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Chapter 405 - 10-Man Commander

This group of Level 45 players were planning to do some levelling near the Flame Bright Archipelago. They never expected to encounter Nie Yan here. His name had long since become famous in the Undead Empire. Numerous Level 40+ expedition teams were wiped out by him alone.

These players didn’t dare to continue forward.

“Boss, what do we do?” a short Undead Thief asked the Necromancer beside him.

“Hold up, let’s just back off,” the Necromancer replied. Given Nie Yan’s speed, there was no way they could escape from him if he really wanted to pursue them.

The immense size of Lil’ Gold left these players shaking in their boots, especially as they recalled videos of him burning swaths of players to ashes with his flames.

Nie Yan heard rustling behind him and glanced back at the group of players. Seeing they weren’t approaching him but actually slowly backing away as though he were some sort of grizzly, he paid them no more heed. He continued to follow Bennett’s Soul at a casual pace with Lil’ Gold in tow.

Nie Yan wouldn’t have minded wiping out these players if they had tried to rush up and attack him. But since they were backing off, he couldn’t be bothered to go through the trouble of chasing after them.

When the Necromancer saw Nie Yan ignore them, the rapid beating in his chest finally settled down. He couldn't help but wonder why Nie Yan appeared so relaxed after being discovered. Did he not care about his location being leaked to the outside? He would once more become the target of players from all over the Undead Empire!

After thinking for a moment, the Necromancer concluded that Nie Yan’s confidence lay in his skill. An apex Thief was an unimaginably powerful existence in the Underworld, the dark environment only further enhancing their already exceptional stealth abilities. Add in the fact Nirvana Flame was known to possess several Unknown Transfer Scrolls on his person, and it was almost impossible to lock him down!

Watching Nie Yan’s receding back, the Necromancer let out a deep sigh. Can I, will I ever be like that?

Nie Yan continued to follow after Bennett’s Soul, encountering more and more Level 40+ players along the way. He figured there had to be a Level 40 map up ahead. 

A group of roughly 60 players tried to ambush Nie Yan, but they were quickly taken care of by an areof-effect attack from Lil’ Gold.

A radius of 30 meters was fairly large, enough so to fit 1,000 people densely packed together. It was generally incredibly difficult to avoid an areof-effect spell. Not to mention Lil’ Gold’s cast times were especially short, so only the sharpest of players could get out of the way in time.

Nie Yan left a trail of corpses behind him.

Even if some players occasionally got past Lil’ Gold, they would be easily dealt with by the five Vampire Crushers. Few players were capable of enduring their hammer strikes. There were also some who had the idea of testing their own pets against Lil’ Gold. But without exception, they were all trash!

News of Nie Yan being spotted on the shores of the Lava Sea spread like wildfire throughout the Undead Empire. Those with a brain stayed far away from these muddy waters. Those in over their heads were all wiped out. As for the experts, none of them took action. Since Nie Yan was acting so wantonly, he was probably confident in preserving his own life! No matter how many people went, it would be like drawing water from a wicker basket!

Nie Yan swept through everything in his path. He hadn’t encountered a single opponent capable of being his match. It took some time, but finally those hunting him started to wisen up, no longer daring to come within a 60-meter radius of him, lest they had a death wish.

Nie Yan suddenly felt a peculiar change in the air. He focused his senses and immediately detected several dozen Thieves nearby. Their Cloaking was much lower than his Awareness, so none of them escaped his sight. He didn’t even need to activate Eye of Truth.

He ordered the five Vampire Crushers to surround them, after which Lil’ Gold burned more than a dozen of them to a crisp with his flames.

Dealing with these players was as easy as crushing ants.

Just as Nie Yan was about to wipe out the last of these Thieves, he felt an almost indiscernible killing intent lock onto him.

In a distant corner, a pair of eyes were coldly observing Nie Yan.

Before Plenty kicked him out, Les was ranked third among all the Thieves in Fallen Angel, a position he was quite proud of. The two players ranked above him were rare talents that even Plenty had to show respect to. Going by that logic, one could say he was the strongest out of the ordinary Thieves! When he was previously ordered to be Nie Yan’s guide, he felt the task was beneath him. He genuinely believed himself one of the higher figures in Fallen Angel and that Nirvana Flame didn’t count for a fart compared to him. So, he naturally felt indignant at the idea of being another person’s guide dog. He was normally well-behaved in front of Fallen Angel’s higher ups. But once he was outside, he would abuse his position to bully others.

Les severely underestimated how important Nirvana Flame was in Plenty’s eyes. However, he was still unwilling to accept his expulsion from the guild for what he viewed as a trivial mistake. But at the same time, he understood that if he dared to divulge any information about Plenty’s dealings with Nie Yan, given Plenty’s powerful background, he wouldn’t live to see another day. So, he placed all the blame on Nie Yan.

Les believed he only died last time because of his own carelessness. He never expected Nie Yan to attack him so suddenly, leaving him with no time to react.

As Les was brooding his revenge, Nie Yan suddenly turned in his direction.

Eye of Truth!

Nie Yan’s pupils were blood red and blossomed with a dazzling radiance that threatened to completely expose Les.

Les inwardly gasped. He quickly activated Void Shroud as he felt a gaze linger over him for a while before moving away. With his incorporeal body hidden in the shadows, he finally relaxed his breath, though he regretted he was forced to use one of his life-saving trump cards. Void Shroud greatly increased his stealthing capabilities and made him immune to detection for nine seconds, but at the cost of crippling his movement speed and losing the ability to attack. He would have to wait two days for it to come back off cooldown.

Nie Yan was somewhat surprised he didn’t find anyone, even after activating the enhanced Eye of Truth. He had clearly sensed killing intent just a moment ago. With the Cloaking stat of most Thieves at this stage of the game, evading his sight was incredibly difficult.

Nie Yan concluded the other party wasn’t simple. Little did he know that it was actually the Undead Thief he had killed only a little while ago.

Even if the enemy didn’t reveal themselves, Nie Yan felt confident enough in his skills to react in time. He continued ordering Lil’ Gold to wipe out the remaining Thieves in the surroundings.

When the last Thief fell, Nie Yan heard a notification bell ring in his ear. 

Congratulations, Soldier! You have been promoted to a 10-Man Commander.

After killing so many Evil Faction players, Nie Yan had finally increased his military rank!

1. Void Shroud was first mentioned in .

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