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Chapter 317 – War God Tribe

Tuoba Time approaching Nie Yan at this moment signified he was about to take action. As one of the Tuoba Family’s shareholders, he absolutely wasn’t willing to fall under Tuoba Hongye. The power struggle between the two sides was only just beginning.

The 600,000 gold would be starting capital to oppose Tuoba Hongye.

「If you have the 600,000 gold, we can sign a contract right now. Otherwise, just tell me how much you can spare. I need at least 50,000 gold by today,」Tuoba Time said. This matter was of extreme urgence.

「I can do it,」Nie Yan said. He would regret it for a lifetime if he missed this opportunity!

Aside from developing Asskickers United, Nie Yan also wished to become a rich tycoon in the real world. When the profit from his auction houses, leases, shops, and strongholds grew to a certain point, he would convert a huge portion of it into credits.

He absolutely couldn’t pass up Tuoba Time’s offer!

With Nie Yan’s current capital, it absolutely wouldn’t be a problem for him to gobble up these auction houses, plots of land, and shops.

「Where are your auction houses, shops, and plots of land located?」Nie Yan asked. These assets were probably not in Calore. After all, there was only one auction house in Calore that wasn’t his.

「Nisode City,」Tuoba Time replied.

Nisode City was the second largest city in the Viridian Empire. A portion of the Tuoba Family’s capital was concentrated there. They owned a large number of auction houses, plots of land, shops, and three guilds in that region.

Nie Yan’s eyes lit up. The War God Tribe operated in Nisode City in his past life!

In the previous timeline, the majority of Nisode City was controlled by the Tuoba Family. But they were suddenly beaten black and blue by the recently established War God Tribe. Back then, Nie Yan’s father had acquired over 20 of the top 100 gaming organizations across the nation. Furthermore, he had also invited many veterans who started working as professional players after retiring from the army. Although the War God Tribe had swept away the Tuoba Family’s three guilds with unrivalled momentum, they were always plagued by a lack of in-game currency since their only source of income was a single auction house in Nisode City. If Nie Yan took over the Tuoba Family’s businesses in Nisode City and used them to support the War God Tribe, its rise to power would be even more spectacular this time around.

If Asskickers United and the War God Tribe worked together to deal with Victorious Return, the only ones that could contend with them in the entire Viridian Empire were Bloodlust Blades, Alliance of Mages, and Divine Protectors!

Nie Yan could tell Tuoba Time was different from his usual lazy and casual self. It appeared as if he were a sword drawn out of its scabbard. Nie Yan was looking forward to seeing if he could drag Tuoba Hongye off his pedestal.

「I have a request. Is it possible for you to transfer those auction houses, shops, and plots of land to me first? I’m willing to pay an extra 6,000 gold a day,」Nie Yan asked. He could connect the three auction houses and shops in Nisode City to the Super Trade Channel. While they remained under the control of Tuoba Time, they likely wouldn’t net more than 5,000 gold a day. But if he could get his hands on them, he was confident he could boost that number to at least 8,000.

「Let’s sign a contract. I’ll have someone draft one up,」Tuoba Time replied. All he needed was gold. He was more than willing to give up his businesses in Nisode City if it meant he would gain control of all the Tuoba Family’s operations in Conviction! All of Tuoba Hongye’s efforts would’ve gone to waste! Afterwards, he would find a way to swallow up Tuoba Hongye’s shares in the real world!

It didn’t take long for Nie Yan to receive the contract. After confirming the terms, he signed his name.

「I’ll immediately tell someone to deposit the first payment of 60,000 gold into your account,」Nie Yan said. Meanwhile, he had Guo Huai take over management of the auction houses in Nisode City, then connected them to the Super Trade Channel.

Guo Huai had also persuaded the owner of the remaining auction house in Calore to join the Super Trade Channel. With this, the Super Trade Channel held a complete monopoly in Calore as well as a majority market share in Nisode City.

Over the next three days, Nie Yan would go to school during the day and level with Smoke Stub and the others in the Crystal Caverns during the night. After clearing the map, they discovered the Molelord had become easier to deal with. The difficulty had dropped by a significant amount.

During these three days, the business in his auction houses was booming thanks to the Super Trade Channel. Furthermore, the Starry Night Potion Shop had also greatly expanded its influence, especially in Nisode City where branch stores popped up all over. Adding all his revenue streams together, Nie Yan’s daily profit had risen to over 20,000 gold. This kind of growth was unprecedented. If the large financial groups were to catch wind of this, they would start breaking out in a cold sweat. After all, they had to invest an enormous sum to acquire their gold, but Nie Yan hadn’t spent a single cent in real life! His achievements were nothing short of a miracle!

Like clockwork, Nie Yan took off his game helmet and headed downstairs. Mother Nie originally planned to eat breakfast with him today, but she rushed out the door after being called into work for an emergency meeting. He vaguely overheard a few things about the War God Tribe and Nisode City. He thought for a long time. His businesses in Nisode City were already flourishing. He also heard that his father had recently acquired more than 10 gaming organizations. It appeared the War God Tribe was finally about to make its debut in Conviction, which also meant it was time for him to lay out all his cards.

Nie Yan would make sure the War God Tribe would never decline like it did in the previous timeline!

Nie Yan drove to the company. His father had recently bought him a sports car. It was maroon with a sleek design. He finally had his own car! Although he didn’t care about the brand, it was apparently a Sorong which was known to be expensive.

The company wasn’t that far from home, only about a 10 minute drive away. Because he lived in the suburbs, there was a lot of greenery. Both sides of the road were shaded by trees.

A modern white building came into Nie Yan’s view. It looked recently constructed. This was the office building his father had bought.

When Nie Yan walked through the doors, he saw many people busily at work. They all wore the same uniform. Everything appeared neat and orderly.

Nie Yan relied on the memories of his past life to navigate through this building.

Nie Yan was deeply moved when he spotted a familiar face walking over to him. This man was tall and robust, and from his muscular and tone body, it was evident he worked out regularly. Although he couldn’t be considered handsome, he exuded a type of stalwart and courageous charm. He should only be about 27 years old right now.

He was Nie Yan’s cousin. All his relatives called him Ah Chen. Nie Yan and him used to play together back when they were still children. When Nie Yan’s parents went to the border for their smuggling venture, they had brought Ah Chen along with them. As such, he was fairly intimate with the entire Nie household.

Because Ah Chen was busy helping Father Nie handling company affairs, this was Nie Yan’s first time seeing him since returning to the past.

Ah Chen’s eyes also flashed with emotion, and he quickly walked over to Nie Yan.

“Little Rascal! You’ve grown! I almost didn’t recognize you.” Ah Chen patted Nie Yan’s shoulders and laughed. “You’ve been working out! Your parents recently told me you’re pretty strong now, and could even win against your Uncle Lin! But I didn’t believe them. Who knew they were actually telling the truth!”

Ah Chen suddenly threw out a punch without warning.

Nie Yan caught the fist with a loud smack. Ah Chen revealed an expression of surprise when he realized he couldn’t struggle free. “Not bad. We should go for a round next time!”

Ah Chen was only playing a joke. He never expected Nie Yan to possess such strength. This ignited his fighting spirit.

Nie Yan rolled his eyes. This fellow was a fighting maniac. He would look for someone to spar a couple rounds with every day; otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to stay still. However, Ah Chen was an extremely kind and loyal person. In the previous timeline, when he discovered what Uncle Luo Ming and those relatives did, he beat them half to death and ended up going to prison for it.

Back then, Nie Yan would visit Ah Chen regularly. When Nie Yan saw him, his condition had already deteriorated greatly. He was as frail as a matchstick. But whenever he saw Nie Yan, he would reveal a big smile and laugh heartily. Seeing this pained Nie Yan deeply.

After seeing Ah Chen again, Nie Yan’s nose grew sour, and he almost burst out in hot tears.

Nie Yan took a deep breath to calm his heart. “Where are my parents?” He asked with a faint smile.

“They’re in the boardroom. Follow me,” Ah Chen replied. Needless to say, it wasn’t a place that could be freely entered. But he didn’t care.

Nie Yan followed behind Ah Chen, passing by all sorts of security equipment along the way before entering the boardroom.

The boardroom was filled with around 40 people, all of whom were higher-ups in the company or the owners of gaming organizations.

Nie Yan swept his eyes over the boardroom. His gaze locked onto five people. They were big shots in the domestic gaming scene.

Sitting to the far left at the front was a 25-year-old man. He was dressed in a casual attire. He was the owner of Icewind, Frozen Prose. Icewind was ranked fifth among the gaming organization in the country.

Next to Frozen Prose sat a square-faced man in his 40s. He was the owner of Azure Dragon, ranked ninth in the country.

There were also the owners of Thunder God, Nightmoon, and Blaze. All these gaming organizations were ranked within the top 30 in the country.

To get the owners of so many large gaming organizations in the same room wasn’t something that could be achieved with money alone. It also required connections. Father Nie’s contacts were definitely solid for him to make a business out of reselling metal.

Just what kind of gargantuan effort did it take to gather all these famous figures inside the game together?

For the War God Tribe to be able to threaten Victorious Return’s position in the previous timeline definitely wasn’t without reason.

But when Nie Yan saw these people, his gaze contained a hint of arrogance. This was because he was Mad Rogue Nirvana Flame!

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