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Chapter 607 - War God Lei Su!

Below the stands, Azure Windchime, Bloodfiends, and the like were recruiting new members. Apart from these larger, well-known clubs, the several dozen smaller ones were recruiting as well.

Azure Windchime only had a single requirement for joining, and that was to be a fellow guild member. No outsiders were allowed. If you wanted to join, you’d have to get accepted into Asskickers United first.

The recruitment requirements for Bloodfiends were a bit more unique. They only accepted Thieves. As long as you could defeat any one of their 20+ members, you could join. Dark, Ardent, Night, Shadow, and Seal had almost succeeded in killing Nie Yan in their last ambush attempt. So, for those who couldn’t join Azure Windchime, Bloodfiends wasn’t a bad choice either.

The smaller clubs also managed to recruit quite a few new members.

While everyone was busying themselves, a Warrior walked up to the center of the arena. His particularly handsome features attracted the gazes of quite a few girls in the crowd.

“Look! That’s the president of the student union, Fang Rujie!”

“Wow! What a hunk!”


Nie Yan overheard the voices of several excited girls. They all belonged to the dance faculty.

So, he’s the student union president, huh. Nie Yan narrowed his eyes. He would still have to pay attention to the several heavyweights in the Top Military Academy.

Xie Yao knitted her brows. She didn’t have a good impression of the people from the student union.

“A Level 85 Great Warrior! So amazing! He can easily take on those from Azure Windchime and Bloodfiends. That probably makes him the highest level player in our school, right?”

“No, I heard another student in our school is already Level 87, Qin Han or something. But that guy is a Mage. So, they’re probably around the same, considering Warriors level up more slowly.”

“Look over there. You see that guy? That’s Qin Han.”

“Wow. He’s even more handsome than Fang Rujie!”

Nie Yan looked at where the students were pointing and saw a Mage in black robes discussing something with Fang Rujie, who appeared to be behaving quite respectfully. 

Those two are working together? Nie Yan knitted his brows.

The two appeared to have reached some sort of agreement. Fang Rujie gathered his subordinates and started recruiting people.

Nie Yan had asked Xu Yan before. Fang Rujie was an official recruiter for God Executioner Sword, one of two guilds that had recently risen to power in the Viridian Empire, the other being Penumbra Empire. They ranked third on the totem pole after the likes of Asskickers United, Divine Protectors, Holy Empire, Sapphire Shrine, Radiant Sacred Flame, the War God Tribe, and Battle Crazed Alliance.

Qin Han already acquired God Executioner Sword? Why didn’t I hear anything about it? Nie Yan brooded.

Nie Yan knew that the Monet Group had made some dealings in the Viridian Empire, including taking over some of the shops and other businesses of the Century Financial Group. But he had no idea they had already started acquiring guilds. Besides God Executioner Sword, how many other guilds were under their control?

The Monet Financial Group wasn’t that far behind the Century Financial Group in terms of financial resources. They were one of the oligarchs of South America and held great influence over the political sphere of that region. So, entering a game like Conviction was a simple matter for them.

No wonder the number of players joining from South America sharply increased recently. It seems like the Monet Financial Group has a hand in this… Nie Yan thought. The surge of new players coming from South America had even affected the demographic of the Viridian Empire. However, thanks to the automatic translation feature of Conviction they had no trouble communicating with others. Apart from a slight difference in appearance, they were essentially no different from any other player, which allowed them to smoothly integrate into the player base. Even Asskickers United had players from South America joining. Nie Yan took a prudent approach with these new members. Although he openly put his trust in them, he paid close attention to their movements from the shadows.

The Monet Financial Group’s acquisition of God Executioner Sword definitely came out of left field. An ominous feeling sprouted in Nie Yan’s heart. Qin Han, you’ve done well keeping your activities hidden for so long. Looks like I’ll have to start making preparations now if I don’t want any problems to arise in the future.

Nie Yan sent word to Guo Huai. He wanted all the activities of the Monet Financial Group and God Executioner Sword to be closely monitored.

After hearing God Executioner Sword was recruiting, the students of the Top Military Academy immediately became excited. After Asskickers United and Divine Protectors, the next strongest guilds were God Executioner Sword and Penumbra Empire. Those who felt they weren’t good enough to join Asskickers United planned to enter God Executioner Sword. As for those who were more confident in their skills, their first choice was still Asskickers United. Only if they failed to get into Asskickers United, would they start to consider other guilds.

The recruitment fair was bustling. Many students from the Top Military Academy wanted to join Asskickers United. Azure Windchime accepted quite a few people.

“Muslin, there sure are a lot of people this year. We’ve recruited at least 16 new members,” Undying Scoundrel said. Their ranks had increased again. At present, Azure Windchime was practically unrivalled in the Top Military Academy. Their biggest rivals were Bloodfiends. However, Undying Scoundrel greatly looked down on the players from Bloodfiends. In a one versus one duel, the players from Bloodfiends were worthless. Those cowards only knew how to gang up on others. What Undying Scoundrel despised the most were the wolf pack tactics of Bloodfiends. They were people who only knew how to win with numbers.

“Right, Lustboy and Natural Fiend came too. They’re still young and quite cute,” Muslin giggled.

Undying Scoundrel broke out in a cold sweat. He prayed for Lustboy and Natural Fiend. They were likely going to be eaten up by all the older sisters. He had gone through this bitter experience before too.

While Undying Scoundrel and Painted Muslin were chatting, a tall figure approached them. He looked like an iron tower. His muscles brimmed with power yet somehow weren’t bulky or restrictive. He wore armour with a dark golden sheen, a large and menacing skull at the center of his chest, and carried two large greatswords on his back. With the visual effects of his equipment turned on, he looked domineering, like a fierce steel titan.

Painted Muslin, Undying Scoundrel, and the others immediately turned to this person.

“It’s War God Lei Su!”

“Holy shit! Why is he here? He never joins these sorts of gatherings!”

The entire arena immediately went into an uproar. The commotion was far greater than when Fang Rujien and Qin Han appeared.

War God Lei Su. He was a legendary existence in the Top Military Academy. Because the various major competitions had yet to begin, the rankings were still to be confirmed. However, in the eyes of the students from the Top Military Academy, War God Lei Su was already an existence that prevailed over all.

Nie Yan also couldn’t help but take notice of War God Lei Su. Damn. That’s the Breuys Bone Armour Set! Someone actually managed to obtain this Sub Legendary-grade set! 

Hearing the players around him, Nie Yan’s heart trembled. War God Lei Su was actually a student in the Top Military Academy! This was a shocking piece of news!

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