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Chapter 499 - Prelude to the War with Eternal

「Boss, just tell us what to do. All 60,000 of us are awaiting your orders!」

「Yeah! Boss, give us your command!」

「Our opponent is just Eternal. No need to go all out. It's just a simple guild exercise, 3,000 people will be enough. The rest of you continue with getting stronger,」Nie Yan ordered. Without facing any real opposition in Kavodin, Eternal was probably getting too big for their britches. Even Asskickers United didn't dare to behave so brazenly, despite having solidified their position as the de facto ruler of Calore.

Nie Yan finally decided to take action. However, he would only bring 3,000 players. Some in the guild were endlessly excited. Others let out deep sighs of disappointment, since they knew they likely wouldn't be picked.

「Everyone within the top 3,000 of the guild, meet up at the Calore office as soon as possible.」

The players in the guild chat heeded Nie Yan's call. From Violet Dream Forest, Murky Swamp, Fog Gill, and many other maps, they dropped what they were doing and channelled their Return Scrolls home.

The various transfer points in Calore lit up with brilliant flashes of light as players from Asskickers United emerged. Like the myriad rivers flowing into the sea, they congregated toward the guild office. These players were all wearing Level 60-65 Gold and Dark Gold-grade gear. This sort of sight was extremely rare in other guilds but fairly common in Asskickers United.

Asskickers United's treasury was too grand. It was filled with Level 60-65 Gold and Dark Gold-grade equipment. As long as you met the level requirements and had enough merit points, you could obtain a full set of equipment. As a result the guild's players were never lacking in high quality gear.

Seeing Asskickers United out in full force, the players on the street started whispering to each other.

"Damn! What kind of equipment is this? Those guys at Asskickers United are loaded!"

"There's a screenshot floating around online showing Asskickers United's treasury. Go search for it. You'll understand just what it means to be rich."

"Why are so many of them returning to Calore?"

"I'm guessing some guild is probably in for it. I wonder who's stupid enough to provoke them…"

"I don't think any guild in Calore is brave enough to do that."

"I heard it's Enteral in Kavodin. Those guys were blind and ambushed Yao Yao while levelling in the wilderness."

"Did you watch the video of that battle? Man, Yao Yao is scary. She killed more than 100 of those guys from Eternal. Everyone from Asskickers United is so amazing. Even the girls kick ass!" 

"Isn't Yao Yao Nirvana Flame's girlfriend?"

"No wonder Asskickers United is taking action. Nirvana Flame must be flipping mad! Still though, Eternal is pretty strong. I wonder if Asskickers United will come out on top. After all, they're fighting in Kavodin, not Calore."

Many people weren't too optimistic about Asskickers United's odds. Kavodin was Eternal's home turf, and they were only bringing 3,000 players to take on a guild that was 60,000 strong. This was way too arrogant. Not to mention Eternal had formed an alliance with three other guilds!

However, Asskickers United was indeed quite powerful. No other guild had as many expert level players. Even if Eternal had 60,000 players, how many of those were devoted and loyal, how many were actual experts? Perhaps only Eternal themselves knew.

3,000 players had gathered outside the Asskickers United guild office in Calore. The square was jam packed.

Nie Yan looked down from the terrace. Everyone he called for had arrived. They were all in high spirits, happily chatting with one another.

Nie Yan turned to Xie Yao beside him. "Did you find a replacement for the piece of equipment you dropped?"

"Mhm…" Xie Yao nodded. She then gazed at him with a remorseful expression. "You know, you don't have to do all of this for me. I've caused you trouble again."

Nie Yan shook his head with a gentle smile. "Don't worry about it. It was only a matter of time until we had to do this anyway. Besides, this doesn't just concern you anymore but the whole guild."

Xie Yao understood dissuading Nie Yan wasn't possible. She could only let out a sigh. He had his own plans.

「How's it going, Tang Yao? Did you finish up your quest?」

「Nah, I put it on hold. Let's crush Eternal first. I'm flying over to Kavodin right now. I'm almost there. Tell me where to fight, and I'll go there straight away. Hurry, I'm itching for some action!」Tang Yao's Netherthunder Eagle hadn't participated in a war yet. This would be its glorious debut!

In fact, this would be the first appearance of a flying mount in battle!

Besides Tang Yao, Bladelight, Smoke Stub, and the others had also arrived. Their equipment was breathtaking.

Asskickers United had 100 or so players that could be considered peak experts. They were the most talented players in all of Calore. All of them had the potential to advance to Shadow Dancers, Magisters, Champions, Archbishops, and so on. As for whether they would actually succeed, only time would tell. However, their strength was unquestionable.

Nie Yan had gathered all these people together under one roof. They shared their knowledge and frequently guided the players below them, who would in turn pass on what they learned to the next generation of newbies. He could already confirm the number of master class players emerging from Asskickers United wouldn't be limited to only 100.

These 100 players were wearing at least Level 60-65 Dark Gold-grade equipment. Many were even sporting quite a few pieces of Sub Legendary-grade equipment. The list Nie Yan provided previously had benefited them greatly. Their equipment had already far exceeded the imagination of ordinary players. Any one of them could easily reach the top 10 of guilds like Alliance of Mages and Divine Protectors. Even Angel Corps didn't have as many experts as Asskickers United.

No one could estimate what these Asskickers United players could accomplish when they were all brought together.

Unsurprisingly, all the speculations from outsiders regarding the guild were far off the mark.

"Our goal today isn't to wipe out the enemy. They're still an important part of influence. Wiping them out doesn't benefit us in anyway. We're simply going to beat them into submission. Make them cower in our presence. Teach them that we're not to be provoked. In the future, when they see us, they better scram far out of sight!" Nie Yan said. His speech was well received by the crowd.

Several events similar to this one had happened in the past. When Bladelight and the others were running dungeons, they had gotten into conflicts with other guilds three times. After easily crushing thousands of their players, those guilds immediately became timid, no longer daring to stir up trouble for Asskickers United. In Lightning City, several Asskickers United players had gotten into a conflict with some random guild. Those several players called over a few hundred of their friends and slaughtered 600 of the other side's players. Afterwards, that guild didn't dare to make a peep, ultimately leaving the matter alone.

Asskickers United followed a strict policy of "You don't bother me. I won't bother you." After those few instances, except for Alliance of Mages and Divine Protectors, other guilds would generally stay out of their way.

Alliance of Mages and Divine Protectors had antagonized not a small number of players in the Viridian Empire with their belligerent attitudes. Asskickers United on the other hand generally didn't start conflicts with other guilds despite being just as if not more powerful. In this sense, they were an anomaly. Many guilds had grievances with former two but didn't dare to speak out. However, toward the latter they felt a bit of reverence and admiration.

This time, Eternal had crossed Asskickers United's bottom line by killing Yao Yao. If Nie Yan didn't respond in kind and seek revenge, what would the players in the Viridian Empire, no, in all of Conviction think of him?

"We're setting out!" Nie Yan announced after the preparations were complete.

The players in Asskickers United, organized in 20-man teams, marched off. All of them were brimming with killing intent.


Meanwhile in Kavodin, Eternal had already descended into chaos In the guild headquarters, several of the higher ups watched a video of Asskickers United's players teleporting over.

"Skyfire Wing, you've really screwed the pooch this time. Tell me, how are we going to settle this matter?" cursed the guild leader of Eternal, Skyfire Wild Dragon. They stood absolutely no chance against Asskickers United.

"How was I supposed to know that girl was Nirvana Flame's girlfriend?" Skyfire Wing gloomily said.

"Boss, shouting at Skyfire Wing won't do us any good. Let's come up with a solution first," a Shadow Priest called Skyfire Apostle mediated.

"How large is their force?" Skyfire Wild Dragon asked.


"Only 3,000? What is Nirvana Flame planning?" Skyfire Wild Dragon. Did Asskickers United think they could take down Eternal with just 3,000 players? However, he understood that regardless of how many people Asskickers United sent out ahead, there was no winning this war. The difference in strength was too great. Even if they repelled these 3,000 players, there was still a tide of other players ready to swallow them up whole.

"How about we contact Alliance of Mages and Divine Protectors? They don't seem to be on good terms with Asskickers United. The enemy of our enemy is our friend," Skyfire Apostle suggested.

"I don't think Alliance of Mages or Divine Protectors will be willing to stick out their necks for us. We'll still have to rely on ourselves in the end." Skyfire Wild Dragon naturally didn't naively believe that Alliance of Mages or Divine Protectors would help them deal with Asskickers United. After a while, he gnashed his teeth and said, "I refuse to believe their 3,000 players can rock our ship that much! We'll deal with them first, then initiate negotiations for a ceasefire. If worse comes to worse, we'll have to beg Alliance of Mages and Divine Protectors for help.

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