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Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

"Boom, boom …"

A series of six dark silhouettes appeared out of thin air within the courtyard.

The six of them were dressed in black robes and black cloaks, and wore masks.

Undead Ghost.

All six of them!

They were none other than the Undead Ghost that Long Fei had killed!

After being reforged by the gods pavilion's soul for a few days, their bodies had been reforged one after another. Furthermore, their cultivation levels were the same as before.

The only difference was …

They didn't have their old consciousness.

They only had one consciousness, their master was Long Fei!

Long Fei looked at the six of them and said excitedly: "gods pavilion, you're amazing, my brother!"

gods pavilion was also very pleased and said: "Average."

Not at all.

It had to be known that this was because of the power inside Long Fei's Pubes. Otherwise, it would take at least a year to recreate their bodies using the power of the Holy Source.

It would only take a few days to use the power of Long Fei's Pubes, and it would be six of them at the same time.

In other words …

In just a few days, six experts of the realm of Haoran were reborn!

Long Fei asked: Can I use it now?

gods pavilion said: "Of course, as long as you inject the idea s, they are completely under your control. They can do whatever you want."

"Is there a distance limit?" Long Fei asked again.

gods pavilion said: No, as long as they are still alive, they will be in your control, no matter where. But you must know one thing, after they are dead, they will not be able to reform their soul. After all, they are all formed from a single soul, so theoretically speaking, they cannot be considered human.

His soul was reforming his body.

Even the ancient almighty powerhouse could not do it.

Long Fei replied: "Understood."

gods pavilion said: "If you want to use it, infuse it with the idea now. Their idea s are completely under your control."


Long Fei didn't hesitate as the idea moved, directly pouring the idea into the six people's sea of consciousness through the gods pavilion.

In an instant.

A gleam of light flashed in the eyes of the six people. They looked at Long Fei with a heavy expression and said, "Master!"

Long Fei snickered.

In his mind, he controlled the six idea s.


And then …

Long Fei ordered: "Help me find Mu Changfeng's group of five. Bring them back as soon as you find them."

The six of them replied at the same time, "As you wish."

"Go." Long Fei said.

The six of them turned into six black shadows. They moved and instantly disappeared.

Long Fei sighed, "These people don't know if the experience gained from killing demon beast belongs to me? "If you count it as my experience, then …"

Long Fei's eyes flashed, "Try it next time."

gods pavilion said: "Although the six of them are under your control, their daily missions will consume your energy, so right now, the energy stored within their bodies can be maintained for around ten days or so."


"Why didn't you say anything at the beginning?" Long Fei muttered.

gods pavilion said: "You didn't ask in the beginning, and you have more Pubes s than others, so using it doesn't matter at all."

"F * ck!"

"Just because I, the Pubes, am strong does not mean I do not care." Long Fei said lightly, and didn't mind it much.

Just like what the gods pavilion had said, his Pubes's power was too strong, it could not affect his energy consumption at all.

According to him, there was a time limit on the person who would be reborn in gods pavilion. Once the energy was used up, they would have to recharge it.

Just like charging a phone.

If you run out of electricity, you have to charge it.

"When I thought about Pubes, Long Fei secretly tightened the space between my eyebrows," If I can use the Spirit Moon Realm to sense the glowing plane inside the Pubes and draw out that power, then can I, in the Limitless Realm, still sense that power?

In the God Living Mountain, if not for the power of the Pubes released by the Spirit Moon Sect, he would already be dead.

"That energy is extremely powerful."

It was easy to say that he had killed the Haoran Realm powerhouse, but until now, Long Fei had not managed to grasp that degree of power, and if he didn't use it properly, he would devour himself.

"Let's give it a try!"

Long Fei sat cross legged, the idea moved, and directly entered the Pubes.

In the vast universe, Long Fei's idea was like a speck of dust, very little, only... This tiny speck of dust could think of the entire universe.

"Huff …"

Long Fei released the power of the Limitless Realm.

He released his strength.

In this star relate to Dantian, this force was like a wanderer.

Lonely and helpless.

Against the starry sky, this power was too weak.

Long Fei's idea was unceasingly feeling it. The plane of the star relate to Dantian was too big, too big, it was simply unable to feel its limit.

"Can't you find it?"

"Could it be that only the power of the Lunar Scourge can find a matching power?"

"I can't possibly stay in the Divine Moon Realm all my life, right? Furthermore, I have already levelled up to the Boundless Realm. "

Long Fei was very gloomy.

When he was using the holy-moon state, as long as he released the power of the divine moon, he would immediately be able to sense that the light plane released the power of the sun and moon.

But now … Long Fei had already searched for a while, but the Pubes did not have any energy to appear.

Long Fei was a little depressed.

Just when he wanted to retract his strength.


A ray of light pierced the night sky.

In an instant.


That beam of light was directly linked to the Infinity Energy Long Fei released.


An ear-piercing buzz exploded.

Long Fei's ear drums almost exploded. The instant his power connected, a huge primal chaos diagram appeared at the point of the energy link.

Yin Yang Taiji.

It was as though his strength had exploded.

"Holy sh * t!"

"This power …"

"Damn, this is even stronger than the power of the sun and moon."

"This …"

Long Fei could feel the power inside the Primal Chaos diagram. His blood boiled and every hair on his body stood on end.

"If I can release this power …"

"Then what?"

Long Fei carefully controlled it, and did not dare to rashly release his power, he was worried … will destroy the entire Mu Clan.

This was because the power of the primal chaos diagram was truly intrepid.

One miscontrol.


Another failure.


Long Fei continued to search for the right place.

He believed that the later realms were fine as well. Moreover, the higher his realm level was, the stronger the corresponding strength would be among the Pubes.

But the fusion point was common, as long as he found the fusion point, Long Fei would be able to control the power of the Pubes.

The Pubes's power would be under his control.

Then who did he have to be afraid of?

worked hard the entire night …

However, he still did not find the right place in the morning.

Long Fei was not worried, the Pubes was in his body, as long as he did not die, he could cultivate and find the perfect place to cultivate.

If one night was not enough, then ten days. If ten days were not enough, then a month would have passed. As long as he found the perfect match point, he believed …

That would be the time to destroy everything.

In the morning, the sun was shining in the yard.

Long Fei's eyes slightly opened, and spat out a mouthful of impure Qi, after which he looked at Mu Yun who had similarly not slept a night, and was still squatting in the corner.

Long Fei was cultivating. Mu Yun would never rest.

Long Fei walked to his side and patted his shoulder, saying: "Let's go, today is your big day."

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