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Chapter 660 - Sword Saint

Magisters possessed astonishing destructive might. Every guild treated them as an important strategic resource worth nurturing.

A lone Magister taking on tens of thousands of enemies wasn’t something out of a fantasy. If a Magister were allowed to cast Forbidden Magic, they could easily wipe out entire armies.

Most AoE Forbidden Magic had target circle radiuses of at least 250 meters. Some especially powerful ones even went up as high as 500 meters. Nie Yan had once witnessed a Magister casting Forbidden Magic before in the previous timeline. At that time, he felt as if the sky were collapsing and the earth were being rent apart.

However, Forbidden Magic generally required high rank catalysts such as Grimoires and Mana Crystal Essence to cast. Not to mention the cast time was ridiculously long, taking at least 30 seconds to three minutes. Some even consisted of 10-minute long chants. There was a direct correlation between the cast time and the power of the Forbidden Magic.

Forbidden Magic was easily interrupted, especially by lightning fast Thieves who were specialized in ambushes. So, taking thorough precautions was crucial before attempting to cast Forbidden Magic. 

Not long after Tang Yao became a Magister, Xie Yao reported that she had successfully advanced to a Holy Magister as well and was preparing to learn her first Forbidden Magic from the Mage Tower.

In terms of dealing with undead, Holy Magisters were much more powerful than ordinary Magisters.

Xie Yao had also finished earlier than expected. The several of them were incredibly powerful. So, it took them no time at all to wrap up their class advancement quests. Furthermore, they had brought back bountiful harvests with them.

Like this, there were three Master Class players in the game, and all of them were from Asskickers United.

Asskickers United had taken another step forward toward hegemony. With Magisters, they could sweep through the entire Viridian Empire.

News of Xie Yao and Tang Yao’s successful advancement into Magisters was first announced in the Mage Association before rapidly disseminating through the rest of the playerbase.

Asskickers United’s guild chat boiled over with excitement as everyone fervently discussed the Magister class. No one knew how powerful it was exactly, so they could only leave it up to wild speculation, and Nie Yan naturally didn't spoil.

The forums in every region of Conviction were also blowing up. Magisters and Shadow Dancers had become the hottest topic. Many players couldn’t help but wonder which was stronger between the two.

Truthfully speaking, each class had their own strengths and weaknesses. If it were a one versus one, the Shadow Dancer would definitely have the advantage. Their unrivalled speed and ambush ability allowed them to easily cut down a Magister. However, most Magisters wouldn’t simply wait for death to come. Their combat prowess was also quite formidable. Every Magister had a large number of blinks and teleports. If they were allowed even a little time to cast Forbidden Magic, let alone a single Shadow Dancer, even 100 would all lose their lives.

Nie Yan browsed the forums. Many players were debating over which was stronger, a Magister or Shadow Dancer? However, all their arguments were based on subjective opinions. After all, no one had truly witnessed the strength of the two classes yet, or else they would definitely be in the shock of their lives.

After Tang Yao and Xie Yao finished their class advancements, Asskickers United was bound to produce only more Master Class players. In the end, just how many would succeed in their class advancements?

Nie Yan could only wait and see. Asskickers United had about 160 players who were qualified to undergo their class advancements right now. Naturally, he didn’t expect all of them to succeed. Sometimes, a bit of luck was required too.

Every player who advanced to a Master Class, apart from being incredibly talented, was also blessed with a favourable environment that nurtured their growth.

Those who didn't have such luck could only wait a few months to make a second attempt.

The future appeared right within reach

When Xie Yao and Tang Yao finished learning their Forbidden Magic, Nie Yan planned to bring the two of them with him to clear some of the skeletons around the Brocchi Stronghold. Like this, they could hamper the progress of the Vengeance of the Undead event.

Apart from Xie Yao and Tang Yao, before long, pieces of new spread out from the Warrior Association. A player called Lei Su had successfully advanced to a Sword Saint.

This was the fourth Master Class player!

“Lei Su?” Nie Yan furrowed his brows. He recalled Lei Su’s achievements in the previous timeline—a famous character who always stayed within the top three of the Warrior rankings. Previously, in the in-game gathering organized by the students of the Top Military Academy, Lei Su had approached Painted Muslin and Scoundrel and asked to join Asskickers United. However, Lei Su wanted to meet him first. Since he too focused on his class advancement quest in the Ancient World, he ended up neglecting the matter.

The revelation that Lei Su was a student in the Top Military Academy was truly shocking. After leaving the Ancient World, Nie Yan had tried sending a whisper to Lei Su. However, he didn’t receive a reply. He believed the two of them would meet sooner or later. So, he initially didn’t bother sending people to find Lei Su. However, he didn’t expect that fellow to be so strong, advancing to a Master Class shortly after Tang Yao and Xie Yao.

One had to understand, Tang Yao and Xie Yao were specially nurtured by Nie Yan himself. He had passed on the information he had seen about Magisters online in the previous timeline to them, allowing their class advancement to progress much more smoothly. In contrast, Lei Su had relied completely on himself. This definitely earned Nie Yan’s admiration.

Lei Su had asked to join Asskickers United. His achievements without a powerful backer were already this high. There was no way Nie Yan could allow a talent like this to be poached away by other guilds. He quickly had Guo Huai send out people to look for Lei Su.

If Lei Su were found, Nie Yan would definitely invite him personally.

Lei Su’s advancement to a Sword Saint baffled players. Most players had never heard of his name before. Previously, he was nothing more than an obscure nobody. Now he was known throughout the entire game. Everyone was asking which guild he belonged to, only to be left dumbstruck when they discovered that he was guildless. On one hand, for a solo player without the backing of a guild to advance to a Master Class so quickly was incredibly impressive. One could imagine how skilled he was. On the other hand, it was hard to believe that someone like that had never been recruited into a guild.

After Lei Su became a Sword Saint, various guilds mobilized into action trying to find him and recruit him into their ranks.

Calore, Plague Valley. The monsters that spawned in this map were at least level 120. Many were even as high as Level 150. Among their ranks were many elites. Generally, only a 20-man team composed of Level 100 or higher players would dare to enter this place.

In the jungle down in the valley, a player clad in dark violet armour and wielding a greatsword was passing through the trees, searching for his prey.

The player was Lei Su. He had a tall and sturdy build, standing at around 185 centimeters tall. He was bulging with muscles, but they didn’t appear bulky or restrictive. He was brimming with strength.

Normally, Lei Su would bring his team with him to run dungeons. However, after becoming a Sword Saint, he wanted to test out his new power. So, he came to this place alone.

This place was completely isolated from the rest of the world. He had no idea how much of a commotion his advancement to a Sword Saint had caused. Many guilds were searching for him, looking through every nook and cranny in every city. In addition, he'd turned off all communications. There was no way for anyone to contact him.

While traversing through the jungle, Lei Su encountered many Level 140–150 monsters. However, he easily cut them down. The incredible might of a Sword Saint left him endlessly excited.

A giant mountain demon beast appeared off in the distance. It was wandering aimlessly among the trees.

A Level 130 Lord!

After pondering for a moment, Lei Su strapped his sword to his back and charged forward.

The Mountain Demon was five5 meters tall and wielded a three meter long log as a club. Seeing Lei Su charging over, it swung the log down at him.

Lei Su nimbly jumped away. BOOM! The log left a large depression in the ground.

Lei Su threw out a punch. THWAACK! A powerful destructive force exploded out from his fist, ringing out like a clap of thunder.

The Mountain Demon staggered several steps back before tripping on the ground. 

As it struggled back to its feet, Lei Su leaped into the air and ruthlessly struck the Mountain Demon in the chin with his knee, sending its body flying back.

As the battle progressed, Lei Su became more and more accustomed to the strength of a Sword Saint. He was simply fighting with his fists, and this Level 130 Lord was nothing more than his punching bag. If he unsheathed the Sword of Sonad from his back, the Mountain Demon would probably be beaten even more miserably.

Lei Su landed on the ground behind the Mountain Demon and grabbed it by its horns. With a shoulder throw, he ruthlessly sent it crashing into a nearby tree.

Sword Saints couldn’t compare to Shadow Dancers in speed. However, they were far more powerful in terms of raw strength. Their attacks were extremely astonishing.

Several dozen equal level Great Berserkers wouldn’t necessarily be a match for a Sword Saint.

About five minutes later, the Mountain Demon couldn’t handle the abuse any longer and heavily collapsed to the ground.

“I didn’t expect the battle to end so quickly!” Lei Su was astonished by his strength. After taking a ready stance, he threw a punch into the air. The power radiating from his fist caused a loud explosion to ring out through the air.

“So powerful!”

If this fist were to hit a player, they would probably die instantly.

Lei Su unstrapped the Sword of Sonad from his back, then slashed down with his blade, sending a crescent shaped sword beam flying out. BOOM! A six-meter wide wound was carved into the earth.

He was starting to comprehend the mysteries of a Sword Saint.

Lei Su caressed the blade of his sword. At present, there were only four Master Class players in the entire Viridian Empire, of which the only two melee class players were him and Nie Yan. He wondered how far Nie Yan’s strength reached. Who was stronger between the two of them?

His eyes lit up with anticipation. “Nirvana Flame, let’s see who’ll come out on top!”

While numerous guilds were frantically searching for Lei Su, Lei Su had his people make an announcement. Anyone who wanted him to join their guild would have to first beat him in the arena! All of a sudden, the guilds felt like a bucket of ice water had been dumped on their heads. None of them had even a single Master Class player right now. How were they supposed to challenge Lei Su?

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