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Chapter 319 – Laying Cards Out on the Table

Father Nie had been eavesdropping on Nie Yan and Ah Chen’s conversation while pretending to be busily chatting with the people around him. His hand which was holding his teacup trembled, unable to conceal the shock in his heart. 6 auction houses, over 30 shops, and 50 plots of land, he never thought Nie Yan would own so many properties. Just how high was their total valuation? None of the people present could give an estimate.

The War God Tribe had exhausted all their connections and paid a sky-high price just to acquire a single auction house in Nisode City. Father Nie understood just how difficult it was to obtain an auction house in Conviction. Even plots of land and shops were listed up in the Credit Exchange for sums scarce few people could afford.

Father Nie gazed at Nie Yan with an expression of pride and gratification.

The people seated near Father Nie were his trusted confidantes. As for who was trustworthy and who was not, Nie Yan who had returned to the past could tell at a glance. Fortunately, Luo Ming and those relatives were booted to the curb. Otherwise, he wouldn’t so casually reveal his identity as Mad Rogue Nirvana Flame. Just what kind of consequences would there be if this information was leaked to the outside? He didn’t dare to imagine.

The people close to Father Nie were all trustworthy.

Nie Yan looked around. His mother, Lin Ya, and the others were still recovering from their shock. None of them could have imagined he would have such achievements in Conviction!

“None of you are to reveal Little Yan’s identity inside Conviction or anything related to him to the outside. Otherwise, I’m sure you’re all aware of the consequences,” Father Nie declared in an imposing tone after sweeping his eyes over his employees. Drastic measures had to be taken to ensure the confidentiality of this piece of explosive knowledge.

“Yes, Chairman!” everyone agreed in unison.

None of them dared to oppose Father Nie. Just like in the previous timeline, his word was absolute law in the company.

“Tell us. How much gold do your auction houses bring in every day? It’ll better help us draw up a development plan for the War God Tribe if we know.” Ah Chen nudged Nie Yan with his elbow.

Not just Ah Chen, but everyone wanted to know the answer. As more of Nie Yan’s foundation came to light, it became increasingly difficult to suppress the shock within their hearts.

Nie Yan had already become the focal point of attention. Everyone was eagerly awaiting his answer. The earlier heavy atmosphere had lightened considerably.

Everyone was previously anxious about the War God Tribe’s future. If they couldn’t find a reliable source of gold, they would have no choice but to continue hemorrhaging funds to purchase some at a marked up rate. Not to mention they were all alone. Whether or not they could truly rise up and sweep away the competition in Nisode City still remained to be seen.

This was a huge risk! If the company suffered a crushing setback while expanding their virtual business, all the money they invested would go down the drain!

But now, it felt as though a weight had been lifted from their shoulders. With Nie Yan’s support, what did the War God Tribe have to fear? Conquering Nisode City would no longer be a problem. Their rise to glory was imminent!

In the previous timeline, the War God Tribe had still risen to prominence thanks to the perseverance of Father Nie. It was only after they encountered Victorious Return later on that they suffered a series of crushing setbacks. Nie Yan’s actions had changed history. With the threat of Victorious Return neutralized, the War God Tribe would have even brighter prospects!

Looking at the crowd’s anticipation-filled gazes, then back at his parents, Nie Yan straightened his posture.

“Three of the six auction houses I own are located in Calore. They are the Central Auction House, the Mercenary Auction House, and the Northern Auction House. The other three are the Zeran Auction House, the Waker Auction House, and the Westbell Auction House in Nisode City. As for my shops, you might have heard of my famous one since it recently gained a bit of attention. It’s called the Starry Night Potion Shop. We’ve opened many branches across the Viridian Empire. My other shops like the Crafting Material Shop and Tinkerer Shop have yet to expand to such a scale. But we aren’t lacking talent, so I expect them to develop smoothly as well…” Nie Yan listed off all his businesses in Conviction.

The more everyone listened, the more fearful they became. Of the auction houses mentioned, which one wasn’t eyed like a thick slab of meat by countless financial groups? Their value several years down the line would be incalculable! All of these golden geese had surprisingly been snatched away by Nie Yan. He controlled more than 60% of the assets in Calore and Nisode City! This sort of capital was enough to throw down with even the largest of heavyweights. Additionally, he tried to downplay the fact that he was the owner of the Starry Night Potion Shop. However, its current growth was nothing short of astonishing! There were no less than several dozen branches opened across every major city, all of which were in prime real estate locations. What’s more, they were still feverishly recruiting! Waves of Alchemists flocked to join under the banner of the Starry Night Potion Shop. No one would be surprised if it became the largest potion shop chain in the entire Viridian Empire! It was extremely valuable just by itself!

For a single person to be behind all these things, it was simply too frightening!

“With Little Yan here, the War God Tribe can expand worry-free.” Lin Ya smiled. His old comrade’s son had grown up. He also felt gratified.

Nie Yan glanced at the people by his father’s side. They no longer dared to regard him as as a useless brat. They had met him several times in the past. But since he appeared quite ordinary, they had somewhat looked down on him. The only thing they feared about him was his identity as the chairman’s son. But now, they looked at him in a new light. Everything he achieved in Conviction was gained through hard work alone! Nothing was given to him by his parents. Without any real ability, it was impossible to establish powerhouses like Asskickers United and the Starry Night Potion Shop, let alone snatch away so many auction houses and plots of land right under the noses of countless financial groups.

“A tiger father will not beget a dog son. Who knew the chairman’s son was so amazing?”

“Right? I wish my son was even half as capable.”

Father Nie was filled with satisfaction after hearing the numerous compliments aimed at his son.

Nie Yan had never gotten the respect of these people in the previous timeline. They had mocked him countless times for his incompetence and mediocrity. From this day forward, he would no longer be seen as a wastrel!

Seeing the reverence in the eyes of these people, Nie Yan sighed with emotion. A person required ability to be acknowledged. And nothing could better convince them than his reputation as Mad Rogue Nirvana Flame!

Nie Yan held his head up high, his heart brimming with pride. All of Conviction was his stage!

“I’d also like to mention Asskickers United previously received an investment from the Dragonsoar Financial Group in exchange for 30% of our shares. However, I still hold absolute leadership in the guild. As for our strength, I don’t think I need to speak on it. Furthermore, I control a majority stake in both Holy Empire and Sapphire Shrine. So if the War God Tribe requires it, I can mobilize the strength of all three guilds,” Nie Yan said. These three guilds could clear away all the obstacles in the War God Tribe’s path!

Nie Yan dropped another huge bomb, causing everyone to feel light-headed. Holy Empire and Sapphire Shrine were also famous guilds. Although they were overshadowed by the brilliance of Asskickers United, they were still untouchable existences in the minds of players! But it suddenly came to light that these guilds actually fell under his control? This information was too shocking!

Calore, the capital of the Viridian Empire, was Nie Yan’s domain. It was a place where he could call the clouds, summon the rain, and blot out the sky with a wave of his hand!

Who in Calore could possibly oppose Nie Yan?

Heaven Breaker? Nightbreak Trickster? All of them were beaten into retreat!

Calore was Nie Yan’s backyard!

Father Nie and company were still digesting the information. It took them a long while to recover from their shock.

“Aside from these three guilds, I also control a professional player organization called the Union of Assassins, which currently has over 30,000 members. Although it isn’t the same as a guild, they can still play a big role in the future if we mobilize them. That’s everything.”

Everyone had already grown somewhat numb to the shock. But when Nie Yan informed them that the Union of Assassins also belonged to him, they were left reeling yet again.

This kind of strength was probably unrivalled in the entire Viridian Empire!

Everyone spiritedly discussed the matters Nie Yan revealed. It was hard to contain the excitement in their hearts. The future of the company looked brighter than ever. Their foray into the virtual reality business was guaranteed to be a success!

“From now on, Nie Yan will also be involved in the company’s affairs. When I’m absent, he can speak on my behalf. His position is equal to mine!” Father Nie announced. His words were undoubtedly a show of acknowledgement. No matter how much money they earned, it was all for their son’s sake anyway. Since Nie Yan had shown such ability, he could feel at ease handing everything over.

With Father Nie’s words, Nie Yan’s status in the company instantly soared to the top!

Father Nie’s words held enormous weight. As soon as he made the announcement, everyone looked at Nie Yan with hints of flattery. In the future, the company would definitely be handed over to him. A single thought surfaced in their minds. If they wanted to continue working here, it was crucial to get into his good books!

Nie Yan was also taken aback. After thinking for a bit, he understood that his father was using this as a way for him to gain experience. His heart was moved. His father had never shown him this much approval in the previous timeline.

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