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Ch 9 – Changes (2)

Ye Qingtang could still remember the past after Duan Tianrao had renounced their engagement. In just a few days, he announced his own engagement with Ye Xun in the presence of all the families who had gathered for the sacred day in the City of Lin.

She was there as well when the people in the city were all discussing the scandal of the broken engagement. The past her, while having to carry this tremendous burden, attended the event with hopes of getting Duan Tianrao to change his mind. Never in her wildest dreams did she expect to witness Duan Tianrao and Ye Xun becoming a couple, while she became the laughing stock of the whole city.

Ye Xun was a conniving person. In the past, not only did she become the First Lady of the Duan household, she had long since pledged her allegiance to the Great Elder as well. With her wits and astuteness, she became Ye You's future right-hand man.

Ye Qingtang suspected that Ye Xun might have been the one to spike Ye Ling's meals.

After all, she had managed to remain discreet in the Ye household. Before her matter with Duan Tianrao happened, Ye Qingtang would never have suspected her, not to mention Ye Ling, who had always treated her as his own daughter.

When the Great Elder and Ye You lured her to that discreet place and seized her spirit root, wasn't Ye Xun the one who invited Ye Qingtang that day but failed to turn up instead?

Come to think of it, she was afraid Ye Xun was a venomous snake that the Great Elder planted at her side.

"Tang Tang, I'm sorry you have to go through that… if only I had not agreed to their proposal for the engagement…" Ye Ling heaved a sigh, "But on the brighter side, there's now no need for you to force yourself on stage to turn that Sky Wheel during the Sabbath."

Ye Ling had another worry, that was Ye Qingtang being unable to turn the Sky Wheel in her current condition. But now, since the engagement was called off, the Ye household themselves would not require her to go on stage, thus preventing her from receiving any insults.

Turning the Sky Wheel?

Ye Qingtang raised her brows slightly.

Just now, didn't that Duan Tianrao deem her incapable of doing so?

It seemed that her presence at the Sabbath was necessary then.

Even without a spirit root, she was all the more intent on showing Duan Tianrao and all the people from the City of Lin her capability in turning the wheel.

Ye Qingtang brushed aside those contemplations for now. While shaking her head, she smiled and said: "As long as Father is around, I will not feel aggrieved."

That's right, as long as Ye Ling was safe and sound, she couldn't care less about Duan Tianrao.

"Foolish child, your father can't accompany you for a lifetime, you will need to get married, sooner or later." Ye Ling brushed Ye Qingtang's hair affectionately, If it was not for his deteriorating health during these recent years, the Great Elder would not have found the opportunity to take over the household.

Ye Ling could not know when he would finally meet his maker, but what worried him the most was Ye Qingtang's safety and well-being.

Ye Qingtang knew about his worries, but in the past, due to her heartbreak and grief from the matter with Duan Tianrao, she neglected to realize Ye Ling's eccentricities until the Great Elder had him assassinated.  Second Elder, who had just completed his training, was made the scapegoat for his murder. It was only then that Ye Qingtang realized that the Ye household was no longer her abode.

Ye You, having seized Ye Qingtang's quality spirit root as her own, gained the favor of the Cloud-Breaker's sovereign, renowned to be one of the Exalted clans, and was accepted as their disciple. The Great Elder was currently escorting her personally, therefore there was still some time before he returned, and Ye Qingtang must complete all her preparations by then.

Once the Great Elder returns, that's when her true battle begins.

Ye Qingtang made an estimation of the time frame. In her past, the Great Elder returned within half a month, and that was also when the Second Elder, who had always supported Ye Ling and doted on her, almost made his return from completing his training.

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