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Chp 85: Flirting is a Skilled Task (4)

Sky Dew, also known as the essence of the world, was one of the rarest resources known to mankind. Ye Qingtang's purpose for joining Xuan Ling's Clan was to obtain it as well. Cultivators regarded it as a priceless treasure, as it was known to enhance a person's innate prowess upon consumption, even if said person only possessed a common spirit root.

Ye Qingtang was quite gifted, but her innate prowess was greatly impaired when she lost her original spirit root. Thus, she was desperate to join Xuan Ling's clan and get her hands on this treasure to heal this impairment.

She would never have expected this treasure would improve the quality of her new spirit root as well!

With this bonus, Ye Qingtang was ever more determined to join Xuan Ling's clan.

According to her past memories, Ye You's prowess grew by leaps and bounds within a few years after joining the Cloud-breakers. To get her revenge, Ye Qingtang would need to cultivate her prowess without being impeded by any impairment.

Only then could she level the playing field with Ye You.

"Your highness, without those augments you've mentioned…." Mu Su could not help but to prompt for an elaboration.

"The enhancement will be barely adequate." Han Cangming added stoically.

Mu Su was on the verge of tears by now.

On the other hand, Ye Qingtang was feeling uplifted after being assured she was headed in the right direction.

"Thank you, your highness, for everything today." Ye Qingtang gave her heartfelt thanks.

While Han Cangming gazed at the girl's rosy cheeks and elated demeanor, his lucid eyes flashed with an inkling of fascination.

"No worries."

Ye Qingtang smiled radiantly as she curtsied. Having relaxed a little; since her secret was not found out, and getting enlightened over the matter of her new spirit root, she felt that this trip was fruitful.


She did not forget to remind herself, to never get involved with the Temple again, else she would risk letting the cat out of the bag.

"I shall take my leave then. Farewell, your highness." Ye Qingtang was wary of the Imperator's prowess and dared not stay for too long. If her secret was ever found out, she could never hope of getting back home in one piece.

Mu Su was prepared to give them a little more time to get along and did not expect Ye Qingtang to bid her valediction so quickly. He turned his attention to the inner chambers in a hurry, but to his dismay, Han Cangming did not express any intention at keeping her at all!

"Miss Ye, I'll see you out." Mu Su was at his wits' end and could only choke back his frustration, feigning his composure.

"Thank you"

Mu Su escorted her out of the chamber and it was not till they left the building entirely, did Han Cangming finally came out of the inner chambers.

Mu Su could only feel resignation and bafflement by the time he escorted Ye Qingtang to the foyer.

"Miss Ye, in regards to the referral to Xuan Ling's clan, I'll get that settled as soon as possible. They'll have their entry assessment in a month's time. You just need to attend it." Mu Su spoke absentmindedly.

"Thank you, your lordship, for everything." With Mu Su's assurance, Ye Qingtang was confident all her plans would proceed smoothly.

"Nice meeting you and farewell, Miss Ye."

Ye Qingtang did not dwell on their first encounter and left promptly after bidding her valediction.

After she was completely out of sight, Mu Su dashed back to the chamber.

When he saw Han Cangming standing out in the open, he was on the verge of tears again.

"Your highness… "

So, you've finally decided to show yourself, after all this time!

"Has she left?" Han Cangming asked out of the blue.

Mu Su faltered for a moment, and realized he was asking about Ye Qingtang.

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