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Chapter 1346: 1346
1346 Illusory Void 3 Inhaling deeply, she focused on all her strength .

Ming Wang narrowed his eyes at this instant .

In the next second, crimson light suddenly shot out from the eyes of the huge skull . The skull’s tightly-shut mouth opened, letting out an incoherent growl!

Astonishment flashed across Ming Wang’s eyes, and an expression of surprise filled his seemingly-emotionless face .

The enormous nebular arch slowly activated with the skull’s growl, and gray fog rushed out from inside .

The door… actually opened .

Ye Qingtang widened her eyes in surprise at the opened nebular arch, and her astonishment was no less than Ming Wang’s .

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What was going on?

Wasn’t the Holy Lord of Shadows the only one able to open this arch?

Could it be that Ming Wang deceived her on purpose?

But Ming Gu also said that only the Holy Lord of Shadows could enter .

Ye Qingtang was filled with confusion, but she had no time to analyze the reasons right now . Inside the opened arch was pitch darkness, and only gray fog rushed out to surround Ye Qingtang .

Since it was opened, she could only enter .

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Ye Qingtang clenched her fists discreetly, summed her courage, and walked into the darkness .

As Ye Qingtang entered the nebular arch, the skull’s growl finally stopped, and the crimson light faded away slowly . The opened nebular arch closed along with the extinguished crimson light .

The loud sound of the closing doors echoed around the entire underground palace .

The astonishment on Ming Wang’s face never diminished . As he looked at the tightly-shut nebular arch before him, the indifference in his eyes was overshadowed by a glow like never before .

“Ah Yao…”

Are you really back?

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On the other side, Ye Qingtang heard the sound of the nebular arch shutting behind her . However, the moment the door closed, the darkness was enshrouded by a piercing light .

Ye Qingtang closed her eyes instinctively . Before she adjusted to this strong light, a burst of laughter traveled into her ears .

“… How many years has it been… Someone finally entered the Illusory Void . I have really waited for a long time . ”

That voice was very strange . It sounded like that of an elderly yet also like that of a young child . Two starkly different feelings were blended into this one voice .

Ye Qingtang opened her eyes slowly . The strong light had already disappeared and was replaced by a jaw-dropping scene .

A large nebular filled her surroundings . It was as though numerous stars filled the dark night sky, which appeared to span across limitlessly from where she was standing .

“This is…” Ye Qingtang looked down and realized that she was actually stepping on stars . The nebula beneath her moved, and there was nothing to stand on . It was as though she was in space right now .

This is the Illusory Void?

Astonishment filled Ye Qingtang’s eyes . Never would she have thought that inside the nebular arch hid such an illusory galaxy .

“Welcome to the Illusory Void, lucky explorer . ” That voice rang once again, though there was no source . It was as though every corner of this nebula could hear the voice clearly .

“Explorer…” Ye Qingtang pondered over the meaning of this term repeatedly .

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