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Chapter 83.3

Chapter 83 . 3 — Father and soon meet 

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If Qin Jiran didn’t know that Yanyi genuinely liked him, he would be too much of a fool then . Based on Yanyi’s personality, if she didn’t really like him, she wouldn’t promise him this!


Right, in regards to the two, Su Yanyi had given him a promise; a promise regarding their relationship . It was also a promise of their future .  


Suddenly, Qin Jiran uncontrollably, tightly hugged Yanyi . Being so close to him, Su Yanyi could feel the slight trembling on Qin Jiran’s body .  


Qin Jiran held her for a while, least intent on loosening his grip . Eventually, when Su Yanyi started to have difficulty in breathing, she was helpless, “If you don’t let go, I’m going to faint . ”


Qin Jiran was shocked before he realized that he was exerting too much pressure . He immediately let go of her and looked at her, worriedly . After seeing that things were ok, he let out a sigh of relief .  


Embarrassed, he explained, “I was too excited . ”


Although she hadn’t said it out loud, he knew what she’d actually meant . He couldn’t help but be excited thinking of their kid in the future .  


“Even if you’re excited, you need to go to sleep . If not, I’m going to . ”

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“I’ll sleep . Let’s sleep together!” Despite how excited he was, he couldn’t rob Yanyi of her sleep . So, let him be excited in secret . Anyway, it wasn’t like he’d fall asleep tonight! 


“Goodnight . ” 


Nevertheless, having resolved the issue of kids, Yanyi believed she would sleep well .  


“Goodnight…” Dear! 


Although Qin Jiran kept the sweet endearment in his heart, the tips of his ears had turned red . Though he didn’t really say it out loud, he did in his heart . He felt extremely blessed and this feeling was amazing! 


A day later, when the Su Family was in deep slumber, Su Yanmo arrived . The only two servants on watch simply reported the situation to Su Yanmo . The Young Master is asleep already and originally, the Lady wanted to sleep by his side, but the Young Master rejected her offer . So, he slept by himself in a hurriedly decorated kid’s room .  


“Let me take a look . ” 


Ever since he’d received the news, Su Yanmo’s expression remained unchanged . He looked displeased throughout his journey home . He’d never imagined such an accident to happen in his life; that he would suddenly have a five-year-old son . It was simply unbelievable! 

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If it’s just his parents who emphasized that the kid bore a resemblance to him, he would’ve definitely not believed it . But after digging through his memory, he remembered meeting a beautiful girl several years ago . They had a one-night and the next day, before he could decide on what to do with regard to the girl, she’d already left . From the start, he didn’t have many feelings for the girl and since it was only a one-night stand, it wasn’t worth dwelling on this matter . Who knew, in the end, it would leave him with a problem like this?! 


A kid… a kid that belonged to him .


 In his heart, Su Yanmo felt fantastic . He walked determinedly to the room that the servant had pointed at . He gently pushed the door open and saw the small figure lying on the huge bed, under the moonlight . If he hadn’t been paying much attention, he would’ve failed to notice him .  So tiny… but the child was his! 


Su Yanmo walked in slowly and silently, as though he was afraid of disturbing the treasure who was deep asleep . At that moment, he clearly felt his heart softening .  


His rough fingers slid softly down little Su Nuo’s face . Then, everything turned peaceful .


He will take care of his child!


The next morning, like usual, Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi got up early for morning exercises . They started fighting in the front yard of the residence . Old man Su and Su Parents were used to waking up early as well as morning exercises . Seeing the married couple fighting, they thought it was quite interesting and started to comment on the side . Even Mother Su had learned a few moves when she was young . Although she wasn’t as outstanding as Su Yanyi in wrestling and shooting, she understood it .  


Their delightful morning was interrupted by a soft exclaim from one of the rooms upstairs . Everyone knew that was little Su Nuo whoseemed to be trembling in fear . They had no time to deal with morning exercise and even the two in combat had stopped . They all rushed to little Su Nuo’s room .


“… . you are my father?” 


When little Su Nuo woke up, he discovered that he was in someone’s arms . Because he was too shocked when he woke up, he shrieked out loud which had startled the Su Family . But when he saw who the man was, he immediately changed his expression and asked in shock . His mother had given him a picture of his dad, who looked exactly the same as the man in front of him . So the smart little Su Nuo immediately recognized him .  


Like what Mother had said, Father looked very similar to him .  This was probably what Mother meant by genetics .  But what exactly is genetics? Little Su Nuo reckoned he wouldn’t be able to find out until he grew up .  


“Hm . ” Su Yanmo nodded and used his hand which was bigger than little Su Nuo’s head to pat his head . His son was indeed very smart, able to recognize him at first glance .  


Having obtained a positive response, little Su Nuo was happy yet nervous . He clutched the blanket on him and blinked his eyes, and asked eagerly, “Then, can I call you Father?”


Su Yanmo had experienced what it meant to ‘love dearly’ . This was just like the first time Yanyi had called him ‘brother’ when they were young, softening his heart at the words . He originally had the status of having a sister complex but now, he had the status of having a son complex too . In addition, now, there was another person who he would look after in his life forever .


“Hm . ” Su Yanmo thought that this was the best Christmas gift he had ever received .  


“Father!” Little Su Nuo who had gained his permission immediately revealed a brilliant smile . He finally had a father!


When the Su Family rushed in, they saw little Su Nuo smiling brilliantly as well as Su Yanmo who, although expressionless, looked gently at him . They had little doubt as to what had happened .  


The Su Family was clearly satisfied with Su Yanmo’s reaction . They left just as they had come in, giving space to the father and son who’d just met each other .  


For breakfast, little Su Nuo and Su Yanmo held hands as they walked down . He had arranged for Su Nuo to sit by his side too, between him and Mother Su .  


Little Su Nuo was extremely polite . Once he sat down, he greeted everyone, “Good morning Great Grandfather, Grandfather, Aunt, and Uncle . ”


After he’d greeted, little Su Nuo turned around to look at his father, as though asking if he had done a good job . He seemed to be looking for a compliment .  


Su Yanmo nodded and patted little Su Nuo’s head . Right then, he smiled a happy smile that wasn’t reserved in the least . It was pure and cute .  


The Su Family let out a sigh of relief . They didn’t want to see the reserved and restrained little Su Nuo from yesterday . They all loved him dearly .  


“Little Su Nuo is good . Quickly come eat . Tell this Grandmother what you want to eat and she will get it for you . Eat an egg first, ok?” As she spoke, Mother Su peeled an egg for little Su Nuo and placed it in front of him . She hadn’t taken care of little kids in a long time and was reminiscing the times .


“Thank you, Grandmother . I can eat it myself and Grandmother, eat too . ” Little Su Nuo started eating the egg as he said this . Although he tried hard not to eat messily, there were still traces of yellow by the corners of his lips . Mother Su wanted to wipe it off for little Su Nuo when Su Yanmo took the napkin and wiped it off little Su Nuo for him .  

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