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Chapter 501 - Fall of a Stronghold

Nie Yan stood in a vacant space in the Magic Prison Stronghold. 20 silhouettes emerged in front of him. They were the Arcane Mages. They had used him as a marker to teleport over.

The Arcane Mages immediately went up to greet Nie Yan.

"Boss, we're here!"


Their faces were brimming with excitement. Nie Yan had carried out this operation in utmost secrecy. Only the core members like Smoke Stub, Bladelight, and the others knew of his plan. Many of these Arcane Mages were still in the dark before teleporting over. Only now did they understand what was going on.

So this was Nie Yan's plan!

Nie Yan's plan was to have him, Sun, and King of the World infiltrate the Magic Prison Stronghold first, so the Arcane Mages could teleport over with Group Teleport Scrolls. Afterwards, the Arcane Mages could open a Transfer Gate, bringing the rest of the people from Kavodin over. Like this, the 3,000 players from Asskickers United could sneak in without being detected.

The Magic Prison Stronghold would be destroyed from the inside out!

At this moment, the Asskickers United players in Kavodin made their move. They began entering the various NPC inns around the city. After disappearing inside, they showed no sign of coming back out again.

The rooms in an inn were completely safe from prying eyes. Even the cheapest inns charged at least 1 gold. Without receiving the room owner's explicit permission, others weren't allowed inside. So, no matter how much Eternal snooped, they couldn't tell what the players of Asskickers United were doing inside the rooms. As long as nothing was leaked outside, this plan was guaranteed to succeed.

From the perspective of Eternal, it appeared as if the players from Asskickers United had vanished into thin air.

Word of Asskickers United's disappearance soon reached the the higher ups of Eternal.

"Who can tell me what Asskickers United is scheming?" Skyfire Wild Dragon asked everyone in the conference hall.

His question was met with complete silence. How were they supposed to know where the players from Asskickers United disappeared off to? Their movements so far were too bizarre. Any guess was as good as any other. 

As one of the brains of Eternal, Skyfire Apostle sank deep into thought. He thought he had come up with something, but his mind was a hazy mess.

Eternal was only a middle ranked guild. They didn't have the finances to develop their own information network, let alone bribe the top ranked players of Asskickers United. That was why they still hadn't obtained any information.

It was actually the Alliance of Mages that received information first.

"Boss, we received word from one of our informants in Asskickers United. Their 3,000 players are already inside the Magic Prison Stronghold," an Arcane Mage reported to the guild leader of Alliance of Mages, Crazy Magic.

"What? That quickly? How did they pull it off?" Crazy Magic asked in disbelief, clear shock on his face.

One could imagine just how difficult it would be for 3,000 players to infiltrate a heavily guarded stronghold without attracting any attention!

"They had Nirvana Flame and two other Thieves sneak into the Magic Prison Stronghold before having their Arcane Mages teleport over to them with Group Teleport Scrolls. After that, the Arcane Mages opened up a Transfer Gate to bring the rest of the people over. They all made it inside," the Arcane Mage explained. This was something their informant had witnessed first hand.

The cup Crazy Magic held in his hand trembled. Nirvana Flame was truly crafty He could even come up with a method like this. Several conditions needed to be fulfilled to achieve this kind of result.The first was a top class Thief that could infiltrate an enemy's stronghold without being discovered. The second was several Group Teleport Scrolls. These scrolls were extremely rare and hard to come by. They were a drop in a Level 50 Specialist dungeon, but clearing it was incredibly difficult. It seemed like only Asskickers United had been successful so far.

Nirvana Flame was quite merciless, employing this sort of method. This kind of sneak attack was almost impossible to defend against. It seemed like the Magic Prison Stronghold was destined to fall.

"Why did you get this information only now?" Crazy Magic frowned. He was dissatisfied with their intelligence network. If they had learned about this sooner, he could've given Eternal an advanced warning and made them owe him a favour. 

"Nirvana Flame was too thorough with his preparations. Before the operation was carried out, only the dozen or so players closest to him knew of the entire plan. Most of their players only learned about it after the fact. I reported to you as soon as we got the information," the Arcane Mage explained nervously. If Crazy Magic was in a bad mood, he was done for.

"Forget it." Crazy Magic waved his hand. Nirvana Flame probably had safeguards in place to keep sensitive information from leaking out.

"Should we notify Eternal?" the Arcane Mage asked.

"Notify Eternal? What good would that do? Nirvana Flame and his 3,000 players are already inside the Magic Prison Stronghold. So long as the transfer point is bombarded with AoE magic, who would dare to teleport over? Since Nirvana Flame has planned this far ahead, he probably knows there are spies within the 3,000 players too. He won't give Eternal any time to react. By the time we notify them, the Magic Prison Stronghold will have already fallen. Not to mention the 20 minutes plus it would take for Eternal to send over reinforcements. Those small fries holding the Magic Prison Stronghold stand no chance against Asskickers United's elites. It's like a fox sneaking into the henhouse!" Crazy Magic exclaimed. He could easily imagine how today would play out. Asskickers United had no use for the Magic Prison Stronghold. Rather than handing it back to Eternal, they would be better off destroying it, leaving it in ruin.


Over on the side of Eternal, the higher ups gathered in the conference hall were sweating bullets trying to guess the enemy's next move. Given Asskickers United's style, their first attack would be ruthless and decisive.

However, Asskickers United still hadn't shown any sign of movement as of yet.

"Do you think they're already outside one of our strongholds?" Skyfire Wing asked. He was just making wild guesses at this point.

Skyfire Wing's words shook the hearts of everyone in the conference hall.

"Not good! Hurry and check if any other players snuck into our strongholds!!" Skyfire Apostle shot up from his seat.

"Are you saying…" Skyfire Wild Dragon said. At this moment, his face paled as he received word from the players below him.

Asskickers United were sighted inside of the Magic Prison Stronghold!

Recalling how the Asskickers United players in Kavodin had suddenly disappeared, even an idiot could put two and two together!

The 3,000 players from Asskickers United were already inside the Magic Prison Stronghold!

At this moment, Asskickers United had already blown the war horn. The 3,000 players spread out to every strategic location within the Magic Prison Stronghold. The Thieves snuck into the arrow towers, ambushing the players inside. The stronghold was in a state of utter and complete chaos. None of the Eternal players could put up a resistance. The rest of the Asskickers United players didn't lack behind either, closely following behind the Thieves and flooding into the arrow towers. Their concentrated firepower completely suppressed the players of Eternal.

In a short time, a bloodbath took place in the Magic Prison Stronghold. 

Tang Yao led 20 Mages in occupying the stronghold's transfer point.

The transfer point was simple and crude. It was roughly three by three meters. With a flash of light, the first batch of players from Eternal emerged. There were roughly 30 of them.

As soon as they stepped foot out of the transfer point, they were greeted by the mocking smiles of the 20 Mages from Asskickers United.

"You've kept us waiting long enough!" Tang Yao laughed.

Just as these Eternal players wanted to do something, they sensed the magic fluctuate in the air above them. Flames poured down from the sky, ruthlessly engulfing them in a raging blaze. They let out shrill screams as they were transformed into rays of light.

With 20 Mages taking turns attacking the transfer point with AoE magic, the Eternal players were helpless. As soon as they teleported over, they were dead. After 200 players died, no one came over anymore. They understood it didn't matter how many people came, they would only serve as food for Tang Yao and the others.

With the transfer point locked down, the Magic Prison Stronghold was isolated. 

Asskickers United was outnumbered by Eternal three to five. However, in the face of players dozens of times stronger than them, Eternal could only flee like rats. Asskickers United left no place unturned as they swept through the entire stronghold.

Nie Yan, Sun, and King of the World took the lead, charging from arrow tower to arrow tower and slaughtering all enemy players in their path.

Nie Yan didn't know how many players the black flames of Zennarde's Sword had already engulfed. He only knew no one could withstand its might. No one could survive his blade. Cloth and leather armored targets were killed in an instant. Though some plate armoured Warriors could survive more than one hit, they were still far slower and lower level than him. Anyone he set his sights on had no hope of escaping.

The Magic Prison Stronghold became a slaughterhouse. After the arrow towers were taken over by the Thieves of Asskickers United, the crossbows inside were turned on the players of Eternal.

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