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Chapter 275 – Father and Son

Nie Yan checked the time. Seeing that the servers would shut down in roughly five minutes, he logged off.

When Nie Yan walked downstairs, he noticed his father and mother had already left for work. This was the usual scene he was greeted with in the morning. For the sake of the business, his parents would leave home at the crack of dawn and wouldn’t return until late at night. Nevertheless, his family’s circumstances were greatly improved. Furthermore, thanks to his parents offering them jobs, many close relatives and friends were able to break away from poverty. As for Luo Ming and the others, they were still stuck back in Ningjiang. Although they were far from barely scraping by, it was impossible for them to live as extravagantly as they did in the previous timeline. Without these vermin mucking things up, his parent’s company would definitely expand with greater momentum

Nie Yan was awoken from his thoughts by the sound of his phone ringing.

「Nie Yan, what’s this about you stirring up trouble on your first day of school?」Father Nie asked gravely. Even early into his twenties during the previous timeline, Nie Yan was still very much afraid of provoking his father’s anger.

The reverence Nie Yan held for this stern father of his was marrow deep. Like many people, he wouldn’t bat an eyelid in the face of a powerful adversary. But the moment his father raised his hand, he would scurry away like a timid mouse.

「I heard you seriously injured a classmate, and they have to stay in the hospital to recover for quite a few days.」

「It was a fair duel both of us agreed to. We bowed to each other and everything. We were responsible for own injuries. He even passed the entrance test for the Top Military Academy. How should I have known he would be so weak? I only gave him a single kick…」Nie Yan mumbled in a half-hearted attempt to justify himself. But in truth, Liu Rui really had been baited by him.

「Hmmph! You dare to talk back to me!?」Father Nie asked coldly.

Nie Yan instantly shut up. He had no intention of further inciting his father’s anger.

「When that classmate of yours returns to school, I want you to apologize to him. Do you realize how big of a mess you’ve made? That kid is the son of an important shareholder in Dragonsoar Financial Group, one of the most powerful corporate entities in all of southern China!」

「Did they come to you looking for trouble?」Nie Yan asked, his eyes flickering with a cold glint. He wouldn’t stand idly by if Liu Rui dared to go after his parents.

「No. Fortunately, the chairman of Dragonsoar Financial Group intervened on our behalf. Since the injuries were sustained during a fair match, the other side has no leg to stand on anyway. But don’t let that be an excuse, I never want to see this happen again! Think before you act!」Father Nie sharply admonished

「Yes, sir…」Nie Yan responded in a crestfallen manner.

Nie Yan hung up the call. He felt wronged, but there was nothing he could do. This matter gave him a lot to think about. Like in the game, he realized that solely relying on himself in reality wouldn’t do as well. He required his own foundation. But where would he take his first step? His thoughts immediately shifted to Wei Kai. In the previous timeline, Wei Kai had done quite well for himself, albeit for a short stint, before he vanished without a trace. Wei Kai had previously contacted them about joining Asskickers United, but Nie Yan had instructed Tang Yao to delay giving an answer.

Nie Yan figured it was about time to have a chat with Wei Kai. He would decide what to do after school was over.

The layout and furnishing in the office of Nie Yan’s parents looked elegant while the desk was covered in all sorts of documents.

Father Nie’s frosty countenance immediately thawed as the corners of his lips cracked into a faint smile.

“What are you so happy about? You can barely keep that smile from plastering all over your face.” Mother Nie gently poured some coffee into his mug.

“You gave me a good son. That smelly brat beat up a classmate so badly they had to be hospitalized, on the first day of school no less!”  

“You’re actually proud of this?” Mother Nie shot him an incredulous glance.

“It was a fair duel! Both sides are responsible for their own injuries. There’s no qualms about it. Like father, like son. That Liu Rui kid or whatever is the son of the second-ranked shareholder in the Dragonsoar Financial Group, Liu Ding. I heard he already passed the test for the Top Military Academy, but our son took him down with a single kick! Doesn’t that mean Lil’ Yan is even stronger than him? Our son’s entrance into the academy is cinched! How could I not be happy? This calls for some alcohol!” Father Nie heartily laughed. He felt gratified from the bottom of his heart. As for Nie Yan beating another classmate up, which youngster didn’t show off a little bravado by trying to prove themselves on the fighting stage? That was simply a matter of course!

“Lil’ Yan was too hot-headed this time. We’ve offended Liu Ding, won’t that be a problem?” Mother Nie asked in a worried tone.

“What’s done is done. Even if the sky falls, this old man will always shield him. If worst comes to worst, I’ll ask my old comrades for help. There’s no need to be afraid of Liu Ding, even less so after the chairman of Dragonsoar Financial Group himself spoke out,” Father Nie said brightly. He was a military veteran. He had experienced hails of bullets and people dying in front of his eyes. This sort of trivial matter wasn’t enough to cause him any concern.

Father Nie was a military man through and through. Mother Nie could only remain silent. Even though her husband was strict, not hesitating to give out a scolding or beating if their son misbehaved, he did truly love Nie Yan.  

“Even though those two old comrades of yours are regional officers, they won’t necessarily be willing to help you!” Mother Nie exclaimed. After such a long time, no matter how close the relationship, it had probably degraded.

“We went through life and death together. That kind of bond lasts a lifetime. If they were the types to turn their backs on a fellow comrade, I would’ve long since given them a good beating. Not only me, but Old Liu and Old Lin as well!” Father Nie retorted.

Although Mother Nie was deeply worried, after hearing her husband speak in such a way, she felt somewhat reassured. She grabbed her phone and called Nie Yan to remind him not to cause any more trouble at school. After all, he was attending a school for elites. Any random student there had at least some background!

Nie Yan wore a wry smile on his face when the phone call with his mother ended. Nevertheless, he couldn’t help but feel a cold sweat after recalling his father’s words. Liu Rui was actually the son of the second-ranked shareholder of the Dragonsoar Financial Group. It was a wonder how that snobbish bastard concealed his background so well. In the previous timeline, Xie Yao had informed him that Liu Rui was very close with her family. It turned out they were all part of the Dragonsoar Financial Group! It appeared he had severely underestimated his opponent.

Even though that kick felt refreshing as hell, it wasn’t worth provoking the hornet’s nest. I really should act more carefully next time and not let my emotions get the better of me.

Since Nie Yan had created this mess, he should resolve it. He needed to start building up his own influence. Otherwise, he would be devoured without a trace. His best shot was to get a spot in the Top Military Academy’s entrance exam. Very few people dared to lay hands on the students enrolled there.

Liu Rui would be staying in the hospital for a couple more days, so Nie Yan wouldn’t be seeing him anytime soon.

When Nie Yan arrived in the classroom, there weren’t many people there. Xie Yao was sitting at her desk, scribbling something. She looked very pretty in her pink, short-sleeved shirt and white skirt. Her hair was tied into a simple ponytail. She wasn’t wearing any jewelry. Bathed in the light of the morning sun, she resembled an angel.

This beautiful deskmate of his was knitting her brows, pondering over who knew what. From Nie Yan’s angle, her face was spotless and as white as jade while her appearance was picturesque.

Nie Yan sat down in his seat beside hers. As he gazed at Xie Yao from the side, he couldn’t help but inwardly remark she was as beautiful as ever. He had very deep feelings for her, developed over two lifetimes. In the previous timeline, he only had the courage to sneak glances at her. In this one, he was a changed man.  

“Xie Yao, good morning,” Nie Yan greeted.

“Good morning!” Xie Yao turned her head and greeted back with a smile. As she stared at Nie Yan, she became somewhat absentminded, noticing there were some subtle differences between him and his alter-ego inside the game. She suddenly hatched a devious plot. She would use two different identities to get close to Nie Yan. In the end, when he found out those two people were one and the same, how would he react? She giggled sinisterly in her heart.

“It seems like we’re having kickboxing class today,” Nie Yan said after noticing Xie Yao was a bit distracted.

“Ah, yeah. There’s still 20 minutes before class starts.” Xie Yao snapped out of her daze.

Nie Yan recalled that Xie Yao was always the most energetic during kickboxing class. In the previous timeline, he was somewhat weaker than her. As a male, he should obviously be much stronger than her in brute strength. But back then, he didn’t even dare to look at her directly, let alone fight her.

Class was about to start. Nie Yan was filled with anticipation. He recalled how beautiful and heroic Xie Yao looked in her fighting uniform.

At this moment, Zhai Hao, Li Rui, and the others walked into the classroom. Spotting Nie Yan, they immediately went up to him in high spirits.

“Hey! I heard about what happened. You guys sure were awesome yesterday!” Zhai Hao exclaimed. He was absolutely dumbstruck when he heard about the events in Sinful Gorge. He was thoroughly impressed by Nie Yan. He had never met anyone more badass than him. The guild leader of Asskickers United, this was a legendary figure! The fact that the real, living person was standing right in front of him was still hard to believe. When he got up this morning, he had to pinch himself a few times just to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.

Zhai Hao purposefully spoke in a vague manner so as not to reveal Nie Yan’s identity.

Li Rui and the others also greeted Nie Yan. Seeing Xie Yao sitting right beside him, they pulled Zhai Hao away.

Zhai Hao finally realized he was intruding and said, “Let’s talk another time.”

In those 20 minutes before class started, they would give Nie Yan and Xie Yao some alone time. They would chat with Nie Yan later during kickboxing class.

Each of them went to their respective seats.

A male classmate scooted up next to Zhai Hao and bragged, “Zhai Hao, I recently levelled up to Level 27 and also got myself a piece of Silver-grade equipment. Next time we log on, duel me?”

“I don’t want to PvP you.”

“Why not, chicken?”

“My ass, who would be afraid of you?”

“Care to make a bet?”

“If we’re gonna bet, let’s bet,” Zhai Hao replied indifferently. Fool, what’s so amazing about being Level 27. This elder bro will teach you a hard lesson in life about what happens to those who brag!

Overhearing their conversation, Nie Yan broke into a smile. In the previous timeline, he would often PvP with his classmates. He would even occasionally win a few things.

Nie Yan turned around, only to see Xie Yao had turned her head away. She was currently writing something on the computer. Sensing Nie Yan’s gaze, her beautiful eyelashes involuntarily jumped up, giving away the tremors in her heart.

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