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Published at 19th of November 2019 12:29:22 AM
Chapter 96.2

Chapter 96 . 2 — A Warm Gift

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Edited by: Larkspur

 Queen, do you need to be this virtuous? You actually knitted a pair of gloves for Film Emperor! They were on the verge of tears from this gesture, ok!

For some, the more expensive a gift, the more moved they would be . A part of it probably has to do with reality and even more so vanity and materialism . However, some are moved by the rarity of the gift . Because of how hard it is to obtain the gift, it is worth being emotionally touched by . This is a very normal human psychology . Of course, this is just one aspect of it . A lot of the gifts, by themselves, probably do not hold much value; but have a lot of thoughts put into which makes people treasure and cherish them .

However, to others, no matter how thoughtful the gift, the value is very hard to measure . Because the value is very hard to measure in terms of money, no matter how expensive the gift, to those who are satisfied with just receiving it; it isn’t worth thinking about . This could instill a type of sorrow or loss in some as a result of having received too much . A gift that pleases one’s heart is indeed rare because this requires a lot of thought placed into!

To Qin Jiran, however, no matter what Yanyi gifted him, he would be incomparably happy . Speaking of gifts, she had personally made them all for him . Just based on the thoughts she placed into it, Qin Jiran was incomparably moved .

As for others, being in the entertainment circle, they were all too familiar with Su Yanyi’s personality . No one could’ve ever imagined that with Su Yanyi’s status and personality, she would gift him something like this . If the box contained an expensive and famous watch or keys that represented different possibilities, they wouldn’t be surprised . But this was just a pair of simple woolen gloves…

“You knitted this?” Qin Jiran asked, softly . Although he had an answer in mind, he didn’t really believe in these surprises .

“Yes, try it on . ” She’d spent the entire afternoon with the system learning . The system’s assist function was indeed very powerful .

Qin Jiran couldn’t wait to try on the gloves . He waved his hands and noticed that it suited him and felt very comfortable . He immediately felt warm .

“Yanyi, let’s go home . ” Qin Jiran grabbed Su Yanyi’s hand as he spoke in an incomparably gentle tone .

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“Ok . ”

Two people, hand in hand, walked away leaving an envious and drooling crew behind .

Whoever gifts me a pair of personally knitted gloves, I will be their boyfriend!

Wow! The Queen is so virtuous . Film Emperor is very blessed!

President Su is so considerate . I’m so jealous and envious!

First, my girlfriend kept telling me how handsome Film Emperor Qin was . I endured it . After all, my girlfriend was gentler than his! Later, my girlfriend kept on telling me about Film Emperor and President Su’s PDA! I endured this too . After all, my girlfriend and I are very affectionate with each other . Now I can’t endure it anymore! Even President Su knows to gift her boyfriend personally knitted gloves . Why don’t I have one?! Is my girlfriend fake? I can’t believe how she isn’t as considerate as President Su . I am really disappointed!

She gifted him personally knitted gloves, whoa! President Su is so romantic . I also want a pair of gloves…

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Film Emperor, the Queen is so gentle and considerate . What are you waiting for? You need to work hard and treat her lovingly so the Queen will know too!”

What should I do? I’m so envious of Film Emperor Qin . Single people want to date!

Clearly, a male fan’s words!

I want to chop my hands off since I don’t have gloves!

Friend, just how resentful are you?!

“Are you hungry? Did you eat dinner?” Qin Jiran asked while driving .

“I ate . ” Su Yanyi responded and asked after a pause, “You?”

“I ate a bit . I’m going to cook some noodles when we get home . Do you want some? Or do you want to go out and eat?” Dinner was too rushed . He hurriedly ate a bit . After filming for such a long time, he was a bit hungry now .

“Go home and eat . ” She originally wasn’t hungry but after what Qin Jiran said, Su Yanyi wanted to eat a bit . She really wasn’t full from dinner . Now, she could have some snacks .

The two happily went back home to eat some noodles . Qin Jiran ate a whole bowl and Su Yanyi finished a smaller one . Despite the fact that no one spoke during the meal, nonetheless, a harmonious air lingered .

Qin Jiran remembered everything Su Yanyi had said . Especially when Su Yanyi had repeated it . He would definitely not forget . So when he received the gifts, he didn’t really need Yanyi to especially remind him . He remembered to give gifts in return . But in reality, Yanyi had done so first . Also, it was mostly because of how busy he was with work .

It was late by the time dinner ended . However, Qin Jiran didn’t say much before he went directly to his study .

Su Yanyi looked around, and without a word directly returned to her bedroom to shower .

Once she was done, she wrapped her wet hair with a towel and walked out . Noticing that Qin Jiran wasn’t back still, her eyes flickered . She turned around and walked to the study .

When Su Yanyi pushed the door and walked in, it seemed like Qin Jiran was getting ready to leave . They were incredibly close to each other and Su Yanyi could see an album or something of the sort in his hands . Qin Jiran also saw Su Yanyi’s dripping hair despite the towel around it .

“It’s for me?” Su Yanyi asked directly .

“Want me to dry your hair?” Qin Jiran asked helplessly, in a tone filled with pampering .

In a tacit understanding, they exchanged their items . As he handed her the album, he said, “It’s reluctantly considered as a gift . Don’t dislike it please . ”

Then he pulled Su Yanyi to the side and sat her down . He started to dry her hair while Su Yanyi started to flip through the album in interest .

The first picture in the album was a picture of the three of them . She wanted to laugh at the little golden turtle’s stupidity . Qin Jiran laughed dotingly, Su Yanyi flickered her eyes . Su Yanyi thought her cold and indifferent face was very beautiful still .

The photo album wasn’t like the ordinary ones . It was the type where someone could casually paste the pictures and was all handmade . It was in line with Qin Jiran’s taste . He had glued the pictures and written captions for each . He had indeed spent a lot of time . Sometimes it was just some simple words to wish her happiness but it was enough to make her feel that way .

Su Yanyi looked through each one . The pictures weren’t taken professionally . Most of it was from their everyday life, especially the second half of the album . It contained pictures of Qin Jiran filming outside and the time they built the snowmen when they went on sleds . There were also some that were taken without her knowledge . These pictures that solely captured the two of them, brought warmth to their hearts .

The last picture was a picture of just herself . The corner of her lips was curled into a smile and there was one in her eyes too . She smiled faintly but happily, very pleased .

“I don’t think I have seen this picture online . ” Su Yanyi had a good memory . There were many pictures of her and Qin Jiran’s PDA online . But this picture didn’t seem to be there . It was also her first time seeing herself with such a happy smile . It felt kind of strange to her as if this wasn’t herself . Didn’t she like to have a cold face? Could it be that whenever she’s with Qin Jiran, she would smile delightfully?

“I hid it . ” How could he bear to let everyone see this beautiful side of Su Yanyi? Perhaps, this belonged to his desire to possess her . Hopefully, only he could see this beautiful side of hers . Then, he could hide it forever in his heart .

He remembered the feeling of happiness surging when he saw this picture from Jiang Xiaobin’s camera . It felt like the entire world was smiling at him . He felt extremely lucky and satisfied . Yanyi’s beautiful smile surfaced when she was with him . Whenever he thought of this, he was extremely happy .

“Hide it? Why?” Su Yanyi didn’t really get his drift . This was a really good picture . Why did he want to hide it? People only hide ugly pictures . For someone as confident as her, there wasn’t a bad side!

Qin Jiran hugged Su Yanyi and spoke in a very gentle tone . “Because I want to hide you . I only want myself to see this beautiful side of you . I will be jealous if someone else sees you like this . ”

This was the first time this man ever confessed his jealousy and desire . Su Yanyi raised her eyebrows and observed the man . He allowed her to look at him and he looked back openly . This was the truest thought in his heart . He wasn’t scared of revealing it to Yanyi!

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