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Chapter 19 - The Revenge is Mine (4)

The Cloud-Breakers. Just hearing its name sent shivers down Old Master Si's spine. As one of the prominent clans of the Exalted, its disciples were heralded as masters of martial prowess, possessing the strength to undermine the whole empire!

"That does ring a bell."

Ye Qingtang smiled and asked: "Then, does Master Si know why she was scouted?"

Old Master Si pondered for a moment: "Rumor has it that Ye You possesses an exquisite spirit root."

Ye You being scouted by the Cloud-Breakers had become a hot topic among the people in the City of Lin. The Great Elder had even ensured that news of her high-quality spirit root was properly disseminated.

Ye Qingtang burst out laughing, her ringing laughter carried a tone of ineffable irony, "That spirit root was originally mine."

Old Master Si was stunned in an instant. Ye You's spirit root belonged to Ye Qingtang?

Ye Qingtang lifted the hem of her shirt, exposing her fair abdomen that revealed a repulsive scar roughly the size of two fingers, accentuated because of its contradiction to the fair and flawless skin around it.

"It was Ye You who single-handedly pried open my stomach and dug out my spirit root to replace as her own. All these were conspired by the Great Elder, for the purpose of granting his granddaughter an exquisite spirit root. He did this to me, the heir to the household, without a second thought. So, do you think, for the sake of his own ambition, he will hesitate to remove any obstacles in his way?" Ye Qingtang spoke nonchalantly while adjusting her shirt, as though that tormenting experience was someone else's.

Everyone else in the main hall was totally shocked by her revelation.

Dissecting the abdomen to harvest the spirit root, directly from a living person!

The level of cruelty exercised was unimaginable!

The spirit root is the foundation for all cultivators of martial prowess and also the source of their power. Harvesting someone else's spirit root for one's own use was a deplorable taboo that was greatly shunned by even the lowest thugs and scums of the society!

Who could have known such a taboo would occur in a prestigious family like the Ye household?

Old Master Si took a deep breath, at this moment, he finally realized that the purpose of Ye Qingtang's visit, was to find a way out for her father and herself.

Judging from the current situation at the Ye household, where the Great Elder hold the reins, their future and their lives would obviously be in peril….

Ye Qingtang's eyes were crystal clear as she looked at Old Master Si and said: "As a gesture of my goodwill, the two list of prescriptions which I wrote will resolve the young master's current predicament. Not only will he enjoy a smooth recovery, I'm also confident in restoring his constitution to that of a normal person. This way, he may well live to a hundred."

Ye Qingtang's proposition was like music to Old Master Si's ears.

Hee had spared no effort to find means and ways to prolong Si Bai's life all the time, so he greatly treasured Ye Qingtang’s offer.

"Then, what do you want from us? If supporting you against your Great Elder is what you seek, I'm afraid that's not possible. If I had the rights and means to do that, I would have exterminated your household long ago." Old Master Si asked precariously.

Ye Qingtang chuckled and reassured him: "Do not worry, I prefer to stand on my own feet and repay my vengeance with my own hands. What I'm requesting is just a small favor from your good self."

"As long as it's not getting us involved in your internal conflict, you only have to ask." Old Master Si gave his word.

Ye Qingtang's eyes twinkled in amusement, what she really wanted was literally, his words.

"I'd like Master Si to introduce me to a person."


"Mu Su."

A slight change came over Old Master Si's countenance as he looked at Ye Qingtang in surprise.

Mu Su was the marquis of the City of Luoxing, a prestigious dignitary, who possessed unfathomable powers that even Overlords had to bow down to. He was also a man for all seasons and was on friendly terms with various Exalted clans.

The Si Household being acquainted with Mu Su was a secret that only a few within the Si household were aware of. How on earth did Ye Qingtang know about this?

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