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Published at 18th of October 2020 03:08:29 PM

Chapter 1479: Elder Cabinet 3
When Jiang Lang and Mo Yi's daughter were just born, the Domain Monarch sensed the incubating variant Heavenly Demon Bloodline in her body. However, this matter was not made public, and extremely few people in the Jiang Family knew about it.

The Domain Monarch originally intended for the cabinet elders to check the child's endowments, but an accident happened unexpectedly, and the child was lost.

The Domain Monarch was infuriated over this matter and secretly sent people to search for the child's location without divulging the variant Heavenly Demon Bloodline in the child.

"When she returns from the Land of Infinite Demons, bring her to the Elder Cabinet. I will look at her condition with other cabinet elders. The variant Heavenly Demon Bloodline is too rare. If there's still a chance for reversal, we can invest our efforts on that child," the cabinet elder said seriously.

Elder Xu nodded lightly. The cabinet elders paid most attention to the endowments of the juniors in the Jiang Family and almost never interfered in other matters.

A few days later, it was the day for the selected members of the Jiang Family to head to the Land of Infinite Demons.

Everyone finished packing and was ready to set off in the morning.

Before they left, Mo Yi placed a talisman in Ye Qingtang's hand. She brought that talisman from her Ancient Dynasty clan and had been using it as life protection as she had not returned to her clan for a long time since her marriage.

Although Jiang Xun was going along this time, Mo Yi was still worried and only reluctantly watched Ye Qingtang leave after warning her for a long time.

About a few dozen people from the Jiang Family headed to the Land of Infinite Demons this time, including Ye You. Apart from Jiang Qin, Jiang Shun, and the people who Ye Qingtang had seen before, there were still some clan members of the Jiang Family who she had never seen before who were also headed there.

In the group, one youth stood out especially. He was the last to appear. Donned in white clothes, he had an aloof expression and striking features, but there was a distant aura to him.

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"That is Jiang Qi." Jiang Xun whispered to Ye Qingtang after sensing that youth's aura.

Jiang Qi?

Ye Qingtang blanked out slightly at the sight of that familiar youth.

In her previous life, after Ye Qingtang arrived in the Central Mainland, many people were after her life as her Heart of the Demon God was exposed. The Jiang Family also sent many people to take Ye Qingtang's life as well, and in a certain pursuit, she was cornered into a desperate situation. Then, she met this youth called Jiang Qi after she barely escaped.

Jiang Qi was already well known in this mainland at that time, and his skills were so formidable and superior to similar-aged counterparts. Ye Qingtang knew that he was from the Jiang Family and originally thought that she would die.

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Unexpectedly, Jiang Qi looked at her indifferently and walked away as though he never noticed her.

Ye Qingtang escaped from death that time.

Compared to that time in her previous life, Jiang Qi was now younger, but his indifference was exactly the same.

Jiang Qi stood aside silently in a supercilious manner as though everyone around him did not exist. Rather, many gazes gradually landed on him.

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"Aunt Qin, that person is…" Ye You also noticed Jiang Qi. She had been in the Jiang Family for such a long time but never met Jiang Qi before.

Jiang Qin took a look and murmured. "That is Jiang Qi of the Elder Cabinet."

Elder Cabinet…

After Ye You entered the Jiang Family, she did hear rumors about the Elder Cabinet too, but youths who could be personally chosen by the cabinet elders to enter the Elder Cabinet to cultivate were all top talents of the Jiang Family.

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