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Chapter 554 - Rivers of Blood

Crazy Magic and Divine Flame didn't expect there to be others. They believed Nie Yan had only gotten in by relying on some special methods. With hundreds of thousands of players roaming the streets of the Edgarton Stronghold along with its tight security, sneaking in without being discovered should be impossible. However, so many Thieves had done just that right before their eyes. Didn't that mean the Edgarton Stronghold's defenses were as good as nothing?

Crazy Magic and Divine Flame reacted pretty quickly. Noticing the ambush, they immediately activated their various defensive skills. To their shock, their opponents were four Thieves widely renowned for their superior skills! 

Crazy Magic raised his staff, preparing to cast an Anywhere Door to escape. About halfway into the two-second cast time, Sun interrupted him with Lock Down.

Sun closed in and sent a kick towards Crazy Magic.

With a wave of his staff, Crazy Magic quickly raised a thick ice wall in front of him.

「Bang!」Sun's foot struck the ice wall.

The ice wall could only last two seconds before dissipating.

Sun pounced forward once more.

Crazy Magic turned around in an attempt to flee. Waving his staff, he cast Flame Bind, planning to immobilize Sun. However, just as he finished chanting the incantation, a sharp light flashed beside him.

"Shit!" Crazy Magic's heart trembled. Getting ambushed while in the middle of casting a spell was fatal for a Mage.

Crazy Magic attempted to switch to another spell, only to feel a sharp pain at the back of his skull. His vision turned black as he lost consciousness.

A silhouette emerged behind Crazy Magic. It was One Strike Vow. When Crazy Magic's view was obstructed by the ice wall, she had entered stealth and circled around to mount a sneak attack.

Sun evaded the Flame Bind and stabbed Crazy Magic in the throat with Pierce. At the same time, One Strike Vow followed up with Backstab.

Crazy Magic collapsed to the ground with a loud thud.

When Sun and One Strike Vow turned around, they discovered King of the World and Hapless Frog had already dispatched Divine Flame as well.

Even though both Crazy Magic and Divine Flame were skilled players, they were still lacking compared to Sun, King of the World, and the others. They wouldn't even win in a normal one versus one situation, let alone in this two versus one. They had no chance of surviving. 

"The boss died!"

Seeing the corpses of Crazy Magic and Divine Flame on the ground, the Alliance of Mages players had blank looks on their faces. Both guild leaders were dead. What were they going to do? Should they just run or continue fighting? 

While the Alliance of Mages players were still recovering from their shock, Lil' Gold spewed out a mouthful of Dragon Breath in their direction. The scorching hot flames instantly reduced three players to ashes.


"Dammit! The Golden Dragon is way too strong!"

The Alliance of Mages players scattered like terrified rats. At this moment, Nie Yan appeared behind one of the fleeing players and instantly cut them down with a swing of his blade.

Lil' Gold slaughtered his way forward, while Nie Yan killed the few players scattering to the side. Leaving a trail of corpses behind them, more than 15 players lost their lives.

Sun, King of the World, One Strike Vow, and Hapless Frog immediately pounced on Maple Sky and the others.

Seeing the situation turning south, the Alliance of Mages players started escaping with Unknown Transfer Scrolls. Some didn't even get a chance to activate their scrolls before they were cut down where they stood.

Several minutes later, apart from the large pile of corpses, the only ones remaining in the lobby were Nie Yan's group of five and Lil' Gold.

They collected the equipment dropped on the ground.

"Big Bro, are we going back now?" Sun asked.

Glancing at the corpses on the ground, a crazy idea popped into Nie Yan's mind. "No. Since we took the time to come all the way here, we should make the most of it. Let's slaughter our way out and make the Edgarton Stronghold run red with blood!

"I like that idea." King of the World faintly smiled.

"You guys go out and have your fun. I'll slaughter my way out with Lil' Gold!" Nie Yan said. Thieves weren't good at breaking through the enemy line, but they excelled at stealth and ambushes. He would be flipping that notion over on its head.

"We'll do as you say, Boss! Even if we have to tread through hell and high water, we won't hear a single complaint!" Hapless Frog shouted enthusiastically, caught up in the heat of the moment.

One Strike Vow crossed her arms and shook her head helplessly. Men really got fired up too easily. Since everyone else had decided, she would follow along too.

"Good! Then, listen to my orders," Nie Yan said. He had a grand plan in his mind. Causing a huge stir in the Edgarton Stronghold was crucial to carrying it out. Killing Crazy Magic and Divine Flame wasn't enough!


At this moment, Crazy Magic and Divine Flame revived from the graveyard.

"That fucking bastard Nirvana Flame!" Crazy Magic cursed with a gloomy face. They had no chance in hell of escaping from apex Thieves like Sun and King of the World.

"Do you think they're still in the Edgarton Stronghold?" Divine Flame asked. At this point, the milk was already spilled. Asskickers United would almost assuredly release a video of today's events online, and their reputation would hit rock bottom. Killed within the walls of their own stronghold, their own guild headquarters, this was one of the greatest himilations they could suffer!

"They're probably already gone," Crazy Magic replied in a matter-of-fact tone. Since Nie Yan and company had accomplished their goal, there was no reason for them to stay around any longer. After all, this was still the heart of the enemy's encampment, filled with hundreds of thousands of players. If he put the stronghold on lockdown, no matter how heaven-defying Nie Yan's group was, they stood no chance of escaping.

Crazy Magic's voice chat began ringing. After answering the call and hearing what was happening, his face distorted with a mixture of shock and rage.

"What happened?" Divine Flame asked.

"That son of a bitch is still in our guild headquarters! He really is looking down us!" Crazy Magic cursed. He immediately issued an order in the guild chat and began mobilizing the players of Alliance of Mages.

Divine Flame sank into deep thought. It appeared Nie Yan wasn't satisfied with ending things at just that. Just how big of a commotion did he want to create in the Edgarton Stronghold?

Crazy Magic turned to Divine Flame. "Let's go take a look together."

Divine Flame nodded. This was already no longer the problem of only a single guild. If Alliance of Mages fell, Divine Protectors would be soon to follow!

The two rushed toward the guild headquarters.


At this moment, the Edgarton Stronghold had already descended into a state of chaos. Sun, King of the Worlds, and the others were ambushing players left and right. It was almost as if a boogeyman was running around. They would silently emerge out of stealth, kill one or two players, then disappear as though they had never been there in the first place. Some players didn't even know what killed them.

Many players watched in shock as their fellow guildmates were stunned right in front of them. By the time they reacted, these guildmates were already cold corpses on the ground, the perpetrators having long since vanished from sight.

Alliance of Mages' casualties were rapidly accumulating, breaking through the 100 mark and surging towards 200.

Outside the guild headquarters, Lil' God appeared out on the street in front of the Alliance of Mages players. This was a first-rate pet. Combined with the fact his level far exceeded that of ordinary players, Lil' Gold immediately began carrying out a massacre.

Nie Yan climbed up to the top of a nearby tower on the street. He pulled out his Cavalry Crossbow and started sniping the players below, firing volley after volley of bolts while controlling Lil' Gold.

The Alliance of Mages players on the street still didn't understand what was going on.

"It's Nirvana Flame's Golden Dragon!"

"Why is it here of all places!?"

The players on the street descended into panic. Since it was too crowded, they were shoving and pushing past each other to escape.

Lil' Gold spewed out his Dragon Breath at the most densely packed region of the crowd. Several dozen Alliance of Mages players were immediately transformed into rays of light.

"Everyone, spread out!"

However, with the street so crowded, how could they possibly spread out?

"Stop running! With so many of us here, we can definitely kill that Golden Dragon!"

"Kill the Golden Dragon! Warriors, quickly surround it!"

Nie Yan looked below. Several hundred players were gathering to deal with Lil' Gold. He let out a cold chuckle, then passed down an order to Lil' Gold.

Lil' Gold chanted out a series of syllables in dragon tongue, then gaped his jaws wide and let out a deep roar.

Blazing fire elements began coalescing at an astonishing speed. Before long, a giant meteor appeared in the sky and started falling down. With a loud bang, it crashed into the ground, transforming everything within a 30-meter radius into a sea of flames.

Screams of agony rang out in the air as several hundred players were wiped out in an instant. Those who withstood the attack could be counted on one's hand.

The faces of the surrounding players turned pale with fright. They started fleeing with all their might. How could they possibly summon up the courage to fight after witnessing such a horrifying site?

Nie Yan slaughtered the Alliance of Mages players without restraint.

Seeing Lil' Gold rampaging in the distance, King of the World couldn't help but sigh. "It seems like in the end we still can't compare to Nie Yan's pet. After so long, the four of us together have maybe killed 30 players. It instantly killed several hundred with just one AoE spell."

"Of course," Hapless Frog said.

At this moment, all the experts in the Edgarton Stronghold were converging on Nie Yan and the others. A group of 1,000 players emerged to the east. King of the World scaled to the top of a high building and spotted the them making their way over. Leading these players were Crazy Magic and Divine Flame.

「Crazy Magic and Divine Flame have brought their troops over. Be careful,」King of the World warned in voice chat. No matter how strong Lil' Gold was, he couldn't face 1,000 players at the same time.

「Noted.」Nie Yan nodded.

Crazy Magic and Divine Flame rushed over with more than 1,000 players. Seeing Lil' Gold rampaging in the distance, Crazy Magic exploded with rage. Nirvana Flame was too unbridled! This was too much!

Seeing Crazy Magic and Divine Flame arrive, Nie Yan jumped off the tower. He was aiming big!

"Soda Water, take the troops and surround the Golden Dragon, Mages, get in position!" Crazy Magic shouted. This farce had gone on for long enough!

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