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Chapter 255 – Divine Right Set

The party sat down to recover. After their weakened states wore off, Nie Yan stood up and said, “Let’s give it another go.”

Nie Yan, Bladelight, and the others lured the Goblin Eviscerator back toward the sculptures in the fountain garden. With the experience of their previous attempt, their teamwork and coordination became a lot smoother.

They gradually led the Goblin Eviscerator into the center of the public square.

“Don’t rush, we’re almost there…” Nie Yan said, wiping the perspiration from his brow. This was a crucial moment. If the slightest mishap occurred, all their hard work would go to waste, and they would end up dying again.

The Goblin Eviscerator’s movements were greatly encumbered by the statues. With almost no room to maneuver, it activated Dash Charge in an attempt to escape. But Bladelight reacted instantly, rushing to the coordinates Nie Yan mentioned previously and hunkering down with Guard Stance.

「Klang!」The Goblin Eviscerator collided with the nearby statues. However, these statues which were cast from metal only trembled slightly, otherwise unfazed.

Bladelight repositioned himself behind the Goblin Eviscerator, slightly off to the right.

“Nirvana Flame, I found a better position!” Bladelight exclaimed in excitement. If he stayed in this position, the Goblin Eviscerator would be completely immobile. Its front was blocked by the statues, while its back was firmly blocked by Bladelight’s heavy shield. It couldn’t turn around to attack Bladelight, nor could it charge through the statues. It was reduced to nothing more than a stationary target dummy!

Although luck admittedly played a factor in getting the Goblin Eviscerator stuck, it was Bladelight’s keen awareness that played a decisive role. His position as a top three Fighter in the previous timeline wasn’t an empty title!

“Bring the rest of the team over,” Nie yan ordered. With the Goblin Eviscerator trapped, there wasn’t even a need for healing. It would be fine to just order everyone to attack.

The players who were hiding far away came rushing over. When they saw how the Goblin Eviscerator was stuck, they all became slack-jawed. Fuck! You can even do it like that? A Level 40 Lord is going to die in such a tragic way?

“I want several Fighters to go up and assist Bladelight. Don’t let the Goblin Eviscerator break free!” Nie Yan instructed.

Yi Yan and several other Fighters rushed up, forming a human wall.

The Mages spread out across the square and started chanting. Before long, spells streaked across the sky and rained down on the Goblin Eviscerator, causing sparks to fly everywhere.

Most of these Mages were only doing a little over 10 damage a hit to the Goblin Eviscerator. Even the strongest among them, Tang Yao, only dealt around 60 damage. The Ignore Level property from his Arcane Fairy proved to be a great boost to his damage.

Nevertheless, over 200 Mages were bombarding the Goblin Eviscerator with spells. It was experiencing death by a thousand cuts.

“God damn! The health regeneration on this bucket of bolts is too crazy!” Tang Yao exclaimed. Although they were doing a lot of damage, the Goblin Eviscerator’s health was falling at a snail’s pace. It took over 10 seconds just to shave away a sliver of its health!

“All Machine-type monsters with energy cores have automatic regeneration!” Nie Yan raised his Cavalry Crossbow.「Whoosh whoosh whoosh!」Five bolts streaked across the sky, emitting a dazzling light, and struck the Goblin Eviscerator.




“Holy shit! Such high damage!” Tang Yao exclaimed. Even he was hardpressed to deal so much damage!

Tang Yao looked over to Nie Yan, only to see him carrying an enormous crossbow. It was exquisite with a sleek design, covered in all sorts of mystical runes. It resembled the siege crossbows mounted atop the city walls of Calore. Even with its visual effects concealed, it was extremely eye-catching.

When Nie Yan had previously shot at the Goblin Eviscerator, he actually wondered why his damage was so low. However, after seeing how little damage the Mages were dealing, he quickly realized he had erred.

The might of the Dullahan Cavalry Crossbow was unquestioned!

The metal carapaces of Machine-type monsters substantially reduced the piercing power of arrows and bolts and ignored effects like bonus on-hit fire damage. Despite this, the Cavalry Crossbow still dealt an incredible amount of damage!

“Boss, what’s that crossbow in your hands? It’s really powerful!” Summer Bug asked. While he and the others Mages unleashed an unending stream of spells, they couldn’t help but notice that Nie Yan was dealing much more damage than them individually. This was too shocking!

After all, a Thief wasn’t some powerful ranged class!

With a simple glance, they could tell why. The crossbow in Nie Yan’s hands definitely wasn’t simple! This was their first time seeing one that large! That fierce! That domineering! How was he even able to carry it around?

Its design was extremely elaborate. The five bolts it shot out in quick succession emitted a chilling light.

Penta Bolt Shot!

None of them had ever seen a crossbow with the Penta Bolt Shot property. Those with just the Triple-shot property were already considered extraordinary!

The five bolts let out a continuous hum as they flew through the air, their pointed ends emitting a piercing light.「Ding ding ding!」 They struck the Goblin Eviscerator practically at the same time. Some of them even pierced through its thick metal carapace.




One of the bolts critted for three times the normal damage!

What a terrifying crossbow! Its valiant properties made people exclaim in admiration!

A whole bunch of team members forgot what they were doing as they looked over at Nie Yan in awe. How could he not attract everyone’s attention after something like that?

“Boss, what kind of crossbow is that?”

Since everyone was asking about his crossbow, Nie Yan could no longer keep silent. “It’s the Dullahan Cavalry Crossbow.”

Everyone was shocked. The names of every piece of equipment were determined from a finite list. Items such as the Staff of Divine Right, Shattered Sword, Valor Shield, and so on were generally all Dark Gold-grade or lower. But items whose names were related to an NPC, such as the Dullahan Cavalry Crossbow or Grett’s Sovereign Staff, were exclusively Sub Legendary or even Legendary-grade. The more prominent an NPC was in the annals of Conviction, the more powerful the equipment they left behind.

Dullahan Cavalry Crossbow, as soon as everyone heard the name, they knew it was at least Sub Legendary-grade.

At present, players found it extremely difficult to obtain Dark Gold-grade equipment. A single piece would bankrupt the vast majority of players. As for Sub Legendary-grade equipment, who knew how many there were in the entire Viridian Empire? They hadn’t even shown up on the official forums yet. This was telling of how rare they were.

To everyone’s surprise, Nie Yan had actually gotten his hands on a Sub Legendary item. However, after recalling the Legendary-grade Grimmar Soul Staff sitting high atop a pedestal in the guild treasury, they felt this easier to accept. Obtaining two pieces of Godly equipment, their guild leader was simply too amazing!

“Boss, share the properties of the Dullahan Cavalry Crossbow with us!” Undying Scoundrel exclaimed, no longer able to hold back his curiosity.

“Yeah! Let us see it!” Numerous people in the crowd echoed Undying Scoundrel’s request. They really wanted to find out just what sort of properties this crossbow had.

There was no harm in publicizing the Dullahan Cavalry Crossbow. At the behest of the crowd, Nie Yan shared its properties in the chat, whereupon everyone let out sighs of admiration.

“Dang! What an amazing crossbow!”

307–327 Attack, 30% Piercing Damage, 30% chance to deal 3x Critical Damage, +100 Fire Damage, and a Penta Bolt Shot, these sorts of properties on a crossbow practically broke the game! It fully deserved to be called a Sub Legendary-grade item.

30% Piercing Damage meant the Dullahan Cavalry Crossbow could effectively ignore the vast majority of amours that weren’t heavy armour! The other properties were arguably even more powerful.

“Boss, you have 800 Strength?” Edgeless, who was currently providing support to Bladelight, couldn’t help but ask in shock. Even as a Berserker, he only had 370 Strength!

Only now did everyone notice the Strength required to equip the crossbow. This was a staggeringly high bar to meet!

“I have a special method that lets me equip this crossbow,” Nie Yan replied. Even though Volume 1: Glimpse of Darkness was already bound to him, there was no need to reveal it if he didn’t have to.

In the minds of everyone, the so-called ‘special method’ was definitely something that lowered the requirements of equipment. Such items were actually relatively common if you looked hard enough. For example, Bladelight’s Level 40 Everlasting Silver Set could be equipped at Level 30.

No one inquired any further. It wasn’t good to force Nie Yan to reveal everything. There would be disastrous consequences if an enemy somehow got their hands on such information. Nevertheless, his Dullahan Cavalry Crossbow really did give everyone a big shock.

Bladelight and the other Warriors were firmly blocking the Goblin Eviscerator. No matter how it struggled, it was unable to break free. It was irrevocably stuck even after becoming enraged. The Mages continued shelling it with magic. Two minutes later, its health finally fell to zero, and it collapsed to the ground.

A wave of players shined with a brilliant light. The Goblin Eviscerator gave a generous amount of experience. More than half of the expedition team members levelled up. Nie Yan checked his experience bar. It was now 70% of the way filled. This was quite considerable.

Bladelight searched through the pile of scrap metal. Surprisingly, he found five pieces of equipment, several gems, and one Energy Key Fragment.

The Goblin Eviscerator had dropped a ton of loot. Their luck was pretty good!

“What dropped?” Nie Yan asked.

Some of the team members helped appraise the items.

“Staff of Divine Right, Radiant Sword, Robes of Divine Right, Boots of Divine Right, and Everlasting Chestplate (Dark Gold)!”

They shared the properties of all the equipment in chat. Because they were drops from a Lord-class monster, all of them were Dark Gold-grade!

Three pieces of the Divine Right Set dropped. If the expedition team killed all five Lords, they might be able to complete the full set. It was one of the best Level 40 Holy Priest sets out there.

“Radiant Sword for 20,000 merit points. Do any of the Paladins want it?” Nie Yan asked.

“I’ll take it. I have enough,” Tuoba Time said. The properties of this Dark Gold-grade sword were outstanding. Even he was moved.

Nie Yan handed over the Radiant Sword to Tuoba Time, then turned to Young Seven, Black Heaven, Painted Muslin, and Moon Child and asked, “Which one of you wants the Divine Right Set?”

“I’ll concede it to the ladies,” Young Seven said in a very gentleman-like tone. The Divine Right Set was farmable in Everlasting City, so they could just grind out another one in the future if necessary.

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