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Chapter 428 - Crypt Lord Bennett Sweeps the Battlefield!

The Crypt Lord, which was comparable in size to a large hill, immediately became the focal point of the battlefield. A Level 100 Lord, this kind of label was enough to frighten just about anybody.

Soaring Angel was busy overseeing the war, passing down his orders to the higher-ups from Bloodlust Blades, Alliance of Mages, Divine Protectors, and Victorious Return. Besieged on all sides by his forces, Sapphire Shrine, Holy Empire, Asskickers United, and their five branch guilds were showing signs of wavering. He only required one final push to secure victory.

「From this day forward, there will only be Angel Corps, Bloodlust Blades, Alliance of Mages, and Divine Protectors! Asskickers United, Sapphire Shrine, and Holy Empire will cease to exist! Let this war mark their demise and this battlefield be their burial ground!」Soaring Angel arrogantly declared. He had Alliance of Mages and Divine Protectors launch a full-on assault, gradually beating Holy Empire and Sapphire Shrine into retreat. Meanwhile, Bloodlust Blades was sweeping through the forces of Asskickers United with their Armoured Catapults.

At this moment, Soaring Angel felt the ground violently quake beneath his feet. He looked toward the source of the commotion and spotted a giant scarab beetle.

A Level 100 Crypt Lord!

Soaring Angel rubbed his eyes in disbelief. Why did a Level 100 Lord suddenly appear here of all places?

An ominous thought popped into his mind. This was Asskickers United's trump card! The situation was looking grim. Was all the effort and planning he put into this operation going to be ruined by this Crypt Lord?

A Level 100 Lord, an existence capable of single handedly turning the tides of this war!

Once you started riding on a tiger's back, there was no getting off. Soaring Angel feared if his side started retreating now, the enemy wouldn't let them off lightly, and they would suffer even more disastrous losses. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, the only option was to fight until the bitter end!

Soaring Angel still had the two remaining Armoured Catapults sitting on the plains, undamaged by the Goblin Magic Cannon. They were his last hope!

From the moment Soaring Angel's forces attacked the Cripps Stronghold, their fate was bound to the outcome of this war. The attacking side couldn't use Return Scrolls during a siege. But the defending side could; of course, they would only be returned to their stronghold. 

This was one of the rules of a stronghold siege!

"Boss, what are we going to do? It's a Level 100 Lord!" an elven Great Mage worriedly asked. There was an intrinsic difference between a level 99 and Level 100 Lord. Level 100 was a watershed, similar to Level 50. For players at this stage of the game, any creature at that level was an unrivalled existence, let alone a Lord.

Soaring Angel's mind was also drawing a blank. He had never faced a Level 100 Lord before. Even if they attempted to overwhelm the Crypt Lord with numbers, it would require the sacrifice of at least 10,000 of their best players. More importantly, this new variable had reversed the momentum of the war, greatly dampening the morale of their troops. Who would want to engage a Level 100 Lord? That was no different from throwing their lives away!

Elsewhere on a hilltop, a silhouette was dashing towards the Crypt Lord at breakneck speed. It was Nie Yan.

Nie Yan could sense that the Crypt Lord was currently waiting for him to awaken it!

The Crypt Lord showed no sign of movement. It was like a gigantic statue, towering over the mountain forest—motionless, as though it had stood there since time immemorial.

Even from far away, Nie Yan noticed the hollowness in the Crypt Lord's eyes, lacking even the tiniest spark of life. It was clearly nothing but a giant corpse, an empty shell that had been transported here from another world.

Awaken, Crypt Lord!

When Nie Yan arrived within 100 meters of the Crypt Lord, Bennett's Soul flew out of his bag. It was shining brightly like the zenith sun, emitting a blinding radiance. This was proof it had grown much stronger after absorbing the energy from the shattered Holy Stones.

Bennett's Soul flew over toward the Crypt Lord and entered its forehead.

The Crypt Lord's eyes suddenly blossomed with dark light as powerful death energy pulsed out from its body in waves. It was awakened!

The Crypt Lord gently stretched out its limbs.

This Crypt Lord needed a soul to awaken. Bennett's Soul in Nie Yan's bag fulfilled this requirement.

Back in the mountain forest behind the Cripps Stronghold, the 20 Great Mages who had completed the summoning ritual could feel Crypt Lord Bennett's powerful strength as mana rapidly drained away from their bodies. Several of them hurriedly drank Advanced Mana Potions.

They stood in place, legs locked to the ground. This hexagram array couldn't be broken, or else Crypt Lord Bennett would be unsummoned.

It was only linked to this world by their mana.

Nie Yan could sense Bennett's excitement through their spiritual connection. The ground quaked as Crypt Lord Bennett took a step forward. Its body was brimming with destructive power! He also discovered he could direct the Crypt Lord through Bennett's Soul.

Looking up, Nie Yan noticed a flat surface on top of the Crypt Lord's forehead. He leapt up six meters into the air and swung himself up with a web line.

On top of the Crypt Lord's head, the sea of players spread out over the plains looked like nothing more than ants.

They stared at Nie Yan with a mix of fear and awe, as though they were facing a god.

Right now, Nie Yan was planning to unleash hell on the enemy alliance led by Soaring Angel. This day would become a nightmare that would forever haunt them!

Under Nie Yan's command, Crypt Lord Bennett charged into the battlefield.

Each of the Crypt Lord's steps left depressions in the ground. It was an invincible moving fortress!

Seeing Nie Yan riding this ancient beast toward the forces of Bloodlust Blades, the players of Asskickers United broke out in frantic cheer.

The sight of Nie Yan on the Crypt Lord was truly awe inspiring. This was a declaration of Asskickers United's invincibility! Victory belonged to them!

Their fighting spirits were once more reignited as countless players rallied behind the Crypt Lord. Their cheers resounded through the sky.

"Long live Asskickers United! Brothers, let's wipe out those bastards! Bloodlust Blades, Angel Corps, and the rest, we'll send them straight to hell!"

These players under Nie Yan's lead resembled an unstoppable tidal wave, surging towards the enemy forces.

Nie Yan was also fired up. He was currently an unparalleled existence on the battlefield, ruling over life and death! "Slaughter the enemy, Crypt Lord Benett! Let their blood and lives hail the second coming of your undying presence!"

Before long, a group of 5,000 Bloodlust Blades players entered Nie Yan's sights. They looked especially weak and puny in front of the Crypt Lord.

Nie Yan flashed a sinister smile. You bastards can all die! His appearance was akin to that of a death god to these players from Bloodlust Blades.

Before their alarmed eyes, Nie Yan ordered Crypt Lord Bennett to attack with Impale!

「Crash!」Crypt Lord Bennett slammed his massive claws into the ground, causing sharp tendrils to erupt out and pierce through every player in a 50-meter line.

Like a sacrificial ritual, more than 500 players were instantly killed.

The Crypt Lord was unstoppable, leaving a trail of bodies in its wake. The players on the side of Bloodlust Blades started frantically retreating.

In front of this powerful Crypt Lord, they couldn't summon up any will to resist. Overcome with despair, they fled en masse, for fear they would be the next to lose their lives.

The Crypt Lord's frightening power also shocked the players from Asskickers United as they slaughtered the retreating forces of Bloodlust Blades unimpeded. At this moment, victory was within their grasp!

A group of 100 Warriors from Bloodlust Blades were prepared to face the oncoming forces of Asskickers United, when tendrils erupted from the ground below their feet. The whole area was transformed into rays of light.

After scraping up a group of players willing to put up a fight, Bloodlust Blades' pitiful resistance was instantly crushed by the Crypt Lord's incomparable strength.

Within a minute, Bloodlust Blades' forces were routed as they were slaughtered left and right.

Nie Yan had slaughtered more than a thousand players in the blink of an eye. His control of the Crypt Lord had also become a lot smoother.

At this moment, the Crypt Lord let out a screech as the corpses on the ground formed into five Carrion Scarabs.

These Carrion Scarabs were roughly the size of a grizzly bear, resembling miniature Crypt Lords. They were ordinary level 80 monsters with 12,000 health. Their defense wasn't high, but their attacks were extremely powerful.

The five Carrion Scarabs charged forward and opened up a path for Crypt Lord Bennett. Two Carrion Scarabs spotted a Bloodlust Blades player who couldn't flee in time. They instantly pounced forward and ripped him to shreds. Their attacks dealt more than 1,000 damage each hit.

About 30 seconds later, the Crypt Lord summoned five more Carrion Scarabs.

As time passed and Asskickers United's forces continued pushing forward, the Crypt Lord had already summoned 25 Carrion Scarabs, and that number was rapidly growing.

The army of Carrion Scarabs steamrolled a path forward. Nothing could stop the Crypt Lord's advance.

With the Crypt Lord serving as the core, Asskickers United's forces resembled a steak knife plunging into the heart of Bloodlust Blades, wantonly slaughtering the enemy. They had already killed more than 2,000 players.

It looked like Bloodlust Blades was about to suffer a crushing defeat.

Wherever the Crypt Lord went, even the toughest of defensive lines collapsed with a single hit.

Nie Yan surveyed the battlefield. His eyes locked onto the two Armoured Catapults. They were being slowly towed away from each other before being set up to deal with the Crypt Lord.

The Armoured Catapults were the only things on the battlefield capable of posing a threat to the Crypt Lord.The Armoured Catapults could deal a lot of damage to the Crypt Lord. However, they were cumbersome and could only be used on flat ground. If they encountered rough terrain, it would be difficult to move them or adjust their aim.

The next objective was precisely these two Armoured Catapults!

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