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Chapter 555 - The Darkwing Dragon Takes the Stage

Even if Lil' Gold was powerful, it was impossible for him to fend off so many charging Warriors, let alone while struck by a constant barrage of spells from the Mages in the rear.

No matter how strong Lil' Gold was, it was impossible for him to defy the heavens.

Lil' Gold spewed out a mouthful of Dragon Breath, transforming six Warriors into ash.

With a loud klang, more than 10 Warriors rammed ino Lil' Gold.

Explosive Counter!

A whirlwind of power erupted around Lil' Gold, sweeping the Warriors away.

"Everyone, stand your ground!" Soda Water shouted.「Klang!」He forced Lil' Gold several meters back with a Shield Bash.

They were lacking too many people back in the guild headquarters. He wasn't Lil' Gold's match and fled outside with a few others. Now that he had the backup of so many of his brothers, he wasn't afraid of going toe-to-toe with Lil' Gold.

Soda Water and the other Warriors locked down Lil' Gold and finally got the situation under control. It would only take them a couple of minutes to kill Lil' Gold.

"Everyone, spread out and search! Even if we have to go through every nook and cranny, I want you to find those bastards!" Crazy Magic shouted, his face warped with rage. By now his hatred had already seeped into his bones, wishing for nothing more than to flay Nie Yan's skin and grind his bones to dust. 

Once Crazy Magic issued this command, the tens of thousands of Alliance of Mages players sealed off the region and began inspecting every building.

The place was infested with Alliance of Mages players. Nie Yan evaded their detection and climbed up a 30-meter tall tower next to the plaza.

Before long, news of the attack on the Edgarton Stronghold spread like wildfire. The forums were filled with threads discussing this event.

「Nirvana Flame has really got some balls, daring to slaughter his way into the Edgarton Stronghold. That's Alliance of Mages' main base! I wonder how the battle is going right now?」

「I heard Asskickers United's side only has five people. They've already killed more than 600 players. That's insane!」

Someone posted up a video of Lil' Gold massacring players in the Edgarton Stronghold online. Everyone who watched it was left speechless. Golden Dragons were really powerful! Owning a pet was no longer a rare thing, and research into them had gradually progressed. Many players had obtained some pretty powerful pets. Some tank-type pets even achieved over 10,000 health. However, none of these pets could hold a candle to Lil' Gold. He was just as much of a freak as his master!

After Lil' Gold's fame skyrocketed, the guild leader of God Executioner Sword searched far and wide and expended a great deal of manpower and resources to obtain a Golden Dragon pup. However, despite his meticulous care in raising it, it failed to grow anywhere near as powerful as Lil' Gold. The disparity was so great he started doubting whether Nie Yan's pet was actually a Golden Dragon. This infuriated him so much that he felt the urge to slap his Golden Dragon pup to death. This useless thing had cost him the lives of 6,000 players!

The chaos in the Edgarton Stronghold attracted the attention of many players. All of them were tuned into the live streams, eager to see how the battle would conclude.

「The Golden Dragon can't hold out for much longer. I guess this is far as it goes,」Many player deeply sighed.

Lil' Gold might be extremely powerful, but it couldn't withstand the onslaught of so many players.

The streets of the Edgarton Stronghold were already filled with corpses, strewn about all over the place.

The Warriors led by Soda Water charged into Lil' Gold one after another, forcing him further and further back. Those killed by Explosive Counter would immediately have their spaces filled by the people behind them. The constant bombardment of magic from the rear also never subsided. Lil' Gold's health fell to just a little over 10,000. He could hold out for a bit longer, but he was already close to his limit.

「Big Brother, Lil' Gold will die soon if we don't do anything!」Sun cried out anxiously.

「Don't worry. I've got everything under control,」Nie Yan chuckled. From the top of the tower, he could see the whole battlefield.

Seeing it was about time, Nie Yan chanted out an incantation to summon the Darkwing Dragon.

Seeing Lil' Gold fall to red health, the Alliance of Mages players all grew excited.

"We're almost there!"

"It's almost dead!"

"Die!" Soda Water shouted. He swung his greatsword at Lil' Gold again and again.


Lil' Gold's Evasion was too high. Soda Water kept failing his execution, having been interrupted several times by Explosive Counter. Lil' Gold's combat strength was too frightening, especially Explosive Counter which gave him an endless headache. It was way too overpowered, activating almost continuously and dealing a ludicrous amount of damage.

What Soda Water and the others failed to realize was that Explosive Counter only had a certain chance of activating. Normally, it wasn't that strong since its activation rate was too low. However, when so many Warriors from Alliance of Mages were surrounding and attacking Lil' Gold at once, that's when the skill really started displaying its might. More than 300 Warriors had died to Explosive Counter alone.

The best strategy to deal with Lil' Gold was to have the Warriors simply defend and allowing the Mages in the back to bombard him with darkness-type magic.

Soda Water and the others had too little knowledge on Lil' Gold. That's why their losses were so great.

Just as everyone thought Lil' Gold was about to fall, a deep dragon cry shook the entire Edgarton Stronghold.

A large shadow blotted out the sky, shrouding everyone in a veil of darkness.

"What's going on!?"

A powerful gale blew past, nearly sweeping many players off their feet. When they looked up at the sky, a giant winged dragon entered their sights.

It was the Darkwing Dragon!

Most of the players from Alliance of Mages had already watched the videos of the battle in the Realm of Death and knew of the awe-inspiring might of the Darkwing Dragon. However, at the end of the day, a video was just a video. This time, they finally witnessed the Darkwing Dragon for themselves. With a wingspan of over 10 meters, as soon as it spread its wings, it would blot out the sun. The buildings in the stronghold were too close together, causing its mobility to be slightly restricted. Its flapping wings accidentally struck a nearby tower, causing the top half to collapse. The falling rocks fell on a crowd and instantly crushed several dozen players to death.

The Darkwing Dragon hovered in the sky for a while, like a hawk searching for its prey, before swooping down towards the ground.


"Get in the arrow towers! Use the siege crossbows to shoot it down!"

The players below scattered in a panic, abandoning any intention of fighting back. The Darkwing Dragon was too powerful. The disparity was too great. Any resistance would be futile. Only siege weapons could deal any real damage through its Divine-type armour!

The Darkwing Dragon dive-bombed a crowd, instantly killing a large swath of players.

A massacre was beginning. Another 600 Alliance of Mages players were torn to shreds by the claws of the Darkwing Dragon. Some players managed to make it out alive by escaping into narrow alleys.

The situation went out of control. The Darkwing Dragon's sudden attack caused Alliance of Mages to descend into chaos. They had no effective method of fighting back.

"God fucking dammit!" Crazy Magic couldn't help but curse after seeing the Darkwing Dragon wreaking havoc on his forces. He quickly fled to safety while issuing out commands at the same time. Suddenly, two figures emerged beside him. They were Sun and King of the World.

Sun and King of the World had been stalking Crazy Magic ever since he returned from the graveyard. The two hadn't communicated with each other beforehand, but both chose the same moment to take action.

Crazy Magic only saw a silhouette flash by before he felt a sharp pain at both the front and back of his head and his vision went black. Sun and King of the World's movements were too fast, not to mention it was a pincer attack, giving him no time at all to react. 

Crazy Magic was assassinated yet again.

Noticing the spells barraging the Golden Dragon had suddenly stopped, the Warriors at the front started to panic. The Darkwing Dragon had caused their backline to scatter. There were corpses of more than 100 Mages scattered on the ground. The rest had already fled for their lives.

The Warriors were about to retreat, when Soda Water shouted, "Don't retreat! Kill the Golden Dragon first! All of you bastards, fucking get back here!"

Soda Water understood that if they retreated now they would simply become fleeing targets. All their previous efforts would go to waste. The Golden Dragon only had a sliver of health left. They still had a chance!

Explosive Counter!

Explosive Counter!

Lil' Gold struck down another six Warriors. His body was surrounded by piles of corpses.

The Warriors trembled in fear. These counterattacks were too frightening. Without the assistance of the Mages, their damage was too low. Lil' Gold's health was falling too slowly. If they wanted to kill him, another 60 lives would have to be sacrificed.

"Soda Water, let's just retreat! The Darkwing Dragon is coming!" a Warrior shouted. They had already lost all will to fight. The amount of damage they were dealing to Lil' Gold became even lower. 

Seeing the Darkwing Dragon swooping down, Nie Yan leaped off the tower and landed on a roof. After getting in range, he started chanting the incantation to recall Lil' Gold whose health had fallen to critical levels. You deserve a good rest.

The Alliance of Mages players manned the arrow towers one after another, locking down the air space around the Edgarton Stronghold. However, the range of the siege crossbows was limited. They had no way of hitting Lil' Gold or the Darkwing Dragon.

「Boss, quickly recall Lil' Gold and the Darkwing Dragon. Alliance of Mages brought out their catapults!」Hapless Frog warned. He had been acting as a lookout.

At the end of a distant street, three Armoured Catapults were slowly making their way over. A large group of players were escorting them.

After Crazy Magic died, he started issuing orders from the grave. He wouldn't rest until he took down both Lil' Gold and the Darkwing Dragon. It was quite dangerous to use Armoured Catapults inside a stronghold because the splash damage from their shells would destroy nearby buildings. However, Crazy Magic no longer cared. He wa consumed with rage.

"Fucking bastard! You think your Darkwing Dragon is so great? I'd like to see it survive a shelling from my catapults!" Crazy Magic cried out hysterically.

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