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Chapter 574 - Mages, Charge!

Hundreds of thousands of players from Alliance of Mages rushed toward Asskickers United’s forces like a raging tide. The Warriors at the front clad in various suits of metal armour resembled a metal behemoth, sweeping over everything in their path.

Smoke Stub gauged the distance of the enemy players. Seeing them reach the 1,000-meter mark, he shouted, “Open fire!”

The players operating the Armoured Ice Catapults immediately got to work.「Tung! Tung! Tung!」As the levers were released, countless shells whizzed through the air toward the enemy’s front line. 

「Bang! Bang! Bang!」One shell after another fell to the ground, enveloping everything within a 100-meter radius of their impact point in a thick layer of frost.

With 37 Armoured Ice Catapults all firing at once, the 2,000 enemy Warriors charging over were culled by 90%. Only a lucky few managed to survive. This kind of frightening might sent shivers down one’s spine.

The remaining Warriors glanced at each other in dismay. No matter where they looked, they saw there comrades frozen in place. They were all dead!

Continue charging or retreat?

The Armoured Ice Catapults unloaded round after round of bombardment. The enemies charging over were immediately wiped out. The 80,000 strong army that came storming out of the Edgarton Stronghold quickly accumulated more than 30,000 casualties. Blood-curdling cries rang out over the battlefield.

Seeing this scene, Asskickers United’s morale soared. With the support of the Armoured Ice Catapults, what did they have to be afraid of? After a few rounds of bombardment, 10 would be reduced to one. Those who survived could be easily cleaned up.

“Move five Armoured Ice Catapults west to aid Holy Empire’s forces!” Bladelight ordered. A chaotic melee broke out in every direction. The front line of both sides had already started clashing. The battle was in full swing, with a sea of people stretching out as far as the eye could see.

Five Armoured Ice Catapults started moving towards the western battlefield.

Bladelight quickly analyzed the overall situation. The Armoured Ice Catapults were allocated to various fronts.

As soon as the fighting began, the casualties on both sides rapidly clambered up. Asskickers United had already lost 6,000 players. Meanwhile, Alliance of Mages was much worse off, having lost over 45,000 players.

Siege weapons like the Armoured Ice Catapults displayed their full potential in these types of large-scale wars. The six trebuchets also stopped focusing the walls and started bombarding anywhere there was enemy players. Their range was larger, and targets abound.

One boulder after another fell down from the sky. After hitting the ground, they would continue rolling forward, crushing countless players from Alliance of Mages into meat patties. Large ditches were carved into the earth, as though it had been plowed.

This was the definition of cruel and tyrannical. The corpses of Alliance of Mages players were scattered everywhere. No matter how high their defense and health, they couldn’t withstand a single hit from the Armoured Ice Catapults.

On the western front, Holy Empire was slowly being overwhelmed by Divine Protectors who had more elites on their side. Holy Empire was constantly being pushed back. 

As spells whizzed through the sky, one Holy Empire player after another was sent flying.

“Boss, we can’t hold on much longer!” Several Holy Empire players anxiously looked at Sleepy Fox who was clad in black armour.

“Boss, you retreat first. We’ll hold them off as long as we can!”

“Divine Protectors’ forces are going to break through any moment now!”

“Dammit! Hold your ground. I don’t care what it takes!” Sleepy Fox roared. “So many of our allied guild brothers are crushing the enemy. We can’t let our Holy Empire lose face here! Listen, cast our AoE magic!”

“B-but we’ll hit our own Warriors!”

“Enough nonsense! Cast our AoE magic! Any brother who ends up dying to friendly fire, I, Sleepy Fox, will compensate you for twice your losses! Warriors, charge! Cover the Mages!” Sleepy Fox shouted.

“Boss, no need for that! Just give the word, and we’ll gladly give our lives for you!” 

Charge! Charge!

The Warriors from Holy Empire began their counter-attack, charging into Divine Protector’s front line without any regard for their lives. They had no allies around them. This was basically a suicidal action.

The fierce charge caught Divine Protectors off guard, putting the breaks on their advance.

“What the hell! Are these guys crazy!?”

The magic in the air trembled violently.

“Shit, it’s AoE magic. Everyone, retreat!”

“What the hell is Holy Empire thinking? Do they not care about hitting their own people?”

The players of Holy Empire ignored the powerful fluctuations of AoE magic and continued fighting like everything was normal.

AoE spells rained down from the sky. Ice, lightning, and fire shrouded the area. The players caught in the chaos were instantly swept away. It didn’t matter which side they belonged to. As long as they were caught in the range of spells, they were undoubtedly killed.

This was mutual destruction!

This move by Holy Empire was ruthless, leaving the players from Divine Protectors dumbstruck. Holy Empire was only a small guild in the eyes of Divine Protectors. They only controlled five strongholds and had 160,000 members while Divine Protectors controlled more than 30 strongholds and had over 700,000 members. The two weren’t even on the same plane of existence. Not to mention the troops that arrived in Moonlight City were all hand-picked elites of Divine Protectors. They were far more powerful than the forces of Holy Empire. However, like this, both sides were taking equal losses.

The commanders of Divine Protectors discovered their own forces lacked that certain type of gusto compared to the players of Holy Empire, as well as a willingness to take the enemy out with them.

Divine Protectors was forced back. After the AoE magic subsided, Holy Empire’s Warriors charged forward once more. The enemy staggered back in fear.

At this moment, someone let out an excited cry, “The Armoured Ice Catapults are here. Brothers, charge!”

Five Armoured Ice Catapults emerged from the rear. Before long, more than 20 onyx coloured shells were launched into the air.「Bang! Bang! Bang!」The players from Divine Protectors had their lives harvested like fields of wheat.

The fierce bombardment tore through Divine Protectors’ front lines. Holy Empire quickly cleaned up the survivors. The Armoured Ice Catapults pressed forward, launching round after round of shells. The morale of Holy Empire soared as they slaughtered their way through the enemy lines.

Divine Protectors’ troops were gradually being routed. Some of them attempted to charge straight for the Armoured Ice Catapults. However, Holy Empire quickly intercepted them. Neither gave way to the other. The battle entered a stalemate. The Armoured Ice Catapults continued slaughtering Divine Protector’s forces en masse.

The higher ups passed down an order. Divine Protectors’ forces weren’t allowed to retreat. They could only steel themselves and hold their ground. If they retreated, the Edgarton Stronghold would fall, and so too would Alliance of Mages. The two guilds were closely intertwined. If one fell, so would the other.

However, the Armoured Ice Catapults were too powerful. For every enemy player Divine Protectors killed, they would suffer at least six times the losses. If things continued on like this, they would eventually lose.

Crazy Magic was at the end of his wits. He frantically tried to contact Cao Xu. He could only request the aid of his patron.

However, Cao Xu didn’t reply.

Crazy Magic was still hoping the Century Financial Group wouldn’t abandon them.

On Asskickers United’s front, after several rounds of bombardment from the Armoured Ice Catapults, Alliance of Mages’ side was in a miserable state.

The Armoured Ice Catapults stopped their firing and headed to other fronts.

“It’s our time to shine now! Let’s slaughter our way into the Edgarton Stronghold!” Undying Scoundrel gazed at Smoke Stub with a pleading look. He was raring to go.

Smoke Stub nodded with a faint smile.

“Brothers, kill!”

Asskickers United’s forces immediately let out thundering war cries. The elites took the lead while the others followed suit, plunging into Alliance of Mages’ forces like a sharp dagger.

Monochrome, Edgeless, and the others charged forward. Brandishing their swords, they swept through everything in their path, sending Alliance of Mages players flying one after the other.

“Punks from Alliance of Mages, have a sample of my newest magic!” Undying Scoundrel shouted. He activated a spell and charged into a dense crowd of Alliance of Mages players.

“Kill that Mage!”

“What the hell! Does this fucking Mage think he’s a Warrior?”

The players from Alliance of Mages cursed after seeing Undying Scoundrel rushing over. Six players quickly closed in on him.

Just as these players entered within 30 meters of Undying Scoundrel, they suddenly felt a wave of scorching heat wash over them. Several blazing clouds appeared in the sky.

What was going on?

Before they figured it out, fireballs started falling from the sky like a torrential downpour. No matter where they ran, the fireballs would fall, as though they were homing missiles. Their damage individually wasn’t high, but there were too many of them. Five or six direct hits from these fireballs could down even the tankiest of Warriors.

The Warriors collapsed on the ground. Undying Scoundrel charged straight into enemy lines. Wherever he passed, blood-curdling screams would ring out. The downpour of fireballs charred the earth black.

The more people there were, the more effective this spell.

Whenever enemies were about to close in on Undying Scoundrel, they were sent flying by his spells.

Summer Bug and the others were also unleashing small-scale AoE spells, sweeping through the enemies in their vicinity. They exercised great control when casting their spells. They definitely wouldn’t accidentally harm their own allies.

Out of all the Mages, Tang Yao and Xie Yao were the strongest. Very few players could survive a single hit from them. Several top elites from Alliance of Mages charged over at them, only to be blasted into oblivion. This was the difference in strength!

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