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Chp 43: Gossip and Rumors (2)

Just when speculations from the crowd's new inferences were going about, an upright figure emerged on the altar's stage and approached Ye Qingtang out of the blue.

Upon getting a closer look, the crowd realized that person was none other than the young prodigy Si Bai, from the Si household!

"Tang Tang, the rites are done. I doubt there's any need for us to loiter around? Grandpa had ordered me to get you home for his game of chess." Si Bai smiled and regarded Ye Qingtang amicably as he extended an invitation to her.

"All right." Ye Qingtang returned his smile after a slight nod, and without paying heed to the surrounding stares, she followed Si Bai off stage.

"What's this? Are they on good terms?"

"Haven't you heard how Mr. Si Bai addressed her? I guess there's more to it than that."

"Ain't there bad blood between the Si and Ye household? Why're they inviting Miss Ye to their residence?"

These series of questions reverberated through the minds of the crowd as they witnessed Ye Qingtang and Si Bai departing together from the stage. The stunning beauty, Ye Qingtang, and the prince charming, Si Bai, walking side-by-side, made the perfect portrayal of an epic couple straight out of fairy tales, a truly wonderful sight to behold.

Everyone knew Si Bai's phlegmatic character, who rarely kept contact with people outside the Si household. However, with him openly inviting Ye Qingtang, and their seemingly intimate relationship….

The crowd automatically turned their attention to Duan Tianrao and his followers standing rigidly beneath the stage.

Their previous assumption of Duan Tianrao ditching Ye Qingtang was completely overturned.

Duan Tianrao, though considered a capable man, still paled in comparison with Si Bai.

"Don't tell me…. calling off the engagement, was not Mr Duan Tianrao's intention? Was it Miss Ye Qingtang getting together with Mr Si Bai, that things ended up this way?"

"Obviously! If you're him, would you give up a goddess for a mere maiden? Unless you're blind, that is."

"The same goes for the ladies as well. Mr Si Bai's definitely the better choice. To think I pitied Miss Ye at first, now should I feel sorry for Mr Duan Tianrao instead?"

The crowd came to a conclusion, that Duan Tianrao was forced to call off his engagement with Ye Qingtang.

Duan Tianrao's face was a riot of color as the crowd's chatters transposed to sarcasm through his ears.

All the humiliation and disgrace that was supposed to be brought upon Ye Qingtang, came back to haunt him.

"Duan-lang…." Ye Xun looked anxiously at Duan Tianrao's stifled demeanor from a side, with eyes filled with worries.

Duan Tianrao heaved a deep breath before turning around, completely ignoring Ye Xun and said to the rest, "Let's go."

Ye Xun was startled by his attitude but could only hang her head behind Duan Tianrui as they left without turning back.

From then on, Duan Tianrao became the laughing stock in the City of Lin.

Before leaving, Ye Qingtang sought Ye Ling's consent for her to visit the Si household. Ye Ling was obviously elated at the moment and without reading too much into it, he gave her his consent whilst he returned home, as happy as a clam.

No one would dare criticize her daughter's looks again in the future!

Within the main hall of the Si's residence…

"Master Si, are you certain?" Ye Qingtang, who turned up at their invitation, had her eyes widened, while a radiant smile played on her lips.

Old Master Si nodded and reiterated, "The purpose of calling you here today on such short notice, is to notify you first-hand of his lordship's agreement to meet up with you. His lordship will be gracing us with his presence in a few days." While those words were spoken, Old Master Si could not hide his tone of delight from having his job well done.

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