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Chapter 2025: Allied Forces (1)

The Mu Family Clan Master was shocked.

Mu Feiruo looked at the whispering Ancient Clans and said, “Should we grovel and hide away just because the Ancient You Clan is powerful? How hard did our ancestors work to build us into Ancient Clans? Are we going to let ourselves become a joke just like that?”

Yes, they might be able to live out the rest of their lives if they ran away now. But how would they ever dare to show their faces again under the constant threat of massacre from the Ancient You Clan?

Their glory and pride would be reduced to nothing, trampled and forgotten in a sea of embarrassment. All of their pride and dignity would be crushed by their desire to survive.

“Holy Lord, please count me in as well.” Another Ancient Clan member stepped forward.

“I hope the Holy Lord does not mind that my strength is lacking. As long as I can help wipe the Ancient You Clan out, I am willing to offer everything I have,” another youth said sincerely.

With his words, more and more Ancient Clan youth stepped up, ignoring the unhappy glances of the Clan Elders, and walked resolutely towards Ye Qingtang.

“Father, when Mother and Elder Sister died by the hands of the Ancient You Clan, you said that we would get revenge one day. Have you forgotten how cruelly they killed our people?” An Ancient Clan youth looked at his reluctant father.

Many of the Ancient Clans had flocked to the Temple of Shadows to seek refuge in an extremely short amount of time.

But not all of them had reached safely.

After some of them had left to seek refuge, the remaining people became the Ancient You Clan’s targets. There had been many deaths and countless Ancient Clan people had perished in the hands of the Ancient You Clan.

The Clan Elders all shouldered a heavy burden and none of them wanted their clan to perish under their rule.

The youths on the other hand were filled with passion and sincerity.

“You’re right! We still haven’t avenged the deaths of Yun Niang and Ling’er. How can I run away?” The middle-aged Clan member’s eyes reddened and he stepped forward decisively.

More and more Ancient Clan members were understanding the situation. Rather than spend the rest of their lives in hiding, they should go out in an intense battle.

That way, they could still live like humans!

The Clan Elders who were still opposed to it had complicated expressions on their face, but finally let go after seeing that most of the Ancient Clan people had made their decisions.

“Holy Lord, forgive us for our foolishness. We have nothing to fear even if we are fighting to the death with the Ancient You Clan if you are with us.” A Clan Master looked at Ye Qingtang with determination in his eyes.

Their clan’s reputation couldn’t be ruined by them running away!

They still had a chance if they chose to fight. There would be no hope at all if they chose to run.

Ye Qingtang smiled. She knew that the Ancient Clans would be afraid. After all, the longer their power accumulated, the more they had to lose.

And they no longer had anything to lose.

“Who said that we’re the only one fighting against the Ancient You Clan?” Ye Qingtang said as she lifted her eyes.

The Ancient Clans had no idea what she was saying and followed her gaze.

A black line suddenly appeared on the other side of the plain. Many black figures were flying towards them in the air.

“That’s…” An Ancient Clan Elder’s eyes widened in disbelief.

Thousands of flying mounts raced across the sky as countless alien race clans rushed towards them like waves of the ocean!

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