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Chapter 651 - Reinforced Cavalry Crossbow

Different from when it was still a crude work-in-progress, the fully remodeled Dullahan Cavalry Crossbow was far more elaborate and contained all sorts of complex mechanisms. The front end was curved inward in the shape of a crescent. The nocks also had an additional two steel cables attached compared to ordinary crossbows for increased firing power.

Though the fully remodeled Cavalry Crossbow was a bit bigger than before, its weight hadn’t increased at all. Its sleek form brimmed with ferocity.

At this moment, the Cavalry Crossbow looked like a powerful weapon of slaughter.

Nie Yan examined the crossbow’s properties.

Reinforced Dullahan Cavalry Crossbow (Legendary)

Requirements: 800 Strength

Properties: Attack 1,507–1,725, Ignore Defense, 50% Piercing Damage, 50% chance to deal 500% critical damage, +1,500 Fire Damage, PentBolt Shot, Chance to pierce through target.

Range: 120 meters

Attack Speed: 35

Weight: 53 lbs

Restrictions: Thief, Paladin, Warrior

The Cavalry Crossbow’s properties were greatly improved, especially the range which had increased from 52 to 120 meters. As the level of the playerbase increased, some Great Mages already had ranges of 80 meters and some Great Demon Hunters even had ranges of up to 100 meters. However, weapons with ranges of 120 meters were few and far between.

Nie Yan could now lay in ambush 120 meters away, and kill a caster before they could even get in range!

Apart from the range, the other properties of the Cavalry Crossbow also saw a huge boost, such as its attack power which had increased fivefold.

Out of all the crossbow-type weapons in the hands of players right now, Nie Yan estimated the Reinforced Dullahan Cavalry Crossbow ranked at the very top. Players would have a hard time finding another crossbow with such amazing properties.

Nie Yan equipped the Cavalry Crossbow and took out five bolts from one of the quivers in his bag. After loading them into the crossbow, he took aim at a target and pulled the trigger.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh! Five bolts flew out toward a large tree 100 meters away.

The bolts whistled through the air in a straight line. Put put put! The tree shook heavily as leaves scattered to the ground. One of the bolts happened to pierce through the trunk and continued flying onwards before finally losing power and falling to the ground.

“Amazing...” Nie Yan muttered under his breath.

Nie Yan put away the Cavalry Crossbow and focused on more important matters at hand.

It would take Asskickers United approximately 10 days to consolidate their new territory. Only then did Nie Yan feel it wise to annex another city. So, for now there was little to do here for him.

Based on the events of the previous timeline, the Vengeance of the Undead expansion hadn’t started yet either; though it might at any moment. The undead would first have to occupy a stronghold, and there was no sign of that happening yet. It was a worry for later.

Due to Asskickers United selling Dispel Fog Scrolls, there was a large influx of players entering the Griffon Woodlands. Competition intensified, as skirmishes broke out everywhere. Nie Yan decided it unwise to partake, so he ordered the elites of Asskickers United to withdraw from Griffon Woodlands and told them to instead focus on levelling and tackling their class advancement quests.

After all, based on Nie Yan’s experiences in the previous timeline, Master Class players were far more valuable than low rank flying mounts. It wasn’t like Asskickers United’s aerial force was weak either, especially after his help the other day. Later on, when most of their players were Master Class, they could always capture more.

Nie Yan wanted to make a trip to the Satreen Empire. He felt Angel Corps had been progressing too smoothly. He had to at least stir up some trouble for them, and he had still yet to pay them back for their previous meddling. However, a storm was brewing in the Viridian Empire with the Monet Financial Group at the center of it all. It simply wasn’t feasible for him to go on a long trip right now. In case of any unforeseen circumstances, he had to be here to stabilize the situation.

Looking at the level leaderboards, the highest level player was currently Level 110. Nie Yan also had to start raising his level again. Luckily, when Xie Yao and the rest successfully class advanced, with so many powerful Magisters, Archbishops, Sword Saints, Guardians, and other Master Class players, Asskickers United would be as steady as Mt. Tai.

Regarding the Tyrant Abak Set, Nie Yan currently had four pieces, the chestplate, gloves, cloak, and dagger. He was close to halfway there. He could already imagine the day when he completed this ultimate end-game set.

Nie Yan had four clues for finding the remaining pieces of the Tyrant Abak Set. One of them told him to head to Yemogin Town in Hilderlocke and talk to Old Blacksmith Wescott.

Seeing this quest clue, Nie Yan raised an eyebrow. Hilderlocke, wasn’t that the old stomping grounds of God Executioner Sword? At the same time, Battle Crazed Alliance’s guild headquarters was also located there. They were the two largest powers in Hilderlocke. However, the difference was that Battle Crazed Alliance didn’t put all their eggs in one basket and instead expanded out to neighbouring cities. So, their strength wasn’t limited to one place. Meanwhile, God Executioner Sword never showed any interest in branching out their operations beyond Hilderlocke.

“Should I head to Hiderlocke?” Nie Yan wondered. After pondering for a moment, he decided to go. He could find out clues on the next piece of the Tyrant Abak Set and check out the situation over there at the same time.

After preparing some necessary supplies, Nie Yan put on his cloak and headed for the transfer point.

With a flash of white light, Nie Yan teleported to Hilderlocke.

Nie Yan had already lost count of how many times he had visited this place. Looking at the buildings on the streets, he was struck by a sense of nostalgia. He’d spend a lot of time here purchasing land, doing quests, and so on. After all, it was an easy to reach destination thanks to the transfer points.

Nie Yan strolled through the familiar streets and headed for one of the shops operated by Asskickers United to see how business was going. At the same time, he also sent a message to Kill Love, asking to meet up at a teahouse.

After learning that Nie Yan was in Hilderlocke, Kill Love immediately rushed over.

Compared to when the two first met, their status were now quite different. Nie Yan had gone from being a nameless solo player to the leader of the number one guild in the Viridian Empire, a major stakeholder in Battle Crazed Alliance and Kill Love’s immediate superior.

After Battle Crazed Alliance entered the alliance with Asskickers United, both sides cooperated together seamlessly. The funding Nie Yan gave to Battle Crazed Alliance was always on time and never late. This was why they were able to grow to their current scope. Kill Love also fully complied with the terms of their agreement and became a solid arm to Asskickers United.

After Nie Yan was finished perusing the various businesses, he headed for the teahouse, passing by many high level players on the streets. For every 10 players he met, two were from God Executioner Sword and one was from Battle Crazed Alliance. One could tell how much influence these two guilds had in Hilderlocke. Battle Crazed Alliance had fewer people here. However, their levels and the quality of their equipment was higher than that of their counterparts in God Executioner Sword. It was difficult to clearly determine which side was stronger.

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