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Chp 89: Heartwarming (2)

That is to say, even if Ye You was the one at fault, the Cloud-breaker’s sovereign would stop at nothing to protect their own reputation, and would choose to eliminate Ye Qingtang regardless.

“Duly noted, Grandpa Si.” Ye Qingtang was really grateful towards Old Master Si. Other than her father and uncle, he might be the only other person who gave so much thought for her well-being.

“Fortunately, you’ve a new spirit root. I won’t pry into your source for that, but do cherish it. This is Heaven’s way of giving you another chance, make sure you fully utilize it. Right, and luckily there’s still some time left before those preposterously difficult entry examinations. You must be fully prepared. Thank god your father is now in charge and you can make good use of your household’s resources.” Old Master Si rattled on.

Nevertheless, Ye Qingtang gave the nod, listening quietly and appreciating the heartfelt gesture behind his words.

Old Master Si kept Ye Qingtang around for quite a while. Before she left, though he was aware Ye Ling would properly provide for her, nonetheless, he made Si Ye prepare quite a number of tonics as gifts to aid Ye Qingtang in recuperating from the damage inflicted when her original spirit root was taken.

Ye Qingtang could only accept the gifts gratuitously and hold the Si household dearly to her heart.

When she finally left the Si’s residence, she went straight to the Pavilion of Treasures and met up with its manager.

Ever since she had learned her spirit root could transmute upon growth, the significance of Buoys became much more important.

Before she could lay her hands on Sky Dew, Buoys would be the best source of nourishment for her current spirit root.

“Welcome Miss Ye.” Once the manager saw Ye Qingtang, he welcomed her with open arms.

“How’s it going for the Buoys matter I’ve mentioned previously?” Ye Qingtang inquired with a smile.

The manager had a tense look on his face. Previously, Ye Qingtang had put up an outrageous request to monopolize all available Buoys under the Pavilion of Treasure’s flagship. This had certainly kept the manager on his toes. If those Buoys were merely decorative items, unless Ye Qingtang was really out of her mind, why would she buy so many of them?

He had gotten his men to investigate every available channel on a Buoy’s possible application and thus had not replied to her till now, in fear of overlooking and losing out on making a possible killing.

But many days had passed since and even after researching every nook and cranny of their information library and sharing every detail amongst all the branch managers, no additional information was found aside from what was already publicly known.

“Miss Ye, regarding that, I’ve spoken with the other branch managers and they’ve unanimously agreed to your proposal.” Since they were unable to discover any new information on the Buoys, and due to her cordial relationship with the owner, the manager had no choice but to accede to her request.

“Wonderful.” Ye Qingtang gave a fulfilling smile. She knew the manager would have thoroughly investigated on the Buoy’s applications but was confident that its real purpose would not be easily discovered within these few years.

Ye Qingtang proceeded to retrieve twenty thousand gold from her dimension ring and handed them over to the manager. As per agreement, any future Buoys brought in by the Pavilion of Treasures would be sold to Ye Qingtang and this down payment would be deducted accordingly till depletion. She would have to replenish the down payment then but since the Great Elder’s fall, their household finances were once again managed by Ye Ling and her spending would be a lot less restrictive.

The manager laughed heartily as he accepted the payment.

With the matter of the Buoys taken care of, Ye Qingtang then proceeded to purchase quite a number of lesser spirit stones from the boutique and returned home thereafter. The spirit stones were fed to the lightning drake’s hatchling.

The hatchling had slept for a whole day and night, and managed to regain its strength partially. Dragonkin were considered precious spirit beasts and spirit stones were known to be their best source of sustenance. Thus, that bunch of spirit stones bought all ended up as the hatchling’s favorite snack.

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