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Chapter 679: Start

The King of Medicine had said this to Fu Meng before.

The person beside him was initially curious about the person General Yuan mentioned. Now that the King of Medicine said this, he had no intention of asking.

“Your miracle doctor sect doesn’t dare because you don’t have the ability.” The Murong Family Head arrived late and heard the King of Medicine’s words. He couldn’t help but smile. “How do you know that Miss Su doesn’t have it either?”

Others might not know, but he knew it very well. Not to mention anything else, even the potion teacher was amazed by Su Huiqing’s medical skills and her ability to refine potions.

News of the conflict between the miracle doctor’s sect and the Murong Family had already spread for a long time. It was not strange to see the two of them opposing each other. However, everyone lowered their heads and didn’t dare to say anything.

“Murong Family Head, you must be worried about something else.” The King of Medicine looked at the Murong Family Head and sneered.

His lips curled up in disdain.

The King of Medicine was not talking about anything else but the fact that the Murong Family’s potion this year was not available.

Upon hearing this, although the Murong Family Head’s smile froze, he didn’t soften his attitude. “You don’t have to worry.”

The people sitting beside the two of them looked at one another and secretly made a decision.

Old Master Zhuge didn’t take the matter between the two of them to heart. Instead, he turned to look at General Yuan. “General Yuan, what’s the name of the person you recommended?”

“Old Master Zhuge, her name is Su Huiqing.” General Yuan raised his brows. He didn’t know why Old Master Zhuge suddenly asked Su Huiqing, but he still answered truthfully, “She is one of my companions.”

He was talking about companions, not juniors.

Upon hearing General Yuan’s words, Old Master Zhuge glanced at General Yuan. To be treated as an equal by him, this Su Huiqing should not be a simple person.

However, Old Master Zhuge didn’t think much of it. Instead, he whispered Su Huiqing’s name.

Su Huiqing didn’t know that most people were talking about her.

She just arrived at the center of the plaza. Entry was prohibited after 10 pm, and ten herbs were distributed by the examiner.

As Su Huiqing was just allowed to enter, the young potion makers could not help but look at her.

“You are not bad.” A red-haired potion maker beside Su Huiqing glanced at her and extinguished the cigarette in his mouth. “You are also here to try?”

Su Huiqing nodded and glanced at the red hair on his head. She felt a little strange. Very few people overseas were so unpopular and even dyed their hair red.

“Are you looking at my hair?” The red-haired boy touched his own hair. “I had this dyed at that Su Corporation chain shop on the streets. Do you know about the Su Corporation chain shop? It’s a business that just came this year.”

Su Huiqing glanced at him again and nodded silently.

How could she not know?

That was the Su Corporation that Dugu Yusheng established overseas to replace the old Su Corporation.

“I see that you are about the same age as me. I have never seen you before at the potion maker’s exchange.” The red-haired boy saw that Su Huiqing didn’t look strange towards his red hair and couldn’t help but nag a little. “You should be like me. You are just here to see the elegance of Immortal Master Zhuge and Miss Fu Meng, right?”

Seeing that Su Huiqing didn’t wish to speak further, the red-haired boy didn’t feel awkward. He just continued to sigh. “Actually, most people are the same. A nobody like us can’t compare to a potion maker nurtured by a big family. Just come and take a look. Who doesn’t know that this disciple of Immortal Master Zhuge has long been reserved by the miracle doctor’s sect?”

“The miracle doctor’s sect?” Su Huiqing glanced at him.

Seeing that Su Huiqing actually glanced at him, the red-haired man blushed. “Everyone knows about this. In terms of nurturing talent, how can ordinary people compare to the miracle doctor’s sect?”

Su Huiqing smiled and snapped out of her trance.

So that was the reason. No wonder the other potion makers didn’t look nervous at all.

As Su Huiqing thought about it, ten herbs were already distributed.

She glanced at the herbs. Out of the ten herbs, more than half of them could not be mixed together.

The person who came up with the questions had put in some effort. This could indeed wipe out a large number of slackers.

Su Huiqing only took a few glances before lowering her eyes slightly. Her mind started to recall the books in the ancient jade. Ever since she obtained that map in the study room previously, she realized that the information regarding the ancient jade in her mind was even more complete.

Once the ten herbs were placed in front of her, nine potion formulas quickly appeared in her mind.

She took out a piece of paper and quickly wrote down the formula for the nine potions.

After she finished writing, she realized that most people were still lowering their heads. Red Hair was still biting his pen.

Su Huiqing couldn’t help but look ahead. Fu Meng’s seat was at the front. Because of her special status, there was no seat beside her. It was obvious that her status was special.

However, Fu Meng was still writing with her head lowered.

As she had yet to hand in her answers, Su Huiqing didn’t wish to be too special. Thus, she sat back on the chair and spun the pen in her hand. She waited for another person to hand in the paper first before she followed behind him.

As she spun the pen in her hand, she was thinking about the wasteland in the north. Once Myriad Dharma City was established, it would definitely face many problems.

The invigilator in the plaza was patrolling seriously. However, he knew that no one would cheat during such a serious time.

As the invigilator, he was also a potion master, but he was a little older.

He stopped beside Fu Meng for a while and saw the potion formula she wrote. He couldn’t help but nod.

He took a few more steps and saw Su Huiqing spinning her pen nonchalantly. He recalled that this was someone recommended by General Yuan and thought that she had some skills. However, now that she was like this, he couldn’t help but shake his head.

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