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Chapter 1607: 1607
Everyone took a deep breath when they saw that Long Qi could not resist the force from Ye Qingtang's fingers. His face was totally red, and his nerves could be seen clearly on his neck. The Emperor's expression darkened.

General Qiao was surprised and delighted.

He knew exactly how terrifying Long Qi's ability was.


He was like a child who could not even resist the force in front of his daughter.

Long Qi's face was pale red. He abandoned the sword when he knew that he could not resist Ye Qingtang's force. Instead, he swung his fist at Ye Qingtang's face!

Ye Qingtang snapped her finger lightly…

Long Qi was sent flying and hit the wall of the palace. The wall collapsed under the force.

"Someone come here right now!" The Emperor shouted as his face turned pale. He had just witnessed how the most powerful person under him was thrown out by Ye Qingtang's finger.

Ye Qingtang was really annoyed by the Emperor's roar, and she finally realized that the difference between her and the "powerful figures" in this world was as big as the universe. She kicked the broken sword that Long Qi dropped, and the sword pierced into the wall behind the Emperor.

The Emperor's teeth trembled as he saw the broken sword flying past his face.

"You… How dare you to try to murder me…"

Everyone who was present was stunned as they did not expect Ye Qingtang to attack the Emperor.

General Qiao was determined to protect his daughter, but he was terrified when he saw that his daughter was acting out of manner.

"Qiao'er, No!"

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Ye Qingtang did not bother about others' reactions. She only remembered the second mission given by that cunning god.

The Emperor's face was filled with terror. Ye Qingtang contemplated for a second and said, "What's the matter with Dongfang Qing's death? If you want the immortal elixir, I can refine one for you."

"You? What do you use to refine? Are you a Taoist Master? You think that when you say you can, it really means you can achieve that? Even Master Dongfang did not manage to refine the immortal elixir! How dare you say such things…" The Emperor was agitated and scared at the same time.

Ye Qingtang raised her eyebrows.

"Dongfang Qing is just a piece of junk. What Master? Everything he could refine, I can do that as well. Anything he can't, I can."

"Those are really some big words. Do you think that you are an immortal? How dare you disrespect the Master." The Emperor stared at Ye Qingtang and felt that the eldest daughter of the Su family was getting crazier.

"Immortal?" Ye Qingtang's lips curved into a small smile.

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"I am one."

After Ye Qingtang finished her words, the Emperor could mock and scold her at the same time if it was at the right time.

"What evidence do you have to prove that you are an immortal?"

She is an immortal?

How ridiculous!

Besides the first Emperor, who else dared to say that they had met an immortal in the past thousands of years?

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She dared to call herself an immortal.

"Evidence?" Ye Qingtang glanced around, and her smile deepened.

"Have you seen someone flying in the air?"

"Flying in the air?" The Emperor frowned slightly.

Before the Emperor finished his words, Ye Qingtang pushed herself above the ground.

A pair of invisible wings extend behind her back. However, besides Ye Qingtang, no one else could see them.

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