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Chapter 330 – Abak’s Gloves of Sealing

Steal had an extremely short cooldown, but it came paired with a pitifully low success rate. For it to succeed in 1 out of 30 attempts on ordinary monsters would already be quite impressive. However, Phantom Princess Ina was a well-known treasure trove, so the chances of obtaining something from her were relatively high. Then again, due to her ability to regularly summon hordes of Evil Mages, it was nigh impossible for ordinary Thieves to steal from her.

Nie Yan could only steal so many items from her because of the magic immunity from God’s Blessing.

You have obtained 102 gold.

Seeing this notification, Nie Yan was given a great shock. Phantom Princess Ina was truly deserving of her royal title, giving 102 gold all at once.

The seconds passed as spells continued to bombard Nie Yan, doing absolutely no damage. However, the splashes created enough dazzling colors to rival a firework show, making it hard for him to see. He could only cover his eyes and repeatedly reach toward where he thought Phantom Princess Ina was.

Nie Yan kept careful track of the time remaining on God’s Blessing. The moment it wore off, he would activate the Unknown Transfer Scroll gripped tightly in his hand without hesitation.



Nie Yan continuously pilfered items from Phantom Princess Ina, obtaining an Advanced Area-of-Effect Magic Scroll and two more Soul Gems.

Such a scroll would be sold by Scroll Master Davina for over 500 gold. The value of the Soul Gems were about 50 gold each. With this, Nie Yan had made quite a profit.

It was a shame there was only a set number of items in Princess Ina’s inventory. New things would only be added every so often. Repeatedly coming over to steal things from her would only end up depleting her stock, making it harder and harder to get anything from her.

Nie Yan was the first one to loot this treasure trove and her bag was currently filled to the brim. The success rate right now was the highest it would ever be, so he could snag multiple expensive items from her in a short amount of time.

Yet another successful theft notification appeared.

Nie Yan didn’t have the chance to see what it was before time ran out. The Evil Mages cast another wave of spells, and he knew this barrage would spell the end for him if it landed.

Just as Nie Yan was about to be obliterated, he crushed the Unknown Transfer Scroll in his hand.

「Bang! Bang! Bang!」A series of explosions engulfed the area where Nie Yan previously stood.

His upright figure dissolved into nothingness, leaving not even a corpse behind.

As the scenery around him warped and twisted, Nie Yan reappeared in a vast desert. Within the blowing sands, it was impossible to tell which direction was which.

Giant lizards were everywhere, freely roaming the place. They were protected by a thick and rough skin that almost looked like a layer of hard metal. Their bulging eyes, which oddly resembled brass bells, glinted eerily.

Seeing these giant lizards, Nie Yan’s face paled. They were the Level 300 monsters, Steel Armoured Monitors!

Crap! Just where the hell did I end up?

Nie Yan never expected to emerge in such a dangerous place!

Steel Armoured Monitors had very high Awareness. The closest one was more than 50 meters away, yet it instantly locked onto Nie Yan when he appeared. It started charging towards him immediately.

Its speed could only be described as monstrous. It was only 10 meters away in the blink of an eye. Suddenly, its entire body ignited and became a high-speed heavy fireball on course to slam into Nie Yan. His only impression as he quickly pulled up his inventory was a blast of heat so hot he felt like he was being barbecued.

Nie Yan was badly frightened by this Steel Armoured Monitor. Back when he was Level 180 in the previous timeline, he had once hunted an ordinary Level 300 monster with his friends. It took 20 players almost half an hour to kill it.

Nie Yan was currently nowhere close to being the Steel Armoured Monitor’s match!

Just as the Steel Armoured Monitor arrived in front of Nie Yan and was about to swallow him whole, he used another Unknown Transfer Scroll and teleported away.

The Steel Armoured Monitor blinked and looked around in confusion. Since it couldn’t find a trace of its ephemeral free meal, it returned to roaming the desert.

Nie Yan once more opened his eyes. This time, lush green vegetation appeared before him. He was clearly still in the desert, but this looked to be an oasis. A crystal-clear lake sat in the center, sparkling brightly in the sunshine.

Looking carefully to make sure there weren’t any monsters nearby, he moved under a tree and took out a return scroll so he could go home.

System: Activating Return Scroll… 3%… 12%…

With a flash of white light, Nie Yan was back in Soyu Town. Seeing the familiar buildings around him, Nie Yan felt like a new man. He was finally safe! He never expected to need two Unknown Transfer Scrolls to get out of danger this time. His luck really was a bit too poor.

Nie Yan took a look at his harvests and noticed a pair of dark violet gloves glistening brilliantly in his bag. Golden silk patterns were sewn into them with small gems embedded in between. They were covered in various runes, and their design was reminiscent of the Era of Shared Governance. Sharp barbs protruded out from the sides, giving the gloves a flashy look.

Rings of eerie energy circled the violet gloves, almost like a series of perverse halos.

It’s these! Nie Yan’s eyes lit up with joy.

He could search high and low to no avail, but in the end they came to him of their own accord! It turned out this was part of the Tyrant Abak Set!

Nie Yan quickly examined the pair of gloves.

Abak’s Gloves of Sealing (Legendary): Unequippable

Requirements: 1,500 Strength, 1,200 Dexterity, Level 180

Description: This item can only be worn by the owner of the Glimpse of Darkness. It is only equippable when the owner has gathered the full set. Abak held strength in high regard. Only the powerful can become tyrants. Eliminate all traitors!

Properties: Attack +1,200, Defense +520, Strength +500, Dexterity +320, All Stats +100, Ignore Level, Chaos Damage.

Sealing Hand: Seal a target, leaving them unable to move, attack, or cast magic for 20 seconds.
Cooldown: 2 days.

Death’s Touch (Toggle): Your attacks destroy armour, inflict Corrosive Damage, and have a chance to instantly kill the enemy.
Cost: 5 Energy per second.

Set Completion: 1/8

This item is automatically bound to the owner of Volume I of the Book of Order. It cannot be traded or dropped.

(Wandering Princess’s Mark: Phantom Princess Ina will hunt you down at all costs to retake Abak’s Gloves of Sealing).

The violet aura around Abak’s Gloves suddenly lit up. A powerful energy surged through Nie Yan’s arms and forcibly bound itself to his soul.

Adventurer, you have found Abak’s Gloves of Sealing. Pursue the remnants of history to unearth the glory of the past. Seek out Earl Kelfide. He might have some clues. Hurry, Adventurer! You only have 10 days before trouble comes knocking at the earl’s door!

It was a bound piece of equipment, causing Nie Yan to be taken aback until he saw the gloves’ properties. Just looking at this alone made it clear that the Tyrant Abak Set was insanely powerful. The set could only be worn at level 180, so it stood firmly at the peak of Legendary equipment. It didn’t matter that it was bound since there would never be a need to replace it!

Nie Yan was flabbergasted as to why Abak’s Gloves of Sealing would drop from the Level 60 Lord, Phantom Princess Ina. But after seeing the Phantom Princess’s Mark, he bitterly chuckled. This piece of equipment was a hot potato. There was nothing funny about being pursued by a Level 60 Lord.

Nie Yan would have to wait for Smoke Stub and the others to reach Level 60, whereupon they could set up a trap and kill Phantom Princess Ina. Before then, he would have to be careful since he didn’t know where or when she would show up. He searched the official website for some information and learned that Phantom Princess Ina would deviate from ordinary Lords when her hidden quest was triggered. She would grow increasingly powerful every time she was killed, reviving after 30 days until she reached her final form which was a Level 180 Demonified Lord.

This was probably both the reason Abak’s Gloves of Sealing were in her inventory and the result of pilfering them.

If Nie Yan could acquire all eight pieces of the Tyrant Abak Set, and fully unseal Zennarde’s Sword, he would have a set of godly equipment! The whole world would bow at his feet!

Dragon King Zennarde was a legendary existence in the Era of Darkness. Tyrant Abak wasn’t inferior in the slightest. The Era of Shared Governance was humanity’s golden age. If he completed this set by the time he reached Level 180, no one would be his match.

However, collecting the full Tyrant Abak Set was no easy feat. Not to mention if Nie Yan wanted to get to Level 180, even if he focused all his attention on levelling up, it would take at least a year if not more. Who knew what sort of trouble would occur during that time? It still remained to be seen if he could even keep Abak’s Gloves of Sealing secure in his bag.

Phantom Princess Ina could take Abak’s Gloves of Sealing back. They weren’t officially his yet! Obtaining the gloves could only be considered the first step.

Nie Yan would have to continuously defeat Phantom Princess Ina until she reached her final form as a Level 180 Demonified Lord. Only then would Abak’s Gloves of Sealing truly belong to him!

Nie Yan contemplated for a moment before putting the gloves back in his inventory. He looked at the rest of his spoils and pulled out Dela’s Magical Device Book. This thick book, meant for Tinkerers, had a torn cover and was in a generally shabby condition. After all, having existed for so long, it would be strange if it hadn’t suffered any wear.

Dela’s Magical Device Book (Legendary): Special Item
Requirements: Advanced Tinkerer

This Legendary book had been left behind by the fabled Dela, a goblin Tinkerer who had been captured by humans and put to work in the prisons of Calore. The goblins tried and failed multiple times to rescue him before sending a full-blown Colin Airship that finally managed to bring him away. However, the ship was shot down and crashed in the desert. Later, the humans found the goblin’s corpse but Dela’s Magical Device Book had disappeared without a trace.

Dela’s Magical Device Book was a Tinkerer item.

Nie Yan wondered what was written in this thick Magical Device Book. He opened it up, causing a cloud of dust to rise up into his face and send him into a brief coughing fit. All kinds of exquisite design schematics entered his eyes.

One in particular immediately attracted Nie Yan’s attention.

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