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Chapter 318 – Gathering Funds

A young female presenter was currently up on stage detailing the War God Tribe’s development plans to the people from the gaming organizations. Nie Yan’s parents and Uncle Lin sat far off in a corner listening as well. The War God Tribe’s development was important. Right now, Nisode City was the Tuoba Family’s domain with three guilds under their banner. For the War God Tribe to rise to prominence here would prove difficult. Father Nie had laid out the groundwork, investing a vast sum in preparation for the guild’s establishment.

The War God Tribe was gathering strength and waiting for the opportune moment to strike!

The only thing they lacked right now was gold. Their only source was a single auction house, and the rest would have to be bought through the Credit Exchange. But purchasing gold was unreliable, and supply could be cut off at a moment’s notice by a third party.

The only solution was to capture a few strongholds the moment they could. When the strongholds were developed, only then would the War God Tribe have a reliable source of gold.

Father Nie was at his wit’s end trying to amass gold, but none of his ideas were feasible.

The War God Tribe had just recently been established. They had gathered numerous experts, and their popularity was flourishing. They absolutely couldn’t end up dead in the water!

Conviction had long since stopped being a simple game as it had become an important place for relaxation and leisure. People spent nearly half of their lives in the virtual world. It was obvious what kind of economic effect this produced.

Conviction had already become a money-making tool for many people. For the War God Tribe to get a piece of the pie this late in was an uphill battle.

Ah Chen brought Nie Yan to where his parents were. Many higher-ups were seated next to them.

“Why are you here? This is a boardroom meeting. If you need something, it can wait,” Father Nie said in a strict tone. But when he glanced at Nie Yan, there wasn’t a hint of anger in his expression. This was simply how he behaved in front of his son.

“I just came to take a look,” Nie Yan replied, then took a seat beside his parents. He wasn’t as afraid of his father compared to his past life.

“It’s fine. Little Yan can listen to this meeting.” Mother Nie gently smiled at her husband.

Ah Chen gave Nie Yan a wink.

Father Nie didn’t reply. He wasn’t at all opposed to Nie Yan joining the meeting. Everyone continued listening to the female presenter.

“… Although the War God Tribe has recently attracted some unwanted attention from the Tuoba Family’s three guilds, it’s just a minor bump. After all, we still don’t have any strongholds. During the initial protective period, the Tuoba Family can’t do anything to us. Our main goal for the future is the guild’s growth. We need to seize a stronghold as soon as possible. Furthermore…” The female presenter turned to look at Father Nie way off in the corner.

Father Nie nodded.

With Father Nie’s approval, she continued, “The guild gravely lacks funds. We hope that everyone present can provide a channel to purchase gold, which will be used to fund our future wars. We will offer a fair price.”

The owners of the gaming organizations sunk into heated discussion. A single question surfaced in their minds. If the War God Tribe couldn’t even collect gold, how would it grow? Gathering all these large gaming organizations together was a good idea no doubt. But even the best housewife couldn’t cook without rice. Without a reliable source of gold, would the War God Tribe really have a future to speak of?

“What the hell do we do without any gold? Why even bother establishing a guild?”

“This is ridiculous…”

“What a waste of time.”

Father Nie knitted his brows and revealed a somewhat unhappy expression at these comments. He had huge plans for the War God Tribe; otherwise, he wouldn’t have invested so much resources into Conviction. However, the lack of gold really was a big problem.

There were boundless business opportunities in Conviction. Everyone wanted a share of the pie. Father Nie was no exception, only that his connections inside the game couldn’t compare to the financial groups with deep foundations. He still hadn’t found a reliable channel to purchase gold. The services of several groups he had previously contacted were already bought by other financial groups. Those gold farming groups would only consider selling to the War God Tribe if they offered 20% above the market rate.

“I can probably help the War God Tribe with its gold problem,” Nie Yan suddenly said to his father and everyone else in earshot. He decided to no longer conceal things.

Mother Nie, Father Nie, Ah Chen, Lin Ya, and the others shifted their focus to Nie Yan, expressions of confusion and bewilderment in their eyes.

Although Nie Yan’s parents knew he played Conviction, they didn’t even know his ingame name, let alone the fact that he was the guild leader of Asskickers United.

“The War God Tribe’s problem can’t be solved with just a few gold.” Father Nie waved his hand, cutting Nie Yan off. In his opinion, his son was just an ordinary player at best. For him to take out a few gold would already be impressive. But the development of the War God Tribe required tens of thousands of gold. Not to mention they still had to organize their troops to attack the Tuoba Family’s strongholds, which would eat away even more at their finances. There was no way Nie Yan could possibly resolve their problems.

“I can give you 60,000 gold right now and continue providing around 30,000 gold every week,” Nie Yan said.

Nie Yan’s words immediately caused an uproar.

“Little Yan, this is a boardroom meeting. You can’t play jokes like this,” Lin Ya gently reminded.

They had poured vast sums of money into Conviction without any luck. Yet Nie Yan suddenly informed them he had such immense wealth? It was no wonder no one believed him!

“I’m not joking around. Ah Chen can withdraw the gold when he gets online later today,” Nie Yan earnestly replied.

Nie Yan didn’t look like he was joking. Even though it was hard to imagine, Father Nie and the others who knew him decided to believe him. Nie Yan wasn’t the type of person to lie.

Father Nie gazed at Nie Yan in shock. Ever since returning home, his son had been full of surprises.

Just how did Nie Yan come about so much gold? A person could live the rest of their days in leisure if they sold 60,000 gold to the large financial groups!

Father Nie gave Nie Yan a meaningful gaze. Just what was his son doing every day in the game?

Both doubt and shock could be found on the faces of the higher-ups seated beside Father Nie. Did Nie Yan really have so much gold? This amount was more than enough to acquire an established guild.

“Ah Chen, go fetch Little Yan’s gold in the game,” Father Nie said. Although he was suspicious of where Nie Yan acquired so much gold, he still decided to put his trust in his son.

“No problem. Little Yan, what’s your name in the game so that I can get in touch with you?” Ah Chen casually asked.

“It’s Nirvana Flame,” Nie Yan replied. After which everyone looked at him in complete shock and disbelief.

The atmosphere turned dead silent, to the extent you could even hear a pin drop.

Just what was the significance behind the two words Nirvana Flame? It was the name of a godly player in Conviction, whose videos were plastered at the top of every large video sharing site and whose achievements garnered the reverence of all players! He was a legend that surfaced during the battle in Kiln Fire Woods!

“N-N-Nirvana Flame… the guild leader of Asskickers United?” Ah Chen asked, his throat somewhat parched.

“Yes.” Nie Yan nodded. He had long since predicted this reaction. After all, the reputation of Nirvana Flame was simply too shocking. Since they would find out sooner or later, rather than keeping it hidden, it was better to reveal it now. Like this, he could help out the War God Tribe conquer Nisode City.

Father Nie was stunned for a moment before coming out of his daze. He glanced at Nie Yan, then turned back to the front of the boardroom. “Someone should have Little Su come down from the stage. It seems we’ll have to revise our development plans. We’ll have Little Yan and Ah Chen come up with a proposal, which we’ll look over before approving.”

“Good rascal! You sure are amazing! Do you know how many people would have a heart attack if it was spread that you’re Nirvana Flame?” Ah Chen happily patted Nie Yan’s shoulders. Nirvana Flame didn’t just represent a single person but also the entirety of Asskickers United. His position as their guild leader was one of the most revered in the game. With but a single order, he could have their more than 60,000 elites sweep away everything before him. Not to mention he could also rally hundreds of thousands of players from Sapphire Shrine and Holy Empire to his cause.

Just what kind of backing did Asskickers United have to reach its current dominance? This was a question many people had in their minds.

Players would definitely find it hard to believe that the guild leader of Asskickers United, Nirvana Flame, was still just a student in high school. It was difficult to connect the two together.

When everyone regained their senses, the higher-ups seated near Father Nie rushed over to Nie Yan and asked him how he raised Asskickers United to such heights. He was assailed with questions. But when they learned Asskickers United had arisen from the musings of him and a couple of his schoolmates, they all looked at each other in dismay. How many people had gone through painstaking efforts to establish a guild, pouring in countless hours and resources, only for it all to go to waste? Yet Nie Yan and a few former classmates from middle school had turned Asskickers United into an unrivalled existence in Calore! This was truly hard to believe.

Nie Yan and Ah Chen consulted for a bit and drew up a development plan for the War God Tribe. Asskickers United would provide support where they could. All that was left was for Father Nie to look over it.

“Little Yan, tell me. How many properties do you own in Conviction?” Ah Chen asked. He was quite curious. Even if Nie Yan was the guild leader of Asskickers United, there was no way he could bring out so much gold. After all, strongholds hadn’t yet begun making a profit. The only answer was that the gold was coming from elsewhere!

Nie Yan thought for a moment. Since they were family, there was no harm in letting Ah Chen know. “I have 6 auction houses, over 30 shops, and 50 plots of land.” As for the Union of Assassins and the Super Trade Channel, those didn’t count as properties.

Ah Chen’s eyes widened like saucers, only recovering from his shock after a long time. “Holy crap, that many!?” They had spent a fortune just to acquire a single auction house and a few shops and plots of land. But Nie Yan actually had acquired far more by himself. This was simply too shocking!

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