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Chapter 80

Chapter 80 . 1 — The Christmas Date 

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Edited by: Larkspur

The morning of Christmas .

The two were used to morning exercises . Su Yanyi had a vast improvement in her skills; she’s much crueler and harsher . Qin Jiran had improved greatly too and was much fiercer . The two were familiar with each other’s moves . Therefore, they rarely injured each other . Of course, even if it happened, Qin Jiran was the one to get beaten up by Su Yanyi . Qin Jiran definitely didn’t have the heart to hit her .

After the morning exercises, Qin Jiran went to prepare breakfast . Su Yanyi returned to her room to shower and change . Then, she waited for food .

Like usual, the breakfast was rich and abundant . However, because it was Christmas, Qin Jiran had specially prepared an apple pie for Su Yanyi .

“People say it’s a custom to eat apples on Christmas, so I made a few apple pies for you . ” While speaking, Qin Jiran packed the apple pies into a meal box so Su Yanyi could eat it while resting at work . This happened almost every day and the food changed every time too .

“Christmas lasts for three days . The first day which was yesterday was Christmas Eve . That’s when we should eat the apple . ” Su Yanyi understood this better than Qin Jiran . However, she took the meal box happily and went to work .

Pan Yan had been waiting outside the villa . Once she saw the familiar meal box in Su Yanyi’s hand, she laughed meaningfully . Her face revealed a glimpse of envy . Qin Jiran was really the best choice for a husband with how considerate and detailed he was .

In the beginning, Pan Yan didn’t know that Qin Jiran had made the pastries in the meal box . She thought that the servants of the Su Family had made it . She thought about preparing it in the future since President Su enjoyed eating these pastries .

She happened upon the truth during a conversation with Kang Zhong when he casually mentioned President Su’s preferences . That’s when she found out that Qin Jiran had personally made those pastries . As for how Kang Zhong knew about this, he had personally asked President Su . That was the whole truth . Now, she’s even more envious . From time to time, she would assess Kang Zhong . This man was pretty nice to her but he never personally cooked for her . Compared to Film Emperor Qin, he really wasn’t gentle, considerate, and wise enough .

Kang Zhong was unaware that he was being disliked by the woman he liked because he wasn’t wise and kind enough . Even if he knew, he probably wouldn’t be able to imitate Qin Jiran’s tenacity and his investment of feelings . It’s not because he didn’t love her but there were different ways to love someone . Maybe, there were different intensities of love as well .

At the office, Su Yanyi held the meal box herself . The performing artists of Resplendent Entertainment were used to Su Yanyi like this . As the private eyes spread the news, the entire Resplendent Entertainment knew that the meal box President Su held was personally made by Film Emperor Qin . In it was all sorts of pastries attracting everyone’s shocks and jealousy . Especially women! They all sighed, wondering why they hadn’t found such a considerate man .

Pan Yan and Kang Zhong reported their findings after entering the office . After the two left, Su Yanyi placed her hands on the meal box . In the next second, it vanished . She packed it off into the system’s storage . She didn’t want to hide it but the system had a preservation function that could keep the food fresh . If it wasn’t for the fear of arousing suspicions, she would’ve done so at home already .

In fact, in the beginning, Su Yanyi hadn’t thought of using the system to store food . It was during a random conversation with 001 that she’d found out about this function . But by then, people in the company knew that she brought a meal box to work every day . To avoid suspicion, she placed the pastries into the storage only after she was in her office .

As the clock slowly struck 11, Su Yanyi’s personal phone rang . The screen flashed ‘Qin Jiran’ . Su Yanyi looked up at the clock to see it was almost time for lunch .

“Where are you?” Su Yanyi asked . When she had comforted Qin Jiran yesterday, she’d become more open to his ideas . Not only had she agreed to an afternoon date, but had also decided on the time for lunch earlier .

“I’m standing in front of the office . Are you still busy? Don’t worry, I can wait for you in the car . ” Qin Jian’s gentle voice rang, without even a bit of indifference . However, this voice belonged only to Su Yanyi .

“Ten minutes . ” Su Yanyi said straightforwardly and hung up . There was a pile of files to attend to, but she took her bag and left . She’d never really celebrated Christmas before . The family wasn’t used to this nor had she given it any thought before . If it weren’t for Qin Jiran’s existence, would she have even thought of celebrating Christmas?

Su Yanyi moved quickly and appeared before Qin Jiran in less than ten minutes . Seeing her, he immediately got out and opened the door for her and left the office after Su Yanyi got on .

As this happened in broad daylight, many had taken this scene to their hearts . Even the few reporters who camped by Resplendent Entertainment for news, immediately recorded this moment, thinking there were more things to report now .

They immediately reported the happening to their respective companies . Even so, they couldn’t beat the speed of the internet . Not only did the Resplendent Entertainment have performing artists, but also many employees . There was also another company nearby . It was considered a rather bustling area . Who knew how many people had recorded this extremely eye-catching scene‽ That’s how the internet circulated similar pictures and even videos around, practically all at the same time .

Many users and fans started to shout slogans like ‘showing off love will blind the single people’s eyes’ and such . At the same time, they frantically uploaded pictures and videos . More people knew that Film Emperor Qin and Queen Su were going on a Christmas date now . The fans who wanted to see the two went to the usual hangouts like movie theaters, coffee shops, and all sorts of restaurants . Perhaps they could luck out!

The two, on the other hand, parked the car outside a French restaurant . It was very romantic, especially during Christmas . If it weren’t for their special statuses and reservation, they wouldn’t have been able to find any seats just by walking in .

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The two had reserved seats by a hidden corner . They were mindful of their privacy and stature .

“Yanyi, happy Christmas . I hope you like the Christmas gift . ” Be it Qin Jiran’s attire or posture, it was formal . It remained unchanged even when he brought out the gift – a piece of accessory inside an embroidered box . Who knew which one he’d picked from the heap he’d bought‽

At this moment, Su Yanyi was stunned . Although on the surface, she received the gift calmly, she still felt a bit uneasy .

She had been thinking about the man gifting her a present but had forgotten about giving one in return . Now that they sat there, there was no gift in sight . What should she do?

Su Yanyi looked around . She’d yet to open the gift yet replied helplessly, “I didn’t prepare a gift . I’ll treat you for this meal . Happy Christmas!”

“…” Qin Jiran was speechless . Should he say ‘there is no need to’ or ‘thank you’ at this point? Why did he feel that Su Yanyi wasn’t any better than the slow-witted person he was? Was it really good to ruin the mood like this?

Of course, these were just fleeting thoughts of complaints . In reality, Qin Jiran was very happy . As long as Yanyi was willing to be with him and accept his gift, he was satisfied . Now that she was willing to treat him out and say ‘happy Christmas,’ how could he not be satisfied?

Qin Jiran laughed happily . He looked at Su Yanyi with unimaginable gentleness . Su Yanyi’s silhouette filled the bottom of his eyes . He was happy, devoted, and deeply in love .

“Thank you . ” Qin Jiran softly held Yanyi’s hand and kissed it gently . Qin Jiran was getting more and more used to this intimate action .

Su Yanyi squinted her eyes, smiling . She believed her gift was pretty nice too .

The two ordered dishes . In reality, French cuisine was time-consuming . They paid a lot of attention to the side and main dishes, beverages, and desserts . Although it was pretty tasty, Su Yanyi didn’t like it as much . It was the mood that they were here for .

Yanyi, though, could really ruin the mood sometimes .

“It’s not as good as your cooking . Let’s eat at home in the future . ”

Chapter 80 . 2 — The Christmas Date

Edited by: Larkspur

QOTC: “I will take care of her . ” – QJR

Although it ruined the mood somewhat, Qin Jiran still liked the sound of it . He agreed, “I’ll cook for you next time . It definitely won’t be worse than this . ”

Qin Jiran was ecstatic because he and Su Yanyi had similar thoughts . He too felt that the food here didn’t taste as good as his own .

Then, the two started discussing the dishes . Although Su Yanyi didn’t know how to cook them, she knew how to eat! She was very familiar with ordering dishes and Qin Jiran made a mental note of each one with utter sincerity .

As they ate, Qin Jiran realized that Yanyi had yet to open the gift . He was unsure if she would like it . Hence, he kept shooting uneasy glances in the direction of the gift .

Su Yanyi was quick to notice and looked at the extremely exquisite box on the side . She picked it up and gently opened it . A pair of small but delicate and sparkling diamond stud earrings lay within .

This pair of stud earrings were very small and exquisite, but it did have some color . It wasn’t as inferior as the normal stud earrings .

Usually, Su Yanyi didn’t personally buy accessories much . Her outfits and accessories were managed by her assistant . From time to time, the trendiest and latest styles from brands would be sent over . Therefore, this was the first time that someone had gifted her this type of personal jewelry besides Mother Su, who had given her a few once she was an adult .

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“It’s pretty nice . Help me wear it . ” As Su Yanyi said this, she took off the earrings she wore and motioned for Qin Jiran to help her .

Naturally, Qin Jiran was happy . He walked over very carefully and gently helped Su Yanyi wear it . Although he wasn’t as skilled, she didn’t feel uncomfortable at all . Su Yanyi slightly raised her eyebrows, with their closeness she could feel his breathing on her . This man’s influence on her grew bigger and bigger .

In the beginning, she didn’t think much about the two sleeping on the same bed . But now, she was a bit immersed in this simple touch . She had started to develop a fondness for this man’s scent .

Su Yanyi suspected that, in the days to come, she’d be unable to restrain herself from pouncing on the man .

Thinking up to here, she thought of something she had been neglecting . She and Qin Jiran were married . But up until now, they slept in separate rooms . Although she’d mentioned it once, Qin Jiran had refused . Of course, she’d accepted his reasoning and she knew that this man really cared about their relationship .

But now, she had admitted to liking Qin Jiran in her heart, though she didn’t want to confess this to Qin Jiran yet . She wanted him to gradually discover this himself . Moreover, this man was still trying to pursue her . Although he wasn’t as enthusiastic when pursuing her, in reality, it was to her taste . She liked relationships that worked out little by little .

Since that was what she expected, some things just had to go with the flow . Actually, sleeping in different rooms had a type of appeal . She wasn’t anxious, really not anxious .

Though she wasn’t anxious about this, she was anxious about something else . It was the system’s mission . This was the last second-level mission, but she couldn’t figure out no matter what . Now, she was really anxious .

By this time, Qin Jiran had finished helping Su Yanyi . “It’s really beautiful,” he moved a step back and took a careful look, before exclaiming in satisfaction .

“Thank you . ” Although she couldn’t see it, she was naturally beautiful so it’d look good on her .

Qin Jiran returned to his seat and was in a great mood .

This pair of stud earrings was delicate and elegant but special enough . He had deliberated for a long time before deciding on this pair in the end . It indeed suited Yanyi well . He had quite a discerning taste . As to the other gifts, Qin Jiran wanted to go back and pick some more . If there were chances, he would naturally gift them to Yanyi .

Giving gifts to beloved who liked them in return, was a really good feeling . He then got into the habit of gifting Su Yanyi whenever there was a holiday . So much so, that he gave her a bonsai on National Tree Planting Day! She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the gifts she received .

“Yanyi, what should we do after we finish eating?” Qin Jiran asked casually, only to receive a weird look in return .

“Shouldn’t you be deciding this?” Why was he asking her what to do on a date? How would she know‽

Qin Jiran was speechless . Should he really be deciding this? Or did she not need to think about this?

Of course, these thoughts were strictly in his heart . He definitely didn’t dare to say it aloud!

“Cough, are we still going to the theater?” Qin Jiran spoke slowly before Yanyi immediately rolled her eyes at him .

“It’s ok if we are going to a film review . ” She had no intention of going twice . But if it was Qin Jiran’s new movie, she could go watch it .

Qin Jiran felt a bit awkward, and bumbled, “I don’t know how to talk . ”

Su Yanyi almost laughed . Why did this man instantly act like a little wife? Was she such an evil tyrant that he didn’t want to speak?

“Then I rather go by myself than go on a date with a slow-witted person who doesn’t know how to talk . ” Su Yanyi said in distaste .

Qin Jiran was a bit discouraged . He, as expected, was disliked by Yanyi .

[On Christmas, honey wants to rather go by herself than on a date . What should I do? I’m anxious and waiting right now . ]

“Let’s go! It doesn’t matter we go!”

Although Yanyi disliked him, obviously, he couldn’t possibly let her go by herself . Qin Jiran was rarely unyieldingly . He looked at Su Yanyi, determined .

Su Yanyi was surprised . This seemed to be the first time that Qin Jiran had used such a tone, extremely determined . He even acted tough, as if nothing could change his decision .

Su Yanyi had a personality of her own . She most certainly didn’t like people talking to her in such an unyielding tone . Or at least this was what she’d thought before She believed that the man’s submissive personality suited her taste . She liked how they were gentle, considerate, willing, and would never argue . If she was tough, Qin Jiran was soft . They complemented each other, thus she’s content .

When Qin Jiran first revealed his tough side before her, Su Yanyi, strangely discovered that she wasn’t averse . On the contrary, she was attracted to it! Oh, saying ‘attracted’ wasn’t accurate . Perhaps, she didn’t describe it fully . To put it correctly, she was a bit moved!

A manly Qin Jiran was quite handsome too!

Su Yanyi couldn’t help but think back to a moment from her past life; it’s immensely profound yet she’d somehow managed to ignore it .

The doctor had declared her a human vegetable and her family was grieving . She lay on the hospital bed and mysteriously, she heard many voices . During that time, Qin Jiran who had been divorced for a year walked into the ward bringing along an arctic aura .

It felt like she saw him but at the same time, it felt like she only heard his voice, or maybe what that man said to her family in a deep and serious voice, “I will take care of her . ”

He was unflinching; nothing could change his decision . Qin Jiran had held a more imposing manner then than he did right now and the vibe of protectiveness emanating had been more prominent .

Perhaps, it was his tenacity that got him her family’s consent . In the end, he’d taken care of her for two years; until Wang Zhilin killed her .


Chapter 80 . 3 — The Christmas Date

Edited by: Larkspur

QOTC: “Even if you throw me out, I would follow you still . ” – QJR

Ai, in the end, she was actually killed by Wang Zhilin who didn’t even have a brain! She felt that she had died a wrongful death . However, it was the Su family and Qin Jiran that were careless . Although they had people protecting her, because she had been safe for the past two years, they had overlooked this more and more . It didn’t occur to them that Wang Zhilin could collude with a nurse in the hospital and kill her, when the Su Family and Qin Jiran weren’t around .

Given her situation in her past life, to die, was to be free . It was lamentable for her family and Qin Jiran who were still alive . Hopefully, they weren’t that upset . Though after she was reborn, the so-called past life didn’t exist anymore, she still hoped it was the latter so that those who she cared about wouldn’t be so upset .

For a moment, Su Yanyi was in deep thought . Inevitably, it reflected on her face . This was also because she didn’t have her guards up when she was with Qin Jiran . Otherwise, the usual Su Yanyi’s thoughts were inscrutable .

When Qin Jiran saw the change, he suddenly felt that his tone might’ve been a bit harsh . He was unsure if he’d upset her again .

“Yanyi, I…” Qin Jiran wanted to say something only to hear Yanyi say, “Then let’s go . It’s not like I can throw you out . ”

That was precisely what Qin Jiran was afraid Yanyi would do . But from what she said, she clearly wasn’t going to . He sighed and smiled, returning to his indifferent but gentle self .

“Even if you throw me out, I would follow you still . ” Seeing that Yanyi wasn’t angry, Qin Jiran replied half-jokingly . Of course, it was the truth .

Su Yanyi smiled sweetly . From the immensely imposing man from before, he was back to being the “easily bullied” one again . It could be said that aside from the time he was on-screen, this cute side of his was only for her .

“Do you know where you want to go?” They were almost done with lunch and they needed to decide on a place .

With that question, Qin Jiran’s headache returned . He scrunched his eyebrows, seemingly thinking hard . In the end, he shook his head, “I haven’t thought of one yet . ”

Typically, Qin Jiran actually didn’t have any recreational places to go to . If they had had more time, they could have traveled or something . But there wasn’t any nice place at this time .

“Then come with me . ” Seeing Qin Jiran in a spot, Su Yanyi didn’t want to make it hard for him . She’d thought of a pretty nice place and wanted to bring him along .

“Ok!” Qin Jiran was happy and ate delightfully .

After lunch, Qin Jiran drove as Su Yanyi navigated . The two drove for about half an hour before they reached the place . It was a shooting club named ‘Shadow Wind . ’ There were dozens of luxurious cars parked outside . Although it wasn’t too crowded, it was lavish enough . The standard was clearly high .

Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi got off the car together and immediately a valet was at their service . They went to the front hall and a server came up to them . He wanted to say something but Su Yanyi cut him off, “My surname is Su . Ask your Manager Su to come here . ”

If only one of the two sentences were spoken, it wouldn’t have much value . However, it held a deeper meaning when spoken together .

This ‘Shadow Wind’ shooting club was a business under Su Family . The manager was surnamed Su . It’s said, he’s a distant relative of the Sus’ . Right now, Su Yanyi had introduced herself as Su . The server instantly made the connection and immediately contacted their manager .

Su Yanyi tugged Qin Jiran and sat down . The club’s spacious front hall rarely saw any people . Those rare ones were mostly servers, but customers were scarce . Naturally, it was quiet . Therefore, not many people paid attention to them . A few servers who stole secret glances found them familiar but couldn’t quite place them for sure .

Qin Jiran guessed, “This is a business under Su Family?”

“Hm . It’s not only a business . ” Since Su Yanyi had already brought Qin Jiran over, she didn’t have any intentions of keeping things from him . As a matter of fact, not only was this shooting club a business under Su Family but was also one of their bases in City . For several years now, the Su Family had trained many figures . Even Old Man Su would come to this base often to coach . After Su Yanyi married, she hadn’t come here often . So, the servers by the reception weren’t familiar with her .

Manager Su quickly arrived . He was in his forties and looked quite honest, but was someone with skills . On the surface, he was just a distant relative . But on the underside, he was an orphan adopted by the Su Family . He could be considered Su Family’s secret weapon or a henchman .

“Young Miss, you’re here . Why didn’t you call me ahead? This is the son-in-law, right? Hello, I am Su Zexing . ” He revealed a really simple smile . Although he knew that this person wasn’t that simple, he had a favorable impression of him . Also, he was respectful towards Qin Jiran .

“Hello, I am Qin Jiran . ”

The two shook hands . Although they didn’t appear enthusiastic, they didn’t seem indifferent either .

Su Zexing didn’t mind . In fact, this was not the first time he had seen the son-in-law of the Su Family . Unbeknownst to the son-in-law, he knew a lot about him and understood his personality .

One of the most important businesses that the Su Family was involved in was gathering news and information . Su Zexing was the person in charge of City’s information system . Needless to say, he was well-informed . Despite this, there was obviously some information that he’d overlooked, like Qin Jiran’s status . Because of this, those in charge of this had been punished . They were sentenced to extra training .

“Young Miss, Son-in-law, the Old Man is inside training the lads . Do you guys want to see? Or do you want take a go at other things?” Su Zexing didn’t speak plainly because he didn’t know how much the son-in-law knew about this base . He didn’t want to expose anything, so his words were measured . However, Su Yanyi got his drift .

The so-called ‘training the lads’ was clearly referring to those who were in the Su Family . This was the Su Family’s secret . How could outsiders be privy to it? Su Zexing was assessing Qin Jiran’s status in the Su Family when he spoke . He wanted to know whether or not he knew about the secrets .

“Then let’s go see grandfather . ”

Since Su Yanyi had brought Qin Jiran here, she wanted to tell him about the matters here . Why would she hide this?

When it came to Su Yanyi and the Sus, Qin Jiran was a member of the family . They were gradually divulging their many secrets to him .

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