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Chapter 2056: Little You Yun (1)

The Crimson League troops were already gathered outside the stretch of mountains. Flying beasts roamed the skies as the air filled with their roars.

As the one leading the Ancient You Clan, Elder Yuan’s face was as dark as charcoal when he heard the news.

“How did the Crimson League know where to find us?” Elder Yuan’s eyes flitted over the people in front of him.

This question had been in his mind ever since he heard the news.

“Was Elder Lu captured by the Crimson League when he went hunting the demon cubs?” another Elder said with a frown.

Elder Lu was supposed to return with Elder Mo but had yet to do so. This was entirely possible. No one suspected that Elder Mo was an impostor since he had You Qiong beside him.

Not only that, Elder Yuan and You Qiong knew each other well, and he had confirmed Ye Qingtang’s fake identity with You Qiong.

“Useless trash!” Elder Yuan’s face darkened further.

“Is the Clan Master back?”

“Not yet.”

Elder Yuan narrowed his eyes. The underground world couldn’t be attacked now. The Spiritual Abode couldn’t land in the Crimson League’s hands.

“Let that little guy protect the pagoda while we head to battle. Get him to leave with her through the secret passage if anything goes wrong,” Elder Yuan ordered.

A guard immediately went to convey his order.

Little Luo Xue, who was already in the troops, turned back as he heard the order. The Ancient You Clan troops set off as he left, ready to battle the Crimson League and the Temple of Shadows.

On the other side, after watching Little Luo Xue leave and confirming that the Ancient You Clan troops had set off, Ye Qingtang and Ning Luo entered the pagoda stealthily.

You Qiong was left in his room.

When Ye Qingtang entered the pagoda again, she felt the same as she did the last time. She couldn’t see the ceiling at all from the first floor.


She started flying towards the top of the pagoda with Ning Luo behind her.

Just as they started flying towards the top of the pagoda, a small figure appeared outside.

Little Luo Xue walked into the pagoda expressionlessly. The moment he entered, he sensed two auras that didn’t belong.

The pagoda was taller than they expected. They finally reached the top floor after flying for a long while.

At the top was a huge stone door. There was a strange totem carved on it.

Ning Luo suddenly stepped forward as he looked at the door and pushed it open.

What they saw behind the door stunned them.

There was another world behind the door. It was so vast that it didn’t look like it fit into the pagoda at all. The entire space was filled with light which looked like it was swimming before their eyes.

There was a petite figure suspended in the air in the middle of all this, with colorful lights wrapped around her.

“Little You Yun…” Ye Qingtang looked at the familiar figure in front of her as her heart trembled.

Wasn’t that Little You Yun, whom she had been looking for such a long time?

At that moment, Little You Yun seemed to be sleeping. Her eyes were tightly shut as a huge ball of light floated in front of her head. The light seemed to fill the entire place and spilled over endlessly to the entire underground world.

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