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Chp 35: Fire Venom (5)

"Miss Ye must have planned for this way ahead. To mix the ground scales as an additive into existing medications will take up more time. By applying it straight into an open wound, the venom in the bloodstream will be directly suppressed. Its…. the first time I've seen such a method."

Si Ye stared at Ye Qingtang, with eyes full of suspicion and bewilderment.

After emptying a full bottle of ground Ifrit's scales into the wound, Si Qiong's parched skin gradually recovered at a rate that was visible to the naked eye. His fever subsided and his breathing became steady as well.

All these panned out like a miracle right before Si Ye's eyes.

Ye Qingtang ensured there was nothing remaining in the bottle before concluding her treatment. She kept the empty bottle and said: "This will suppress the Fire Venom within his body. But to fully neutralize its toxin, he'll still require the Ice Lotus"

Si Ye glanced at Ye Qingtang confoundedly before turning to Dr. Xu for his assessment on Si Qiong's condition. His mood had certainly mellowed out.

Dr. Xu reassessed Si Qiong's vital signs and just as Ye Qingtang had determined, "His condition has stabilized, there should be no further issues for the time being."

When Si Ye learnt that the venom had indeed been suppressed, he secretly heaved a sigh of relief.


When he perceived Ye Qingtang's indistinct smile, Si Ye's initial sense of indignation turned into embarrassment and his dashing face grew slightly red.

"Miss Ye…. I'm sorry…" Si Ye made an awkward apology. Even though he had a hard time believing it, but Ye Qingtang had truly accomplished what she had claimed at first.

Ye Qingtang smiled but kept quiet. Winning the hearts and minds of the Si household was never a walk in the park. Otherwise, she would not have tried her best at saving their lives.

Si Ye, while still being stifled with embarrassment, announced quickly, "I'll inform grandpa." With that said, he left without daring to look behind him.

Si Ye came to the main hall and told Old Master Si that Si Qiong was out of danger.

When Old Master Si learnt that it was all thanks to Ye Qingtang, he had quite a complicated look on his face. After a moment of silence, he heaved a sigh and said: "Looks like we have owed her a favor, again."

"Grandpa, what's up with her?" Si Ye was obviously flustered.

Old Master Si looked at his ruffled grandson, before revealing Ye Qingtang's story, of how she requested for a meeting with Mu Su in exchange for treating Si Bai and the predicaments she faced in the Ye household.

Si Ye was greatly astonished at what he heard.

"Si Ye…. I'm afraid it won't be easy for us to return her favors now." Old Master Si showed a bittersweet countenance. If treating Si Bai had, for a time being, reduced his prejudice, topping that off by saving Si Qiong's life had completely earned his trust towards the ill-fated girl from the Ye household.

If it was not for Ye Qingtang, two lives would have been lost.

Si Ye was deep in his thoughts when Old Master Si noticed his left arm dangling abnormally from his shoulders, "What's wrong with your arm?"

Si Ye faltered for a moment after being reminded of his dislocated arm. He chuckled nonchalantly, before setting his arm in place, "Just a lesson that I deserved."

"Grandpa, I'm the one who treated her with impertinence in the first place. I'll apologize to her formally in a while." Si Ye added sincerely.

Old Master Si brushed off his statement by waving a hand, "Although she's still young, she's totally incomparable to other girls her age. Since she hasn't hold it against you, I'm sure she has not taken this matter to heart. Just one thing you'll need to remember, we must regard her with honor and respect in the future."

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