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Chapter 522 - Wind Serpent!

After stunning Broken Bone Blade, One Strike Vow erupted with a flurry of attacks. With her damage, it didn't take more than two hits to finish him off.

Broke Bone Blade collapsed on the ground. The nearby Mages all targeted One Strike Vow with their spells.

One Strike Vow quickly dodged with Gale Step, then vanished into thin air.

"Don't let her escape! Kill her!" Crazy Magic roared after glancing at the corpse of Broken Bone Blade. 

Orbs of light shot up into the sky and illuminated the ground below, revealing One Strike Vow's silhouette dashing away at lightning speed. She was immediately bombarded with spells, her health rapidly falling below 50%. When it looked like she was about to die, she crushed an Unknown Transfer Scroll and disappeared.

"Fuck!" Crazy Magic cursed. One Strike Vow still got away in the end. He no longer dared to be as careless as before.

Had the ambusher been Nirvana Flame instead, he would already be a cold corpse lying on the ground!

"All Mages, left side, attack!" Crazy Magic's gaze fell on several Asskickers United players in the distance, trying to force their way out of the encirclement. At this moment, several dozen spells came flying over and blasted them into smithereens.

Asskickers United's forces had entered a bitter struggle. Their casualties were gradually increasing.

Tang Yao saw that the situation was getting worse and worse. At this rate, they were going to be wiped out completely. 

"Bladelight, cover me. I'm going to summon my Netherthunder Eagle!" Tang Yao shouted.

Bladelight, Smoke Stub, and the others immediately formed a circle around Tang Yao. Anyone that dared to approach him would be killed instantly.

Tang Yao fired off a few more spells, killing three nearby enemy players in a row. He then started chanting an incantation.

Bladelight, Smoke Stub, and the others guarded Tang Yao, not daring to move too far away. They didn't allow anyone to approach him. If a spell was aimed at him, they would do whatever it took to block it, even if that meant using their own bodies.

Seeing Tang Yao summoning his Netherthunder Eagle, Crazy Magic smirked. This was the moment he had been waiting for. He contacted one of his trusted subordinates.「Prepare to deal with Young Sparrow Hawk's flying mount!」


As the last syllable flowed from Tang Yao's lips, the Netherthunder Eagle emerged with a brilliant flash of light. With its massive 10-meter wingspan, it could practically blot out the sky.

The players from Alliance of Mages and Divine Protectors in the vicinity backed away in fear, without exception.

"It's Young Sparrow Hawk's flying mount!"

"It's huge!"

Tang Yao leaped onto the Netherthunder Eagle's back. It flapped its wings and kicked up a large gust of wind, sending the nearby enemy players flying. Even the distant Mages were interrupted from casting their spells and knocked off their feet.

"Screeeeh!" the Netherthunder Eagle let out a piercing cry and flew up into the sky.

Tang Yao was like a gatling gun while riding atop the Netherthunder Eagle, sweeping through everything below him.

The Netherthunder Eagle circled in the air before dive bombing down, instantly killing six enemy players with its sharp claws.

The players from Alliance of Mages and Divine Protectors descended into panic.

Seeing the Netherthunder Eagle, the forces of Asskickers United cried out in excitement.

"Young Sparrow Hawk summoned his Netherthunder Eagle!"

"Guys, guys, we can still win! Let's kill those bastards!"

Asskickers United's forces madly rushed forward. The players from Alliance of Mages and Divine Protectors started backing away in fear. However, they were still experts. They wouldn't lose their heads over something like this. If they turned around and tried to flee, they would only end up suffering heavier losses. instead It was better to stand their ground and fight. They clashed against the enemy forces. They lost five players for every single one they killed from Asskickers United.

The Netherthunder Eagle was an invincible existence on the battlefield. Its health had only fallen by a sliver after being bombarded by countless spells. Those who dared to attack it were quickly picked off.

After killing a large number of Alliance of Mages players, Tang Yao set his sights on Crazy Magic standing atop the cliff. This was cutting off the snake's head. If he killed their leader, the players below would lose all will to fight.

Tang Yao urged the Netherthunder Eagle toward Crazy Magic. 

The black speck in the sky was getting larger and larger. Crazy Magic could see more and more clearly the murderous expression on Tang Yao's face. His lips curved into a sinister smile. "You've kept me waiting long enough."

Sparks flew as the two met eyes.

Just as the Netherthunder Eagle was about to rip him to shreds, Crazy Magic blinked 50 meters away.

With a bang, the Netherthunder Eagle's claws dug a giant hole into the earth, instantly killing several players in the vicinity.

After his attack was dodged, Tang Yao took to the air again with his Netherthunder Eagle. He scouted the surroundings and spotted Crazy Magic's silhouette fleeing in the distance.

Tang Yao had no intention of letting Crazy Magic escape with his life. He had the Netherthunder Eagle chase after him.

In only a few seconds, the two had covered more than 100 meters. Crazy Magic activated the spell Gale Acceleration, giving himself a huge speed boost.

「Are the preparations done yet?」Crazy Magic anxiously asked. He didn't know how much longer he could go on for. If his people weren't ready soon, he was done for!

「Boss, we're ready!」

"Die!" Tang Yao's eyes flashed with a chilling light. The Netherthunder Eagle suddenly executed a dive bomb on Crazy Magic. 

The Netherthunder Eagle's claws were inching closer and closer to Crazy Magic. At this critical moment, Tang Yao suddenly heard whooshing sounds to his right. His heart trembled. He turned his head and saw numerous shadows hiding in the thickets. He had been completely focused on killing his target. He never expected it was all a trap!

The players hidden in the thickets were all Thieves. They only took action when Tang Yao entered their range. 

They were throwing something. As Tang Yao stared closely to see what it was, his heart trembled in fright. They were throwing hatchets! They were about the size of an arm with long handles and sharp heads made out of metal. Even more frightening was that the blades were smeared with a green poison.

Throwing hatchets were fairly uncommon items with high attack power. Throwing weapons were the nemesis of all flying mounts. The 30-meter altitude that flying mounts normally flew at was too high for them to reach. However, Tang Yao had gotten close to the ground for the sake of chasing Crazy Magic. He was completely vulnerable.

The Netherthunder Eagle would definitely suffer serious injuries if all these throwing hatchets hit.

Flying mounts could be lightly wounded, moderately wounded, and heavily wounded. It would only take a few hours to recover from light injuries. However, heavy injuries required a special type of medicine and up to a week of rest to fully recover. Unlike players, they couldn't be healed by drinking a potion. If left untreated for long enough, the flying mount could even die. Reviving flying mounts generally wasn't possible.

Tang Yao hurriedly urged his Netherthunder Eagle to execute a barrel roll. It was a high difficulty evasive maneuver.

「Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!」Several dozen hatchets flew past Tang Yao. Two still managed to hit the Netherthunder Eagle. It cried out in pain as blood splattered out. Another hatchet lightly grazed Tang Yao's cheek, causing him to break out in a cold sweat.

"Shit, that was dangerous!"

The Netherthunder Eagle had only been hit by two hatchets. Its injuries were light, so it wasn't in any immediate danger for the time being.

The players from Alliances of Mages and Divine Protectors had been laying here in ambush for a long time. Tang Yao wasn't stupid. He immediately knew this was a trap. He stopped chasing after Crazy Magic and turned tail to flee. The poison smeared on the blades of the two hatchets was rapidly spreading and influenced the Netherthunder Eagle's speed. Thankfully, it wasn't by much, and he could still escape.

Crazy Magic believed 10 or more hatchets would hit. Like this, the Netherthunder Eagle would suffer moderate injuries, and its speed and maneuverability would be greatly impacted. It would've given them the perfect opportunity to kill it. However, he didn't expect Tang Yao to execute such a difficult aerial evasive maneuver.

"Thieves, ready your hatchets again! Don't let him get away. We have to take down his Netherthunder Eagle, no matter what!" Crazy Magic anxiously shouted. This opportunity wasn't easy to come by. They couldn't let it slip past them!

A total of 26 Thieves from Alliance of Mages and Divine Protectors chased after the Netherthunder Eagle. They couldn't throw a second time right away since they had a cooldown. Furthermore, the number of throwing hatchets each of them could carry was limited to two.

There wasn't enough time. The Netherthunder Eagle was going to escape!

Just as Tang Yao was about to escape, he sensed something off in the air. He heard a rustling in the thickets, followed by a strange cry.

"What is that?" Crazy Magic asked.

Did Asskickers United come with reinforcements?

"I don't know!"

A giant creature suddenly emerged out of the trees. It had a long serpentine body and a pair of transparent insect-like wings growing on its back. It appeared to be slithering through the air as its wings flapped non-stop.

"It's a Wind Serpent!" an Alliance of Mages player cried out.

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