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Published at 5th of September 2020 02:15:46 PM
Chapter 1232: How Did I Put This On? 3
Ye Qingtang sighed. If she could properly grasp the opportunity that the Temple of Shadows presented, of course that would be the best. But now…

She did not dare to grasp it. Just remaining undetected was a problem.

"I will take note of that," Ye Qingtang said.

"Miss Ye does not need to worry. Anytime you are troubled, I am always willing to lend a listening ear." Ling Yan's laughing voice rang out again.

Ye Qingtang wanted to say a few more words, but there was a sudden knocking on the door of her sleeping chambers. Ye Qingtang immediately turned off the voice transmission stone and opened the door.

An Undead was standing outside the door, holding an intricate gold-gilded black box. When it saw Ye Qingtang, it immediately bowed.

"Holy Lord, the Holy Son ordered me to bring all the Dharma artifacts to the Holy Lord."

Ye Qingtang took the box and nodded slightly.

The Undead spoke again. "Holy Lord, please rest assured that other than the incident with the Nine Souls Ring, no one has touched the Holy Lord's things …"

"It doesn't matter," replied Ye Qingtang.

The Undead was slightly taken aback and then immediately responded. "I have said too much. After all, only the Holy Lord herself can use her Dharma artifacts. Even if someone else obtained them, they would be useless. I should not have spoken out of turn. I will now go and accept my punishment."

Before Ye Qingtang could speak, the Undead covered its face and ran off to accept its punishment.

"Why are these Undead all volunteering for punishment like masochists?" The little white tiger poked its head out and muttered as it watched the disappearing figure.

But Ye Qingtang stood there in a daze.

Only the Holy Lord could use her things?

What did it mean?

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She almost subconsciously turned on the voice transmission stone.

"Ling Yan, is it true that only the Holy Lord of the Temple of Shadows can use her Dharma artifacts?"

"That is what the rumors say," replied Ling Yan.

"… then why did you ask me to borrow them?" Ye Qingtang murmured.

A laugh came from the other end of the voice transmission stone.

"That's what the rumors say, but since it is you, Miss Ye, I think you can use them."

"What does that mean?" Ye Qingtang vaguely sensed that Ling Yan's words had a deeper meaning.

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But this time, Ling Yan did not reply.

After waiting for a moment, Ye Qingtang realized that Ling Yan had turned off his voice transmission stone. Perhaps something had happened on his side.

Ye Qingtang carried the gold-gilded black box and sat wordlessly on a chair. She wanted to open the box but realized that the black box was locked and could only be opened by an incantation.

The incantation was carved on the outside of the black box, but it was in the language of the Undead Clan.

Ye Qingtang could not read a single word.

"Forget it, even if I opened it, I probably can't use it." Ye Qingtang set the gold-gilded black box aside.

But the little white tiger walked around the black box, then suddenly jumped into Ye Qingtang's lap. It stared at Ye Qingtang's face.

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Ye Qingtang was puzzled by the little white tiger's stare.

But the little white tiger said, "No one else can use the Holy Lord's Dharma artifacts?"

"Um." Ye Qingtang nodded slightly.

The little white tiger's gaze suddenly fell on Ye Qingtang's wrist.

"Then how did you put the Nine Souls Rings on previously?"

"…" Ye Qingtang was startled. At that moment, she remembered that she had previously put on the Nine Souls Rings as the Undead looked on.

Ye Qingtang subconsciously felt her wrist. She could clearly feel the shape of the Nine Souls Rings.

How had she put it on?!

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