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Chapter 507 - Clever Use of the Eye of Kirge

Nie Yan selected a suitable position roughly 90 meters away from Dillons, putting him well within the range of the Javelin Launcher.

Nie Yan placed the Eye of Kirge on the ground and started chanting out an incantation. Before long, the previously dull looking orb lit up as a profound light shone out of the eye.

Under the meticulous control of Nie Yan, the Eye of Kirge floated up high into the air, then started flying towards Dillons.

At this moment, an image appeared in front of Nie Yan's eyes.

From the bizarrely shaped rocks and boulders to the lush vegetation growing along the river's edge, everything the Eye of Kirge saw was being transmitted to Nie Yan.

This image was a bit different from one seen by the naked eye. It wasn't as clear but everything was there. As the Eye of Kirge travelled between the boulders and rubble, a tall silhouette entered Nie Yan's eyes.

It was Troll Dillons!

Dillons looked somewhat restless, moving about. He directed his gaze in the direction of the Eye of Kirge. He appeared to have sensed something.

Nie Yan had the Eye of Kirge disappear into a patch of grass about 20 meters away from Dillons. This item was incredibly small, making it especially difficult to spot when hidden in the cracks between rocks or other locations that could keep it hidden from view.

After failing to find anything, Dillons returned to his passive roaming state.

The player had to stand in place while using the Eye of Kirge, or else its effects would be cancelled. Without taking a single step, Nie Yan retrieved several enchanted javelins from his bag and inserted them into his Javelin Launcher.

As Nie Yan loaded the Javelin Launcher, the image from the Eye of Kirge turned blurry. 

When using the Eye of Kirge, the image became clear the more you focused. If you were distracted, the image would turn blurry.

Nie Yan propped up his Javelin Launcher and took aim at the target. With the distance calibrated, he pulled the trigger. A javelin shot out into the sky, arcing through the air, and falling back to the ground.

With a thud, the javelin landed about a meter from Dillons.

Though Dillons was hard to miss with his large frame, it wasn't a surprise that Nie Yan failed to land a hit. He wasn't too accustomed to using the Eye of Kirge, especially since it was his first time. Not to mention he also wasn't that familiar with operating the Javelin Launcher. He could only try to fumble his way through.

Nie Yan continued fiddling around, gradually familiarizing himself with both the Eye of Kirg and Javelin Launcher.

After using up a whole stack of javelins, Nie Yan finally got used to it. He could now hit Dillons accurately. After all, Dillons was huge, so he made for an easy target. If he were to aim for something smaller, Nie Yan might have some difficulty.

Nie Yan loaded up an enchanted javelin and took aim with the Javelin Launcher. With a whoosh sound, the javelin arced through the sky and headed straight toward Dillons.

With a pfft sound, blood splashed everywhere as the javelin pierced Dillons' skin.

−124 A damage value floated up above Dillons' head.

The javelin's damage was fairly high. If it were a normal crossbow bolt, at Nie Yan's current level, he wouldn't even deal double digits to Dillons. On top of this, the javelin inflicted persistent bleed damage for five seconds, dealing 30 damage every second.

After taking into account the health recovery rate of Dillons, Nie Yan estimated it would take around three hours to kill him.

At this stage of the game, killing a Level 120 Elite was an impossible feat for ordinary players.

Nie Yan continued firing the Javelin Launcher. One javelin after another arced through the sky and struck Dillons.

Dillons roared out furiously. However, with his low wisdom, he had no idea where the enemy was. His vision range was only 30 meters. Anything beyond that was a blur to him. No matter where he moved, the javelins kept falling from the sky.

Under Nie Yan's unending assault, Dillons' health was gradually whittled away.

Nie Yan patiently kept at it. Dillons' death was inevitable.

Three hours later, Dillons let out a tragic roar and collapsed to the ground.

A crisp system jingle rang out. Nie Yan had levelled up. At his current level, levelling up once every three hours was a god-like speed.

Nie Yan breathed a sigh of relief. He had finally taken this monster down. He put the Javelin Launcher and Eye of Kirge away and leapt off the rock. He then used the Leaper Ring to vault over the rocks and raging flames and safely landed on the other side.

Nie Yan rummaged through the corpse of Dillons and collected the loot.

Sadly, the Mana Key didn't drop. Nie Yan checked the loot. He had obtained a piece of Level 120 Silver-grade equipment with decent stats and three gems.

Dillons wouldn't respawn for another two hours.

Nie Yan went off to level elsewhere for a while, then came back to continue farming Dillons two hours later. 

Nie Yan was levelling up quite quickly. The gap between him and the other players was growing wider by the minute.

On the fifth day, Nie Yan had already reached Level 86. On the Viridian Empire level leaderboards, Tang Yao was in first place at Level 79. Xie Yao was in second at Level 78. The third and fifth spot were taken by the guild leaders of Alliance of Mages and Divine Protectors, Crazy Magic and Divine Flame. They were Level 78 and Level 76 respectively.

As for the Satreen Empire, though its population was lower than the Viridian Empire's, their racial talents were a bit better. This superiority translated into levels. The players there were on average several levels higher than those in the Viridian Empire. Their highest ranked player, Howling Wind, was already Level 82 while Soaring Angel was Level 80. 

After reaching Level 80, levelling became all the more difficult. Although the difference was only two levels, a frightening amount of experience was required to close that gap.

What was even more frightening was that Nie Yan was still levelling up at a whirlwind pace. Before long, he would reach Level 90!

During these days grinding Dillons, an uncontrollable desire grew in Nie Yan's heart. The desire to be the best. He possessed the skill, having diligently practiced Shadow Dancer techniques, many of which he could comfortably perform. He possessed the items, with the Glimpse of Darkness and Zennarde's Sword only to name a few. Not to mention that when he reached Level 180, the Tyrant Abak Set should be his too. Soon he would also possess a formidable flying mount in the form of the Darkwing Dragon. He continuously raised the bar for himself, which now lay sky-high. He'd become a legend, someone players looked up to with envy and reverence!

Thinking about becoming the number one player in the game, Nie Yan couldn't help but get fired up. In the previous timeline, there were simply too many amazing people. To not only distinguish himself among this group of frightening and dazzling talents but also surpass them, how difficult of a thing would that be? He had to constantly surpass his limits.

Nie Yan had returned to Calore several times already, depositing all the loot he collected into the guild treasury. After burning through his supply of javelins, the Enchanters had a second batch of 3,000 ready for him.

As the guild leader of Asskickers United, Nie Yan enjoyed a type of luxury ordinary players could never hope for. If he needed anything, he had hundreds if not thousands of people willing to serve.

Five days later, the gem market gradually cooled down. The existence of the secret gem shop was starting to be doubted. Seeing things weren't quite right, many players began taking down their listings from the auction houses.

Since prices were no longer going down, those who needed gems quickly started buying them up. Like this, the gem market became lively again.

The mood in the market started changing. The previously inhibited demand was slowly being released.

Although many players were still worried the secret gem shop really did exist, they weren't as confident as before.

For Nie Yan and the others, this was a good sign. Right now it was still possible to purchase gems for a low price. They would still continue spending all of their gold on gems. In a few more days, the price of gems would most likely have risen substantially. 

All the income from the Starry Night Potion Shop, Union of Assassins, and strongholds was used to purchase gems. Although the Fire Resistance Gems Nie Yan and the others had listed up weren't selling quickly, they had still earned around 300,000 gold. All of it was used to purchase even more gems.

With how high the prices of Fire Resistance Gems were, the players who needed them were quite dissatisfied. However, looking all around the market place, all Fire Resistance Gems with quality ratings of five or higher were being sold at an extremely high price. On the odd occasion some popped up for a lower price, they'd be sold in an instant. Since some players absolutely needed these gems to run dungeons, not buying was not an option. Helplessly, they forked over their gold.

Aside from Nie Yan's group, many others benefited off this scheme too. One of them was Alliance of Mages. Sensing the change in the air, they had started gobbling up gems, spending more than 2,000,000 gold. A few other guilds had done the same, but they didn't commit nearly as much gold.

Who knew Crazy Magic would have such foresight? His boldness had allowed Alliance of Mages to earn quite a bit of money. This left a sour taste in Nie Yan's mouth. However, it was only natural there would be a few dogs picking up after their scraps. Alliance of Mage's actions had left a noticeable impact on the market. With 2,000,000 gold, another 10 percent of the gems in the market had disappeared.

Asskickers United had seized roughly 35 percent of all the gems in the Viridian and Satreen Empires. Sapphire Shrine, Holy Empire, and the others had taken up roughly 10 percent. Alliance of Mages had taken another 10%. If the amount of gems for sale decreased a bit more, prices would return to normal. Not only that, but it would continue to rise afterwards.

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