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Chapter 531 - Black Hell Joins the Guild

As Nie Yan was analyzing the Darkwing Dragon's stats and deciding on which ones to focus on, there was movement on the side of Alliance of Mages.

A group of 60 players wearing black cloaks appeared outside the small residential area which served as a temporary base for Alliance of Mages. These people radiated a mysterious and stifling pressure. 

Receiving news of their arrival, Crazy Magic hurriedly rushed out to greet them.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Krow. I welcome you on behalf of Alliance of Mages," Crazy Magic greeted.

The Warrior called Krow didn't bother responding.

Krow and the players accompanying him were cold and indifferent, much to the indignation of the Alliance of Mages players. Even though Crazy Magic was inwardly steaming at being disrespected like this, he still had a fawning expression on his face. He understood this group couldn't be provoked. Leaving aside the fact they worked directly under Cao Xu, all of them were extraordinary characters in their own respect.

"You're too kind, Crazy Magic," an Arcane Mage called Raven answered.

Raven was also Chinese. He appeared to be a good talker. On the other hand, Krow's arrogance was clearly written on his face.

These 60 players were the elites of Direwolf. Ordinary players had only heard of them but never seen them in action. Nie Yan was more-or-less the same. All he knew was that Cao Xu had nurtured this organization for many years.

Crazy Magic invited Krow, Raven, and the rest inside to discuss the upcoming war.

Nie Yan was still in the villa, when he received word that Black Hell was looking for him.

"He's finally here!" Nie Yan muttered. He still recalled how he had almost lost in their previous duel. He was more than willing to welcome an expert like this into the guild!

Nie Yan headed out to greet Black Hell. The two met outside the villa's entrance.

"We meet again," Nie Yan said, looking Black Hell up and down. His equipment had vastly improved since they last met. His staff was crafted out of an extremely pure Darkness Crystal.

Crystals were the best catalysts for channeling magic and the go-to material for top quality staffs. At the same time, the greater the purity of the crystal, the greater the damage bonuses for magic corresponding to the crystal's element.

Guo Huai's eyes weren't mistaken. This staff was Legendary-grade.

Black Hell chuckled and nodded.

Black Hell still had that indifferent calmness about him. However, hidden behind it was now also a hint of loneliness and bleakness.

Nie Yan understood Black Hell's personality and didn't ask about Dark Hero.

"Welcome to Asskickers United," Nie Yan said with a sincere expression.


After learning of Black Hell's arrival, Black Heaven rushed over from the west side of the Hilton Stronghold. He excitedly shouted, "Big Brother!"

Black Heaven had matured quite a bit. Black Hell patted his shoulders with a proud look on his face.

"Big Brother, since you've left Dark Hero, forget all that happened! The past is the past. You have us here!" Black Heaven said.

Black Hell chuckled. "It seemed like my decision to have you join Asskickers United was correct. You've grown quite a bit."

Black Heaven laughed while scratching his nose.

Dark Hero was famous in several popular virtual reality games and bore an invincible legend, having never once been defeated. The members of Dark Hero felt a strong sense of belonging to the guild. Even after it disbanded, many people still thought back to its glory days as well as their old guild leader, Invincible.

Nothing lasts forever. Invincible was now Black Hell. Black Heaven believed he would never again find a guild where he could feel the same sense of belonging like he did back in the glory days of Dark Hero. However, to his surprise, he quickly blended into Asskickers United. From Black Heaven's point of view, Asskickers United greatly resembled Dark Hero during its peak. He believed Black Hell would also quickly fit in here. This place had many trustworthy brothers!

Nie Yan was also excited about Black Hell joining.

It was almost time for the servers to go down. After finishing their preparations, the players from Asskickers United logged off around the villa. They would set off together to the Realm of Death first thing tomorrow!

Nie Yan and Xie Yao logged off.

Spending most of the summer in Nie Yan's room, their first semester of university life was about to begin. The Top Military Academy was located in West City, roughly a three-hour drive from Huahai. Xie Jun had already bought them a villa there. In order to avoid attracting any attention, Nie Yan and Xie Yao moving there would be kept a secret.

Nie Yan and Xie Yao were both students of the Top Military Academy. This also served as a form of protection. The people targeting Xie Yao likely wouldn't take any action near the academy.

Xie Jun firmly believed that Xie Yao's kidnapping attempt was orchestrated by Liu Rui's father. However, he couldn't find any concrete evidence. So all he could do was dispatch people to closely monitor Liu Rui's father, preventing him from making any big movements.

"Since the villa has already been bought, how about we move in today?" Nie Yan suggested. World Bloc was on the right track. As long as nothing happened to the War God Tribe, it would be as steady as Mt. Tai.

Xie Yao thought for a moment. Moving into the new villa now or in a few days made no difference. She nodded. "Sure."

Nie Yan gave Father Nie a call and explained his intentions. Father Nie agreed. With how developed the roads were, visiting Nie Yan would only take three hours. He also suggested sending over a security team to escort them, but Nie Yan turned this idea down. More people would just make them a bigger target.

After packing up their things, Nie Yan started up his Thrawn and drove off with Xie Yao toward their new home in West City.

Nie Yan couldn't help but recall his past life. When he went off to university, he felt a sense of loneliness watching the fleeting scenery behind him and the receding view of Huahai. He was moving away to a faraway place, and his future was uncertain, filling him with a sense of loss and anxiousness. Now, however, he could peek through the fog and see his own future. Even more than that, he had Xie Yao close by his side.

About three hours later, Nie Yan and Xie Yao arrived outside the entrance of their new villa. It was built right beside a mountain; secluded and peaceful, the area was filled with red maples. The Top Military Academy was only a 10-minute drive away, so the commute was pretty convenient.

Nie Yan checked the villa's security systems. It was definitely top-notch.

Before coming here, Nie Yan had already got in touch with Bayonet. He would leave Bayonet in charge of protecting his parents. As for him and Xie Yao, he could handle most situations that came their way himself. So long as a top expert on the same level as Bayonet didn't appear, his skills were enough, though that wasn't to say he wasn't a bit anxious.

The two didn't bring any servants along, so they would have to do all the housework themselves. After tidying up the place, Nie Yan couldn't help but wonder if this would be the beginning of them living together.

Nie Yan gazed at Xie Yao wiping the nearby table. Right now, she was already starting to look like a housewife. To his surprise, he also noticed that her figure had grown a lot more fiery than before. .

Nie Yan couldn't help but wonder if this was his handiwork. The Xie Yao of his past life wasn't nearly as well developed as her present counterpart. She also started exuding the charm of a young married woman, though he hadn't actually eaten her up yet.

"Nie Yan, should we take a look around the school?" Xie Yao dropped what she was doing and asked.

"Sure, we could use the fresh air." Nie Yan nodded.

After the two finished tidying up, they headed to the Top Military Academy. The campus could only be entered by those with student cards. The security was excellent.

Entering the campus, the two were greeted by a magnificent building. Further inside were even more buildings. On both sides of the shaded paths were trees and flowers in full bloom.

This was the Top Military Academy, a place Nie Yan could only dream of in his past life, and one of his biggest regrets.

Nie Yan glanced at Xie Yao beside him. She wasn't wearing any make up, but she was a natural beauty. She had a distinct air about her capable of relieving a person of all their worries. Even in a gathering place of elites like the Top Military Academy, she still stood out. She raised eyebrows from the nearby students everywhere they walked.

"The command faculty is across from that building there. We're not too far away from each other," Nie Yan said. Looking at the campus map, they were about a 10-minute walk apart.

"Then I can always visit you whenever I want!" Xie Yao grabbed Nie Yan's hands and smiled, revealing the cute dimples on her face.

The nearby students were dumbstruck.

"Who is that girl?"

"I don't know. She seems like a freshman."

"The freshmen this year seem pretty high quality. I heard another one who recently entered the art faculty has a really amazing figure. I think her name is Jiang Yingyu? She's being called the new goddess of the art faculty. Now look another one has appeared!"

"Too bad she already has a boyfriend."

Some of the gossipy students whispered amongst themselves. The gazes directed at Nie Yan were filled with envy, cursing his good luck for finding such a beautiful girlfriend. 

On the other hand, far fewer people were paying attention to Nie Yan. He wasn't particularly handsome, and he definitely didn't stand out in this place filled with high-class elites. However, he also didn't seem like a frog trying to eat swan meat.

Nie Yan naturally didn't pay attention to the gossip around him. Gazing at the enormous and grand campus, he couldn't help but smile. It seemed like his future in the Top Military Academy wouldn't be boring. What took him by surprise was that Jiang Yingyu had arrived before them, and it seemed by quite a bit. Thinking about it, the enrollment time for the art faculty was fairly early.

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