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Chapter 670 - Great Prophet Medal

Jebiah the Great sat on his throne at the front of the great hall. The other elders sat to his left and right. They all wore solemn and dignified expressions.

As Nie Yan entered the hall, he sensed an icy gaze locking onto him.

Nie Yan looked over toward the source of the gaze and found Elder Redwin glaring at him with eyes full of hostility.

Nie Yan knitted his brows. Just what was going on with this NPC? This old fart seemed to have it out for him ever since they first met. After becoming a Great Prophet, he could sense a peculiar albeit faint energy coming off of Redwin. It felt somewhat similar to that of Necromancer Vorderman.

Is this a clue to a quest...? Nie Yan’s heart trembled. There was something fishy about Elder Redwin, he was certain! He vowed to himself to get to the bottom of it.

At this moment, a notification popped up.

Your suspicions drive you to investigate Elder Redwin more deeply. You have received the quest, “Traitor in the Elder Council - Redwin’s Betrayal.”

Nie Yan’s eyes widened in surprise. He didn’t expect to trigger this kind of quest. He couldn’t help but wonder how Elder Redwin’s betrayal was related to Necromancer Vorderman.

“Welcome, Great Prophet. We’ve been expecting you. As the head of the Elder Council, I thank you on behalf of the entire Viridian Empire for warning us about the Vengeance of the Undead in advance. You’ve bought us a lot of time and helped us avoid even more disastrous losses,” Jebiah the Great said in a dignified tone.

Nie Yan shifted his gaze away from Elder Redwin and turned to face Jebiah the Great. “Your kind words flatter me, Your Majesty. I was only doing what any loyal citizen of our great Viridian Empire would do. May the God of Light bless every virtuous soul on this land,” Nie Yan replied with standard quest dialogue.

Jebiah the Great nodded with a faint smile, a trace of praise in his eyes. “As a Great Prophet, you possess the same authority as a member of the Elder Council in the Viridian Empire. If the situation calls for it, you may mobilize the troops of a city to serve our cause. However, you have to abide by the teachings of the God of Light. You cannot use the empire’s forces to settle personal scores or trample the weak. You must swear to always uphold justice and root out all evil.”

I can mobilize the empire’s forces? Nie Yan sucked in a breath of cold air. Generally, every city had at least 2,000–3,000 NPC soldiers stationed in them while large cities like Calore had up to 8,000. He felt his blood boiling with excitement, visions of this large and formidable force following his every command flashing before his eyes.

However, this authority came with a lot of restrictions, and that was he had to abide by the teachings of the God of Light. He couldn’t use it to trample on the weak or settle personal scores, meaning he couldn’t mobilize the empire’s forces against rival guilds, unless he was administering justice and punishing evil.

Thinking for a bit, Nie Yan felt this new authority would come in handy in the Vengeance of the Undead event.

Qin Han had his skeletons, while Nie Yan had the empire’s army. It was time to see which side was stronger!

As Nie Yan lost himself in his fantasies, Jebiah the Great continued, “As a Great Prophet, you will receive the Great Prophet Medal. This item is a relic from the ancient past. It’s already been 600 years since the last Great Prophet rose to prominence. Those bearing the title are recognized as being His chosen ones. They can communicate with Him directly and receive His will. Since time immemorial those holding this title guided our empire on the path of light, steering it clear from the darkness. May the light be with you.”

Hearing Jebiah the Great’s words, Nie Yan couldn’t help but wryly smile. What receiving divine will? His prediction before this was nothing more than knowledge from his past life. He had no way of communicating with God directly. Thinking to this point, he felt like a fraud. Nevertheless, he had high hopes for the Great Prophet Medal. It was a relic passed down from antiquity. So, it definitely couldn’t be lacking!

Jebiah the Great got up from his throne and slowly descended down the stairs.

Seeing Jebiah the Great walking over to Nie Yan, Elder Redwin’s expression flickered with jealousy. The Great Prophet Medal was something even he coveted.

“According to rumours, the Great Prophet Medal and Book of Order are the two items that possess the most authority in the secular world. The former allows you to receive God’s will, and the latter allows you to maintain order in His place. Nirvana Flame, you already have a volume of the Book of Order on you, don’t you?”

“Yes, Your Majesty,” Nie Yan replied respectfully, placing his hand over his chest and giving a bow.

“Ever since the first Supreme Pontiff of the Temple of Light passed away, returning to God’s embrace, that seat has remained vacant for over a thousand years. The 36 chapters of the Book of Order are scattered throughout the continent. However, the Great Prophet Medal can guide you to the remaining chapters. When you gather them all, you will become the new Supreme Pontiff.” Jebiah the Great gazed kindly at Nie Yan. 

Nie Yan didn’t expect the Great Prophet Medal to lead him to the other chapters of the Book of Order. He had no idea these two items had such a connection. Even though he knew the locations of many chapters, he never had any hopes of one day collecting all 36. After all, there were simply too many of them. Missing even a single one meant he couldn’t complete the set. So, even though he dreamed of completing the Book of Order, he didn’t have high expectations. This was why he gifted five chapters to Bayonet. However, Jebiah the Great was telling him to collect them all. Could the so-called Great Prophet Medal’s guidance truly allow him to become the Supreme Pontiff of the Temple of Light?

Nie Yan couldn’t help but get excited. If he could truly become the Supreme Pontiff, one could imagine how much authority he would hold in the Viridian Empire. He would only be second to Jebiah the Great, the empire’s most influential person! Furthermore, the temple’s forces didn’t fall under the jurisdiction of the empire. Their followers could be found throughout the continent, and they had the powerful Paladin Legion. Even more frightening was that all Priests belonged to the Temple of Light. If a Priest was excommunicated, their stats would fall by at least 30%. If he became the Supreme Pontiff, he would have control over an entire class. This kind of power was beyond frightening!

However, this was all predicated on him already having completed the Book of Order. Collecting all six volumes was an extremely difficult task, almost impossible even.

Jebiah the Great walked up to Nie Yan. He had a simple, bronze medal in his hand. The face was engraved with totemic symbols, and its surface was covered in a fine layer of platina.

Jebiath the Great placed the medal over Nie Yan’s chest. A dazzling holy radiance enveloped him as he felt power surging through him. He really wanted to check out the properties of the Great Prophet Medal. But with Jebiah the Great standing in front of him, he didn’t dare to be distracted and focused his attention wholeheartedly on answering any questions.

Jebiah the Great placed his hand over Nie Yan’s shoulder. With a kind smile, he said, “No matter what happens, even if everyone in the world misunderstands you, you must persevere. If you stay true to yourself, to your convictions, the darkness will eventually pass, and the light will break through the clouds and illuminate the land once more.”

Nie Yan sank into deep thought. Could Jebiah the Great be hinting at something? Perhaps it was related to the betrayal of Elder Redwin!

The other elders walked up to offer their congratulations. Without missing a beat, Nie Yan responded to them appropriately with the standard NPC jargon. He had long since become accustomed to this. As for Elder Redwin, he simply put on a fake smile as they shook hands. 

Nie Yan sank into deep thought after dealing with the elders of the Elder Council. If he wanted to investigate Elder Redwin, where should he start? Even if he knew, should he start now? After all, the undead army was fast approaching. In the end, he decided to put this quest on the backburner.

Nie Yan finally had time to examine the Great Prophet Medal.

Great Prophet Medal (Divine)

Properties: All Stats +30%, All Skill Ranks +3, Equipment Level Requirements -30

Vigor of the Prophet: Increase the stats of all pets by 100% for one hour. Cooldown: 10 Days.

Restrictions: Nirvana Flame

-Creator: Rektor

This Great Prophet Medal was extremely amazing. Just the All Skill Ranks +3 alone already made it a godly item. That was to say, this property only appeared in Legendary-grade or higher items. If it only had All Skill Ranks +1, it would already be incredibly impressive.

Nie Yan glanced at Backbreaker, Backstab, and his other skills. Those already at Rank 16 didn’t see any increase since that was the cap. However, his other skills had improved greatly. Furthermore, the Equipment Level Requirements -30 property also caused his blood to boil with excitement. This meant that the Tyrant Abak Set he was in the middle of collecting could now be equipped at Level 150 instead of 180! The Great Prophet Medal was truly worthy of being a Divine-grade item.

The All Stats +30% was also pretty good.

Apart from these three properties, the Vigor of the Prophet supplementary skill was also pretty useful. It could increase the battle prowess of his pets by 100%. It would definitely shine when he encountered a dangerous situation. The only depressing part was that its cooldown was simply too long, on par with Adjudicator of God. It wasn’t a skill he would dare use rashly.

“What a way to start the day!” Nie Yan was truly excited after obtaining the Great Prophet Medal. This was a title that countless players could only dream of. Great Prophet, Junior Adjudicator of Light, Luminous Dancer, these three matchless titles would definitely make people gasp in amazement.

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