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Chapter 1925: The Eight Tribe Leaders (1)

“Where is that person you mentioned earlier? I will kill him first.” Having been imprisoned for over ten thousand years, Ming Di’s murderous itch had been suppressed for far too long. It couldn’t wait to go on a massacre.

Its bloodlust could tolerate nothing less.

Ye Qingtang was feeling exasperated by Ming Di’s desperate urge to kill. She more or less understood now why the Holy Lord of Shadows had to imprison this fellow…

Its character…

If this dragon had been unleashed in Central Mainland without any restrictions, it wouldn’t take long before the Undead Clan was the only clan left on the mainland.

“I was just investigating his whereabouts. I believe that we will be able to locate him soon.” Of course, Ye Qingtang acted as if she greatly approved of Ming Di’s murderous rampage.

“Let them continue searching. I will not wait beyond three days.” Ming Di’s eyes turned toward the bunch of ancient clan members.

The eyes of the fretful clan members instantly brightened at Ming Di’s words.

“The Holy Lord is indeed benevolent. Don’t worry, we will trace this person’s whereabouts immediately.”

Ye Qingtang, “…”

You are all mistaken!!

Ye Qingtang felt a major headache coming on. She had released Ming Di to prevent the effeminate-looking youth from coming to the Temple of Shadows again.

But now, Ming Di was openly seeking him out.

Meanwhile, those ancient clan members seemed to have subconsciously overlooked the meaning of Ming Di’s final words.

I will not wait beyond three days…

Ming Di planned to slaughter all the living creatures in Central Mainland. What were those fools so happy about? Did they think they were not included?

Ye Qingtang felt very helpless. But on second thought, this might be better. First, have those ancient clan folks leave to try and locate that youth. If they failed, she would just have to find another excuse to hold Ming Di back.

The ancient clan leaders had no idea what Ye Qingtang was thinking. They just took it to mean that the Holy Lord of Shadows was willing to help. Choosing to see it all as a sign of hope, they quickly ordered their men to go find information about the youth’s whereabouts.

Ye Qingtang found an excuse to get Ming Di to return to “rest up” before she returned to the Temple of Shadows.

Just after Ye Qingtang had stabilized the earlier situation, the eight tribe leaders hurried over on hearing that the Holy Lord of Shadows was back. Now they were gathered in one of the temple halls and stared at Ming Wang with heavy expressions.

“Since the Holy Lord’s return, has she mentioned how to deal with the matter of the Sacred Ground of Reflection?” the Goblin Tribe leader asked.

In contrast to Ming Wang, who believed in Ye Qingtang’s identity, the eight tribe leaders continued to view this newly-returned “Holy Lord” with suspicion. They just felt that although this Holy Lord looked the same, there were many differences in the way she handled things since her return.

“Nothing.” Ming Wang spoke without any expression. His tone was perfunctory, as if he wasn’t paying much attention.

The eight tribe leaders all noticed Ming Wang’s strange behavior and exchanged looks.

They knew very well that Ming Wang was completely loyal to the newly-returned Holy Lord. It would be futile for them to try and probe for any information from Ming Wang.

“The situation at the Sacred Ground of Reflection has been pretty chaotic. Since the Holy Lord was willing to form an alliance with the Sacred Ground of Reflection, we should follow her orders on how to handle the matter. Where is the Holy Lord now? Will she have the time to meet us?” the Demon Tribe leader asked.

“Also, I heard that the human who has been causing trouble in Central Mainland recently turned up at our Temple of Shadows. I wonder if the Holy Lord has said anything about that?” Another of the tribe leaders piped up.

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