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Chapter 277 – Teacher’s Assistant

Students gathered in groups of threes and fives inside the gym. By their sides, Yang Boyi guided their training. This teacher of Huahai Affiliated High School was the runner-up in the 70th kickboxing championships, a testament to his expertise and skill. Nie Yan was no less experienced skill-wise in kickboxing, but his physique was nowhere close to Yang Boyi’s be it in punching or kicking power. Of course, Nie Yan was still in the phase of training and growth. When his body reached maturity, his strength would easily reach a stage higher.

“Interested in a quick spar?” Yang Boyi asked after noticing Nie Yan’s arrival.

It was rumoured Nie Yan struck down Liu Rui with a single kick, but Yang Boyi hadn’t personally witnessed this. He wanted to test out Nie Yan, so he could get a general understanding of his student’s skill.

Teacher Yang was going to spar with Nie Yan? The nearby students immediately grew excited. Several classmates who were part of Liu Rui’s friend circle were secretly delighted. They were confident Nie Yan would suffer a miserable loss. He might not even last more than several exchanges.

Nie Yan understood that Yang Boyi meant no harm. His teacher was simply doing his jobs, which among other things entailed understanding his students’ abilities.

“Please, guide me.” Nie Yan bowed.

Yang Boyi nodded slightly. Nie Yan left a good impression on him just from this show of manners.

Nie Yan and Yang Boyi faced off at the center of the gymnasium. After giving the standard salutation, they took up their stances.

Xie Yao who had changed into her white kickboxing uniform stood among the crowd of spectators. A flicker of astonishment crossed her face. With his resolute expression, Nie Yan didn’t appear the least bit inferior to Yang Boyi. One had to know his opponent was someone who held a lot of clout in the kickboxing world! The runner-up in the 70th kickboxing championships was no joke!

Nie Yan took a deep breath; the man standing before him was absolutely one of the strongest he had ever faced!

“Come, I’ll let you have the first move!” Yang Boyi said in a domineering tone.

“Understood,” Nie Yan replied. Without hesitation, he darted straight toward Yang Boyi.

The two exchanged blows back and forth, so quickly nearby observers could barely process what was happening. Nie Yan struck out with a side kick to the neck, but Yang Boyi raised his arm to parry. A loud impact rang out as the both of them retreated several steps.

Yang Boyi was slightly taken aback by the force behind Nie Yan’s kick. He previously believed half his strength would suffice, but he was actually forced to go all out.

This was already very impressive for a child who was still in a stage of growth, with plenty of room for improvement. Furthermore, Nie Yan’s moves were fierce, and he already possessed the sense of a fighter. Yang Boyi felt passion ignite in his heart. He’s an amazing talent! If trained well, he wouldn’t even have any issues taking first in the kickboxing competition! He’s just lacking in muscle right now…

The crowd watched the fight with widened eyes. For Nie Yan to have held out for this long was simply unbelievable. They had assumed he was only somewhat stronger than others their age. The vast majority of them only knew about fancy moves and the sort but nothing beyond that. Nie Yan’s knowledge and ability had already far surpassed their superficial level. He was not merely a little bit stronger than Liu Rui.

Even Liu Rui’s group of people were at a loss for words.

“You have plenty of spice and flare, but you’re lacking in raw power and momentum,” Yang Boyi judged after blocking an axe kick. He felt slightly apprehensive as his arm went a little numb. If this kick struck an average person in the chest, it would definitely break their ribs. Of course, it was still severely lacking when facing off against professional fighters.

Yang Boyi struck out with a kick to the chest. Nie Yan hurriedly raised both arms to block. With a loud bang, he was sent staggering five or six meters back before regaining his footing.

Nie Yan felt the air forced out of his lungs. The power behind that kick was truly fierce. It was worthy of someone who placed second in the kickboxing championships. Nie Yan would require at least another two years to reach that level of expertise. Although his recent growth was impressive, he was still far from matching those top professional athletes.

“But to have reached this level at your age is extremely impressive. Let’s stop here for today. We can spar again some other time,” Yang Boyi praised, then turned around to face the rest of the class. “When I’m not around, Nie Yan will be your instructor. If there’s something you’re having trouble with, you can consult him for advice.”

Yang Boyi had approved of Nie Yan’s strength.

“Nie Yan, follow me,” Yang Boyi instructed.

Nie Yan followed Yang Boyi to his office.

“Would you be interested in participating in fighting competitions?” Yang Boyi asked enthusiastically. “I can help you sign up. You should even be able to compete for the top spot!”    

Nie Yan shook his head. “I’m still a student, I don’t believe I’m suitable for such tournaments.” He wasn’t interested in this sort of fame.

“You don’t want to compete?” Yang Boyi was surprised at first. But after some thinking, he realized all students of Huaihai Affiliated High School possessed at least some background. Why would they care about competing in a random kickboxing competition?

Nie Yan nodded.

Even so, Yang Boyi’s mood immediately deflated.

Seeing this, Nie Yan was about to say something to console him. After all, he felt Yang Boyi was truly a good teacher who cared dearly for his students.

Yang Boyi waved his hand. “It’s fine, go back. Help your fellow classmates. If there’s anything you don’t understand, you can look for me.”

Nie Yan returned to the gymnasium in high spirits. Yang Boyi had handed over the responsibility of instructing the class to him. He could take advantage of this position to spend more time with Xie Yao during class!

After the spar with Yang Boyi, all of Nie Yan’s classmates were convinced they weren’t his match. What else did they have left to say? Some of them even took the initiative to seek him out for guidance. He patiently answered each of their questions one after another. Seeing how amiable and approachable he was, more of them were willing to approach him for help. Even though he was strong, he wasn’t haughty like Liu Rui. He quickly won the approval of many of his classmates. As for Zhai Hao and the others, they had long since subconsciously become his followers.

None of these classmates possessed shallow backgrounds. It wasn’t a bad idea to develop a good relationship with them.

These students benefited greatly from Nie Yan’s guidance.

After a while, Nie Yan walked over to the female section.

“How are you guys doing?” Nie Yan greeted.

“Hello, Teacher’s Assistant.” Most of them reacted in a reserved, formal manner.

Nie Yan looked up ahead. Xie Yao was currently sparring with another female classmate.

It was pleasant to watch the female classmates spar, especially Xie Yao, as their lithe figures maneuvered about like a choreographed dance.

Noticing Nie Yan observing her, Xie Yao became distracted as her movements slightly faltered.

“Your movements need to be more precise. Put more power behind your strikes. Stay light-footed!” Nie Yan advised from the sidelines.

However, Xie Yao fumbled even more. She was caught off-guard by her opponent’s kick and fell to the ground.

Xie Yao got up and dusted herself off. She was inwardly fuming. Were it not for Nie Yan showing up, she would’ve never lost! She wanted to give him a piece of her mind. But when she searched around for him, he had conveniently made himself scarce. Hmph! You sure know how to run!

Nie Yan spent the entire day going around helping out the other students and socializing with them.

Seeing that the class was running smoothly in Nie Yan’s hands, Yang Boli happily relaxed. He left everyone to their own devices during self-practice.

When the last bell finally rung in the afternoon, everyone changed back to their regular clothes and were preparing to leave.

Nie Yan had everyone gather around. All his classmates stared at him intently, wondering what kind of speech he was going to give to end the day off.

Nie Yan pretended to mull over what to say for half a day before finally opening his mouth. “It was pleasant working with everyone today. Ummm… that’s all. Enjoy the rest of your day!”

“Tsk, here I thought you had something important to say. Don’t keep us waiting for so long over just a few words!”

“Teacher’s Assistant, goodbye!”

Everyone bid farewell, packed their bags, and got ready to leave.

Nie Yan approached Xie Yao and asked, “How about I send you off?”

Xie Yao hesitated for a long time before eventually nodding in agreement.

Nie Yan never thought Xie Yao would actually agree. An immense sense of happiness welled up inside of him. This was proof that Xie Yao had accepted him to some extent!

Xia Ling in the distance gave Xie Yao a teasing smile. She grabbed the rest of their friends and left.

Students walked in twos or three along the tree-shaded walkway of the campus grounds. Some threw curious glances at two figures passing by. They never expected that the unattainable goddess, Xie Yao, would be seen walking together with a boy. If this news got out, who knew how many hearts would be broken?

The campus grounds were tranquil and peaceful.

As the two of them walked together, they would occasionally say a few words to break the silence. A subtle but intimate atmosphere developed between them.

It was the sort of feeling that made you wish this moment would last forever.

Nie Yan looked at Xie Yao whose figure was deeply carved into his heart. After experiencing two lives, it became all the more unforgettable. In his past life, he could only silently gaze at her from afar. But now, he could finally walk with her side by side.

When he recalled how depressed Xie Yao seemed during their reunions in the previous timeline, Nie Yan hoped to change her fate, under his protection of course!

In the blink of an eye, the two arrived at the pickup location in front of the school entrance. Xie Yao’s family car was already waiting.

Xie Yao turned to Nie Yan and sweetly smiled. “Nie Yan, thank you.”

Nie Yan fell into a daze for a brief moment. Even after two lifetimes, her smile never failed to enamour him.

“No problem,” Nie Yan replied. The time he spent together with Xie Yao caused his restless heart to turn unprecedentedly serene as all the noise and clamor of the past slowly melted away. Xie Yao’s smile was like the hint of dawn in an endless night.

“Nie Yan, today was fun.” Xie Yao waved goodbye before getting into the car.

Nie Yan waved back. Seeing the car disappearing around the corner of the street, he felt an inexplicable sense of loss. But beyond that, he felt boundless excitement for what the future would hold. He could sense the distance between him and Xie Yao slowly closing as they grew more and more intimate.

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