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Chapter 571 - Seduction

Steal was gaining skill proficiency rapidly. After reaching Rank 5, its success rate had increased twofold. He now succeeded every three in 10 attempts, and the items he stole were slightly better than before.

At the same time, the amount of skill proficiency required to rank up had increased by over fivefold. However, with a 50x skill proficiency multiplier, the training speed was still relatively quick. Three hours later, Steal reached Rank 6.

Nie Yan calculated in his head. With this kind of speed, Rank 10 Steal wasn’t too far away.

While raising the rank of Steal, Nie Yan also continued training his other skills. Since he required the target to be immobilized to use Steal, Concussive Blow, Smothering Strike, and his other control skills were all rapidly gaining skill proficiency. Both Concussive Blow and Smothering Strike advanced to Rank 5.

Every skill was gaining skill proficiency rapidly. Nie Yan envisioned that if he trained here for a few days at his current speed, he would see an explosive growth in strength.

When all five of his Freedom Skills reached Rank 10, he wouldn’t need to be afraid even if he encountered a Lord. Add on Rank 10 Steal on top of this, and his earnings from hunting mobs would increase several times over.

Apart from the five Freedom Skills, the Kick skill was also pretty useful. So, in between Steal attempts, Nie Yan would also give the Barbarian Warriors a few swift kicks.

Nie Yan snuck up behind a Barbarian Warrior and struck him with Backbreaker, then started spamming Steal.

Steal has failed.

Steal has failed.

Steal successful! You have obtained a skill book. You have obtained 50 skill proficiency.


Nie Yan didn't have much hope for this skill book. He already had a high quality collection of skills that suited his style of play. On top of that, his bag was packed with another 160 skill books! Glancing at the name of the skill book, his heart trembled—Advanced Lockdown!

Advanced Lockdown’s effects were similar to Extreme Intimidate, immobilizing the target for two seconds.

The more of these kinds of skills Nie Yan had, the better, since it allowed him to lock his target down for a longer period of time. He learned Advanced Lockdown without the slightest hesitation. Glancing at his skill window, he only had three empty skill slots remaining. A bit of spring cleaning was in order.

After learning Advanced Lockdown, Nie Yan continued unloading crowd control skills on the Barbarian Warrior. Before long, the monster with several hundred thousand health collapsed on the ground. He dealt with it as though it were just an ordinary monster.

Raising the rank of skills was a dull affair which tested a person’s patience greatly. Grinding experience like this continuously, another day soon passed by.

Nie Yan exited the game and stepped out of Conviction. Glancing next to him, Xie Yao’s game capsule was already empty. The sound of running water came from the bathroom. It appeared she was showering.

Nie Yan felt his heartstrings slightly stir. He couldn’t help but visualize a few lascivious scenes.

Nie Yan walked over to the bathroom.

At this moment, Xie Yao stepped out with a towel wrapped around her. The two made eye contact. Nie Yan awkwardly laughed. 

Xie Yao shot Nie Yan a reproachful look. Pervert!

Nie Yan’s actions toward Xie Yao only went as far as touching and groping.

Fresh out of the shower, Xie Yao’s skin was flushed pink. A towel wrapped around her body, revealing her supple white shoulders and slender legs, only barely covered her thighs. Her half exposed self filled one’s mind with all sorts of desires.

Just as Nie Yan wanted to cause some mischief, Xie Yao pushed him into the bathroom. “Go, take a shower too. I’ll get you a change of clothes.” 

“Alright.” Seeing Xie Yao walking away, Nie Yan could only take off his clothes with a helpless expression. She was so alluring, but he couldn’t eat her up even if he wanted to. A feeling of vexation sprouted in his heart. The promise he made previously to Xie Jun was really too difficult to keep! He could only wait until World Bloc grew powerful enough before openly making Xie Yao his own.

Turning on the shower, warm water splashed his face.

While taking a shower, Nie Yan pondered about the war. In three more days, Alliance of Mages would be on their last breath. At that time, the only remaining opposing power in the Viridian Empire would be Divine Protectors. After this war, Asskickers United would consolidate their position in Moonlight City, then slowly expand before finally taking over the entire territory. With more strongholds, World Bloc could grow even more powerful!

Hearing the shower running in the bathroom, Xie Yao became fidgety while sitting at the bedside. Thinking about what she was about to do, she blushed bright red. Hesitating for a long time, she finally steeled her heart. She stood up and removed her bath towel.

The thick white bath towel plopped to the ground, revealing Xie Yao’s exquisite figure. She looked incredibly tender and beautiful. A pair of fair tapered peaks dropped down, trembling lightly. She refused to believe that Nie Yan could resist her allure.

While Nie Yan was lost in thought, a knocking sound came from the door.

Nie Yan put on his towel, then opened the door, only to see Xie Yao’s charming figure standing in front of him. Her cheeks were flushed an intoxicating red. As he glanced down, he felt the blood rushing to his head.

Xie Yao wasn’t wearing anything! Naked! Her perfect body radiated a fair glow without the slightest blemish. A lascivious fragrance proliferated the air. Right now, her mind was a jumbled mess. Nie Yan’s heated gaze seemed to sap all the strength out of her body, making her feel weak. She steeled her heart and stepped into the bathroom.

A splendid soft feeling pressed against him. Nie Yan was dazed. This was the first time Xie Yao had taken the initiative.

Xie Yao’s slender yet curvaceous figure captivated Nie Yan. Droplets of water bounced lightly on her skin, twinkling with a sparkling and translucent jade-like glow.

Nie Yan’s hands groped Xie Yao’s firm buttocks. He gently pinched.

Xie Yao stood on the tips of her toes and nibbled Nie Yan’s ear. “Nie Yan, you want me, right? Make me yours.”

Xie Yao’s words exploded in Nie Yan’s head as an intense feeling overwhelmed his heart. In the previous timeline, he had spent countless days and long nights sitting in a lonely dark corner recalling the memories he had with her just to confirm to himself he was alive. Even when he had put a bullet through Cao Xu’s head, the last thought that flashed through his mind besides his father and mother was her. On the day he found out she got married to Liu Rui, he took a dagger and made a deep cut across his arm to make himself forget her. However, her image became seared even more deeply into his heart. After reincarnating, all those bitter emotions disappeared. He had finally found true happiness.

Nie Yan wanted to wait until he was powerful enough to make Xie Yao’s family acknowledge him. However, her actions today caused all the feelings he was holding back to come flooding out. Overwhelmed with emotion, he tightly hugged her.

How could he possibly refuse Xie Yao?

As the two pressed against each other, the bathroom became a mess from their lovemaking. Under Nie Yan’s flurry of advances, Xie Yao let out wailing moans of pleasure.

Xie Yao’s everything was right before Nie Yan, beckoning him.

Before long, the two moved to the bed.

Hours later, Nie Yan woke up. He looked at the time, then bitterly smiled. It seemed like going to school today was no longer possible. Luckily, the Top Military Academy regularly sent missed coursework through the mail. In case something happened, he could even request a leave of absence.

Nie Yan warmly gazed at Xie Yao beside him. After how long they went for, she had to be exhausted.

Xie Yao only woke up and got dressed in the afternoon.

When she walked into the living room, Nie Yan had already prepared lunch. A warm feeling washed over her heart.

While the two were quietly eating, Xie Yao’s cheeks were bright red. It was the lingering effect of earlier and was quite charming.

Xie Yao wore a white dress, a simple yet elegant colour which complimented her perfectly. She was brimming with the charm of a young married woman. At this moment, she had truly blossomed into a woman.

Nie Yan really couldn’t hold himself back earlier. However, he had no regrets. As for how to deal with the aftermath, he would have to quickly rise in power and make World Bloc even more powerful. He currently still wasn’t qualified to ask the Dragonsoar and Glory Financial Groups for Xie Yao’s hand in marriage. Compared to these two leviathans, World Bloc was nothing more than an ant.

Nie Yan still remembered the disdain and ridicule Xie Yao’s aunt, Xie Yi, had shown him. Even if Xie Jun accepted him, that didn’t mean the whole Xie Family would. If he wasn’t powerful enough, he would receive the derision of all the other members of the Xie Family. Xie Jun and Xie Yao would receive a lot of pressure, to the extent that they couldn’t even raise their heads in their own household. Worst case scenario, they could even be kicked from the family’s management. This wasn’t something he wished for.

The Xie Family was a major power with over a hundred years of history. World Bloc was only a newly arisen upstart in their eyes. Having them truly acknowledge Nie Yan would be difficult. As for the Dragonsoar Financial Group’s side, that would be easier. They already cooperated in Conviction and Xie Yao’s grandfather, the chairman, doted on her greatly.

Xie Yao marrying Nie Yan meant that the shares she owned in the Dragonsoar and Glory Financial Groups would fall into the hands of an outsider. It was only natural for those affected to voice disapproval.

“Nie Yan, what are you thinking?” Xie Yao asked after seeing Nie Yan knitting his brows.

“It’s nothing. Just keep eating.” Nie Yan shook his head with a smile, then stroked Xie Yao’s cheeks.

“Nie Yan, I know my family is giving you a lot of pressure. Sorry, I’ll talk with them,” Xie Yao said apologetically, a hint of determination in her eyes.

Nie Yan chuckled. “This is something I must face. If I can’t make your family acknowledge me, what kind of man would I be? So, you don’t need to be sorry. Just give me some time. I’ll succeed.”

Hearing Nie Yan’s words full of confidence, Xie Yao was moved. Sometimes she wished she was born in a normal household instead of a such an influential family. Then she could live her life as she pleased.

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