an innate ability that reduced all incoming physical damage by 70%. He had an enormous advantage against all physical damage classes. As a result, though the damage Nie Yan dealt to him was limited, it was quickly adding up.

Lei Su’s 80,000 health was gradually chipped away to only 20,000. Downing an Advanced Health Potion, he restored some of his health, but it didn’t even fill up half his health bar. He immediately stuck on a Combat Bandage while quickly retreating backward.

Nie Yan suddenly emerged at Lei Su’s side. With a swift kick, he struck Lei Su in the hip and interrupted the Combat Bandage.

“Dammit. Can’t even catch my breath,” Lei Su gloomily remarked.

As the battle stretched on, Lei Su’s health quickly fell back to low levels again. Meanwhile, he hadn’t even touched a single hair on Nie Yan’s body. The speed of a Shadow Dancer was simply too outrageous!

Before becoming a Luminous Dancer, Nie Yan was already much faster than most top rank Thieves. After completing his class advancement quest, his speed increased even more thanks to the Luminous Dancer’s innate ability. This caused his speed to reach an extremely frightening level. Even some Level 150–160 dexterity-type Lords would be helpless against him, to say nothing of Lei Su.

The exchange between Nie Yan and Lei Su left the spectators dumbstruck. Lei Su’s strength caused many players to gasp in admiration. Sure enough, Sword Saints were powerful. No wonder he dared to challenge Nirvana Flame! However, Nie Yan’s devilish speed left everyone speechless. Even such a powerful Sword Saint couldn’t pose a threat to him. He still appeared to be dodging and maneuvering around with ease.

Nie Yan was already displaying the pinnacle of a Shadow Dancer’s movement techniques. He would always appear at the most optimal moments when the opponent was the most defenseless, then unleash an onslaught of attacks. Lei Su was being treated like a punching bag.

Thinking this was how he was going to meet his end, Lei Su howled with anger. He activated Rage of the Berserker. His muscles swelled in size as he grew two heads taller, making him resemble an enormous barbarian. His skin turned ash gray like the colour of stone.

Seismic Slam!

War Trample!


After activating Rage of the Berserker, Lei Su lashed out with one skill after another, all of which were small area attacks. Wherever he passed, the arena stage would quake and crack. Brimming with strength and tyrannical without compare, he let out a roar and charged forward, barrelling straight for Nie Yan. Like a juggernaut he tore through everything in his path. 

Nie Yan didn’t expect Lei Su to explode with so much power. He blocked the Seismic Slam and War Trample with Shadow Waltz. However, he failed to completely dodge the Charge and Rampage as the berserk energy erupting out from Lei Su brushed against him. 


The leather armour defense of a Thief was too weak, unable to endure a single attack from a Sword Saint.

After being struck, Nie Yan’s stealth was dispelled as he gradually materialized into view. Lei Su could finally see him clearly.

Lei Su brandished his greatsword. As he slashed down, a sword beam came sweeping out. He was like an enraged beast, letting loose with a storm of fierce attacks. He was like the living embodiment of destruction, destroying everything in his path.

Nie Yan evaded to the best of his ability, but even he couldn’t cope with such a flurry of attacks. One of the sword beams nicked him, dealing in the excess of 16,000 damage. This was the difference between leather and plate armour. A Sword Saint could easily break through a Thief’s defense. However, a Thief would find it difficult to even leave a dent on a Sword Saint’s armour. Even a Shadow Dancer was the same. Nie Yan didn’t dare to eat another attack. He quickly drank an Advanced Health Potion to restore some of his health.

Flicker Strike! 

As a sword beam came cleaving down on him, Nie Yan disappeared from his original spot. He instantly reemerged behind Lei Su and stabbed toward his throat with Zennarde’s Sword.

“ARGGGGHHH!” Lei Su bellowed out, erupting with a powerful force that prevented Zennarde’s Sword from inching any closer, and cleaved down with his sword. Nie Yan retreated half-step back, then spun around to the side as he brushed past Lei Su. 

Reverse Grip Backstab!

Nie Yan’s attack was executed beautifully.

I can’t block! Lei Su’s eyes flashed with alarm. He couldn’t keep up with Nie Yan’s tempo at all. The difference in speed was too great. Nie Yan could easily land attacks on him, while he had to exert everything he had to even land a single hit on Nie Yan.


PSHHFTT! Zennarde’s Sword plunged into Lei Su’s back. Nie Yan followed up with Lacerate, opening up an even larger wound as blood came spraying out.

Even though Bulwark of the War God was powerful, it couldn’t protect Lei Su forever. The stab toward Lei Su’s throat was blocked. But after launching another attack an instant later, he finally dealt damage.

The damage from Nie Yan’s critical hit was fairly high, leaving Lei Su with only about 10,000 health remaining.

Lei Su immediately became anxious. He opened his mouth and let out a deafening roar.

Roar of the Wild!

A destructive sound wave came sweeping out in every direction. Nie Yan immediately sensed the danger, activating Mind Immune to evade the attack. He quickly retreated more than a dozen meters and entered back into stealth, disappearing from view.

Nie Yan maintained his stealth and lingered around in the distance with a faint smile on his face. He planned to let the bleed damage shave away at Lei Su’s health for the time being. This was one of the ways Thieves could deal with Warriors.


A string of damage values floated up above Lei Su’s head. His health was gradually falling, but Nie Yan showed no signs of appearing. He knew what Nie Yan was trying to do. He took out a Recover Scroll and used it, his health bar filling back up by 20%.

Time slowly ticked away. The health Lei Su had restored back with the Recover Scroll was gradually being eaten away.

The bleed effect lasted for a total of 20 seconds, causing Lei Su to somewhat despair. This bleed damage was frightening! Even if he had more health, there was no way he could withstand this DoT forever!

Lei Su gradually became aware of just how frightening Nie Yan’s various stats were. Even his most basic attacks could deal so much damage! PvPing with Nie Yan truly made him feel depressed.

Nie Yan eyed Lei Su from the shadows. Seeing his health falling lower and lower, he faintly smiled. “It’s about time I settle this.” He gradually made his way over.

Lei Su only had a little less than 10,000 health left. He planned to risk it all with one final attack as he kept moving about. Suddenly, he couldn’t move his legs. “Shit! It’s Lockdown!”

Lei Su quickly activated Whirlwind Slash in an attempt to prevent Nie Yan from attacking from behind. He was enveloped by a vortex of sword light.

Whirlwind Slash lasted for three seconds, buying him enough time for Lockdown to wear off. But the moment it wore off, Lei Su discovered he had been immobilized again!

“Is his Lockdown off cooldown already?” Lei Su was filled with doubt. A skill like Lockdown had a cooldown of at least 30 seconds. How come Nie Yan could use it again so soon!?

What Lei Su didn’t know was that Nie Yan also had Extreme Intimidate on top of Lockdown. Its effects were similar but even more powerful.

As Lei Su’s Whirlwind Slash ended, before he could even activate a second skill, Zennarde’s Sword appeared in front of his throat, the raging black flames surrounding the blade threatening to consume all life.

Cut Throat!

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