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Ye Qingtang's tiny figure dashed across the forest. The trees behind her served as a natural barrier from the two demonic beasts. Her sight was sharp, and she scanned through the trees that looked totally alike to each other. Suddenly, her feet tapped softly and flew towards an insignificant tree. She raised her sword and struck towards the top of the tree.

A branch was chopped down.

The branch fell onto the ground and turned into a streak of fumes. The fumes then disappeared.

The two beasts that were roaring and chasing behind her suddenly became two balls of black fumes and then dispersed.

Ye Qingtang landed in confidence and stared at the forest that was slowly disappearing in front of her. A tinge of a smile was seen on her face.

Everything in the illusion array was all made from illusions. The only way to break the array was to find out the array center.

Breaking the center could then break the array.

In her previous life, Ye Qingtang was trapped inside for a long time. She was not willing to give up and struggled with all her strength. She only crushed the wax ball when she used up all her energy.

However, in this life…

Ye Qingtang lowered her head and stared at the complete wax ball, and a deep smile appeared in her eyes.

The Illusion array was very difficult for normal candidates. The center of the array was hidden inside the trees that looked exactly the same. Normal people would not be able to distinguish it.


She had lost count the number of times she entered the illusion arrays when she was in the Xuanling Sect in her previous life.

She could remember everything in the array clearly.

The entire forest was now dispersing as layers of fumes. Ye Qingtang witnessed the path that she came from was opened up again. She walked towards the exit slowly.

The middle-aged man who guarded outside the array stared at the young lady in shock. The little figure was so eye-catching in the fog.

She broke the array!

The middle-aged man was totally stunned.

The illusion array was the first sect assessment. Only three to five people managed to do so in the past thousands of years. Those few were extremely talented and were born in array family clans. That was the reason why they could break the array.

Those few people spent at least half a day to break the array, and some even spent one or two days.

How much time had passed since Ye Qingtang entered?

This amount of time was not even enough for her to see through the views in the array.

How could she break the array?

The middle-aged man could not figure out an answer, and he remained in surprise.

"I have broken the array. Can I go to the next assessment location now?" Ye Qingtang walked out calmly and looked towards the stunned middle-aged man.

Fear came from inside. When one conquered fear, all beasts from the illusion would disappear.

The middle-aged man pulled himself out of surprise. He adjusted his emotions and said, "You can now proceed to the next assessment location."

Ye Qingtang nodded and left.

The middle-aged man stared at her back, and multiple thoughts arose in his head. He found the way Ye Qingtang broke the array peculiar, and instinctively he contacted the elders who witnessed the entire assessment process through the psychic tablet.

Only the elders would know what exactly happened in the array.

"Elders, Ye Qingtang just now…" The middle-aged man spoke to the psychic tablet.

Before he could finish his words, Elder Qin's voice was heard from the psychic tablet.

"Ye Qingtang broke the array by herself. There was no abnormality to the array."

The middle-aged man was stunned and did not question further.


Within the sect, after speaking to the middle-aged man, Elder Qin looked towards Elder Lin, whose face was unpleasant.

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