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Chapter 66

Chapter 66 . 1 — PDA

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“Xiao Zheng, this isn’t your responsibility alone . Although you’re a policeman, a policeman is still a human, and you could get in danger . Those people are lawless, it won’t end well if you fight with them . You should give up . ” The woman pleaded with sad, beautiful eyes .

Fang Ling’er was the well-known Film Empress, and as expected, her acting was impactful and immersive .

“So what if there’s danger? They will be punished for their crimes . I’m not afraid of death, as long as it’s worthwhile . ” Qin Jiran was playing the role of an upright and outspoken policeman . In order to investigate the truth of a case, he was willing to sacrifice his own life . It was extremely touching and would give Film Emperor Qin the image of a tough and resolute man once the film was released .

“OK!” Guo Zekai called for a wrap . The two acted well and was able to complete the scene in one try, so he was very satisfied . Working with the Film Emperor and Film Empress was indeed reassuring .

“It’s noon, let’s all take a break . We’ll continue after eating . ”

Thanks to Qin Jiran and Fang Ling’er, the crew was able to take a break sooner . Qin Jiran looked at the time and wondered if Su Yanyi would remember to come and bring him food . What if something suddenly came up?

“Brother Qin, come eat . I know you like the takeout from Tianhe Garden, so I ordered it specifically for you . ”

“You eat first, I’m not hungry . ” He didn’t know if Su Yanyi would come, but he was going to wait nonetheless .

“You should eat some even if you’re not hungry . The filming is going to take a while, you won’t be able to later . ” Jiang Xiaobin insisted, taking out the lunchbox .

“I’m not hungry,” Qin Jiran repeated seriously, surprising Jiang Xiaobin . Was Brother Qin feeling unwell today?

He was hesitating about whether or not to ask when he suddenly heard several exclamations of surprise rise up around them . Turning around, he saw that three people had appeared at the set .

Su Yanyi came with Kang Zhong and Pan Yan, mainly because they had been together discussing work matters .

There was no one in the entertainment circle who didn’t recognize their Entertainment Queen, no matter how low of a profile she usually kept . Not to mention, news about her and Qin Jiran had been spreading like fire these days .

She didn’t mind the stares . When she spotted Qin Jiran, she immediately went over as he simultaneously moved forward to meet her . The smile on his face was so dazzling that everyone else felt like they had been blinded .

When did Great Emperor Qin, who was like an iceberg on a daily basis, learn to smile like that? It must be the angle, the angle!

“Yanyi, you’re here . ” His warm gaze had not strayed from her since the instant she appeared .

“You’re hungry, right? Let’s eat . ” Su Yanyi’s expression was still a little cold, but there was a smile in her eyes .

“Mhm, let’s . ” He responded very naturally, as though the man who said he wasn’t hungry just a few minutes ago wasn’t him . Jiang Xiaobin rolled his eyes at Qin Jiran’s immediate change in attitude .

Pan Yan and Kang Zhong helped set the food out . With the addition of the takeout that Jiang Xiaobin had ordered, the meal was truly a lavish one .

Qin Jiran looked at the spread and noticed that Su Yanyi had brought spicy and appetizing Sichuan cuisines over .

The normally quiet Pan Yan suddenly spoke up, “President Su had all of this specially prepared because Mr . Qin likes Sichuan cuisines . So, Mr . Qin, make sure to eat lots . ”

The smile on Qin Jiran’s face widened as he turned to look at Su Yanyi with a gaze so gentle that even the onlookers felt like melting .

Under his gaze, her movements became a little unnatural . She picked up her chopsticks and put a piece of spicy chicken in his bowl . “Focus on eating, don’t look around so much . ”

He nodded and started to eat, and she didn’t talk again . Kang Zhong and the others also began to eat, but the crew would occasionally glance over at Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran from time to time . The crew chatted in hushed tones about the couple .

“Ai, this PDA . I can’t stand it . ” Liu Liu grumbled to himself as he ate and watched . Then, as if he had suddenly thought of something, he quickly took out his phone and aimed his phone at the couple . After taking a series of photos, he posted them on his Weibo .

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Underneath the photos, he captioned: Shameless PDA!

Ever since Liu Liu released photos of Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran in their couple outfits, his followers count had increased drastically . A lot of his new followers were fans of Qin Jiran, so when the new post appeared, it attracted the attention of numerous howling fans .

[ Great God Liu, where is this? Why is it PDA when Film Emperor Qin is just eating with his crew? ]

[ Upstairs, have you been living under a rock? You don’t even recognize Her Highness? That’s Queen Su and Film Emperor Qin! PDA! So envious! ]

[ Queen Su + Film Emperor Qin = PDA, do you understand now? ]

[ Queen Su and Film Emperor Qin are showing off their love again? Ai, they’re always like this . Why can’t they leave us single dogs alone? ]

[ Is that the filming site? I heard the filming for Film Emperor Qin’s started recently . That means Queen Su went to visit? She seems to be becoming more and more virtuous lately . So enviable! ]

Liu Liu looked at the flying comment box and smiled . The Queen was virtuous? That was funny .

Guo Zekai was also looking over at the couple . He really wanted to go over and get some of their food, but he didn’t dare and could only peek and drool .

Film Empress Fang Ling’er was watching too, but her thoughts were different . She was thinking to stay away from Film Emperor Qin behind the cameras and not spread any unnecessary gossip . Otherwise, Queen Su would definitely ban her from the industry!

Only after the meal had ended and Su Yanyi left with her assistants did the rest of them dare to approach Qin Jiran .

“Jiran, Queen Su came to visit you . Tell us how you feel,” Guo Zekai quipped .

“Why didn’t you ask when Yanyi was here?” Qin Jiran asked in reply .

“Well, I didn’t dare . The Queen is too imposing, I was afraid I would choke on my food if I joined . ” Guo Zekai admitted while Liu Liu and Fang Ling’er nodded their heads in agreement .

Jiang Xiaobin had accompanied Su Yanyi, Qin Jiran, Kang Zhong, and Pan Yan for the meal, and after hearing Guo Zekai’s words, he quickly added, “Director Guo is right . I choked several times when I was eating earlier, but because the Queen was present, I was too scared to even say that I choked . ”

His bitter expression immediately made everyone laugh, except Qin Jiran . When Qin Jiran glared at him, Jiang Xiaobin immediately shut up . However, the corners of his lips were still twitching .

… .

Inside the city hospital, Wang Zhilin was unable to move, but she was still being updated on the things happening outside . When she saw the photos of Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran eating together, she was immediately so angered that she fainted on the spot .

Chapter 66 . 2 — PDA

In the afternoon, Kang Zhong reported Wang Zhilin’s incident at the hospital to Su Yanyi .

“Make some arrangements and pick a time, tomorrow I’ll go and take a look at her,” Su Yanyi instructed with a menacing glint in her eyes .

Kang Zhong pushed up his glasses and secretly lit a candle for Wang Zhilin . Poor Miss Wang, he hoped she wouldn’t be toyed to death too soon by his boss .

Su Yanyi had to attend a cocktail party, so Qin Jiran was forced to stay with his film crew that evening . He ate a meal comprised of random things from their dinners, causing Guo Zekai to tease him again .

Kang Zhong accompanied Su Yanyi to the cocktail party . Although the two of them usually kept low profiles, their identities made it impossible for them to enter unnoticed . It didn’t take long before they were surrounded by a group of people and pulled into some idle conversation .

Su Yanyi was feeling a bit absentminded, mainly because she was hungry . However, the food at the banquet was obviously not to her taste, and she didn’t have the time to eat anyway . She stood there drinking wine until Kang Zhong came over with a slice of cake .

“President Su, too much alcohol is bad for the body . Have a slice of cake . ” As her personal assistant, it was his job to also act as her nanny from time to time .

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She didn’t refuse, but after a bite of the delicate-looking cake, she frowned with dissatisfaction . The cake was too sweet and completely unpalatable compared to the ones that Qin Jiran would make .

“Doesn’t taste good,” she said as she set the plate aside .

Kang Zhong peeked at it and couldn’t help but joke, “President Su, it probably doesn’t taste as good as the ones Mr . Qin makes . Would you like me to call Mr . Qin and tell him to prepare something?”

Su Yanyi shot him a glance, at which he immediately coughed and stopped talking . His boss was absolutely terrifying, alright?

However, that didn’t stop him from secretly taking out his phone and sending a message to Qin Jiran: President Su took a bite from a slice of cake and said it tasted too sweet .

Meanwhile, at the filming site…

Qin Jiran was in the middle of filming, so Jiang Xiaobin, who was holding onto his phone, saw the message first . He read over the message a few times before speechlessly shaking his head .

So Assistant Kang is a black-belly…

Soon, Qin Jiran finished and retrieved his phone . After expressionlessly reading the message, he wordlessly put his phone away and went to Guo Zekai . “My scenes are done, so I’ll leave the rest to you . ”

Standing at the side, Jiang Xiaobin covered his face and thought, I shouldn’t tell Director Guo that Film Emperor Qin is actually trying to rush home so he can prepare a cake for Queen Su!

Back at the cocktail party, Su Yanyi had finalized two cooperation plans and sought out three more companies that she could cooperate with . By then, she had drunk a total of five or six glasses of wine and was quite hungry, so she called for Kang Zhong to leave .

But before they could, they bumped into two familiar people, a man and a woman . The sight of them caused Su Yanyi to slightly narrow her eyes as a cold glint flickered across their depths .

What a pair .

The man was Qin Chu, Qin Zhenyi’s eldest son and Qin Jiran’s younger half-brother by a few months . Next to Qin Chu was none other than Wang Zhirou . The two appeared to be intimate as they approached Su Yanyi, giving her a bad feeling .

“President Su, long time no see . I didn’t expect to meet you here . It must be fate, huh?” Qin Chu smiled gracefully, but in Su Yanyi’s eyes, his smile looked like a clown’s smile .

“Who are you? Do I know you?” She looked at him as though he was a complete stranger to her .

In fact, there really weren’t any connections between the Qin family and the Su family . Although they were both part of the four great families, their business interests were different; thus, they had never cooperated on anything . Both families went about their own ways without interfering with the other, and their younger generations didn’t mingle either . Therefore, it was perfectly justifiable for Su Yanyi to claim that she didn’t know Qin Chu .

But she meant it as a jab, so there was no need to justify anything anyway .

“Ah, my bad . I should’ve called you ‘sister-in-law’ instead . I was surprised when I found out that I have an illegitimate brother . Oh, is he not here? I heard that he’s an actor, but acting is a difficult career . Sister-in-law, you should advise him to partake in some real business affairs . ” Qin Chu continued to smile, but from his tone it was obvious that he was feeling awkward, and his words were clearly not spoken out of good will .

Su Yanyi raised an eyebrow and scrutinized him from head to toe, her disdain so obvious that even their onlookers could sense it . Then she sneered, “What are you? Are you worthy of referring to me as your sister-in-law? And don’t throw around the words ‘brother’ and ‘sister-in-law’ so easily, you can’t afford the luxury!”

The instant her ridicule fell, their onlookers instantly began to laugh . They looked at Qin Chu with similar disdain, forcing the smile off of his reddening face .

“President Su, you should think twice before acting so rude . You should save some face for the Qin family; after all, you are my sister-in-law . ”

“The ‘face’ of the Qin family must be worthless if you’re able to bring it up so easily . Oh, and…” She deliberately paused for a moment, and sure enough, Qin Chu couldn’t help but prompt, “And what?”

“And good dogs don’t get in the way of others . But you’re in my way . ”

Qin Chu’s face turned white with rage as their audience laughed louder . Su Yanyi also made a point to humiliate Wang Zhirou by completely ignoring her . When she was satisfied, she took Kang Zhong and left .

Kang Zhong drove Su Yanyi home and watched her enter the villa . Before leaving, however, he sent Qin Jiran a message: President Su drank a lot of wine . Tomorrow, I’ll come later than usual to pick her up .

Since it wasn’t his place to tell Qin Jiran about the encounter with Qin Chu and Wang Zhirou at the party, he didn’t mention anything about it .

When Qin Jiran saw the message, the cake was already done . He felt that there was something odd about the message, but he shook it off and went to find Su Yanyi, who had just entered the living room and was resting on the sofa .

She had indeed drunk a quantity of wine . As a result, her face was flushed, and she felt a little dizzy . Qin Jiran put the cake down in front of her and asked worriedly, “Are you okay? Do you want me to go and pour you a glass of honey water?”

She looked up and suddenly whined with teary eyes, ”I’m hungry . ”

Instantly, he froze .

Chapter 66 . 3 — PDA

She’s acting… spoiled?

With that sad, pitiful expression on her face, she was no different from an invincible killing machine! And as for her target, Qin Jiran…

His heart had already melted into a puddle . Although completely flustered, he suddenly wanted nothing more than to bring her all the delicious food in the world!

“Why don’t you eat the cake first, I’ll go cook something for you . Wait here, it won’t take long,” he mustered before fleeing into the kitchen .

As he laid out the ingredients, he couldn’t help but start to quietly grumble about Kang Zhong .

Why send a message saying that the cake was too sweet? Couldn’t he have sent something more useful? Qin Jiran complained that if Kang Zhong had told him Yanyi didn’t eat at the party instead, he would’ve had dinner prepared already . Then his heart wouldn’t be aching like this from seeing her pitiful expression!

Back inside the living room, Su Yanyi’s eyes slowly regained their clarity, and her lips curved into a small smirk . She picked up the heart-shaped cake on the table and happily bit into it . The confection was creamy with just the right amount of sweetness added to it, suiting her tastes perfectly . Just as she thought, the food Qin Jiran made was the best .

As soon as she finished eating, the man returned to the living room carrying a bowl of seafood noodles . She unceremoniously took the bowl from him and dug in . Seeing her eagerness, he felt both heartache and amusement at the same time .

“From now on, tell me whenever you miss a meal so I can make something in advance,” he said as he handed her a tissue, acting just like an extremely virtuous wife .

“Mhm . ” She couldn’t bear to stop eating and look up, so she continued eating as she agreed . She also felt that she had miscalculated, mainly because she hadn’t expected the food at the party to taste so bad . Henceforth, she definitely would not let herself go hungry like that again .

Realizing that she had no intention of taking the tissue from his hand, and plus there was a smudge of food at the corner of her lips, Qin Jiran hesitated before carefully leaning in to wipe her mouth for her .

Although she was the most concerned about her food, she noticed his action nonetheless . For a second, she was stunned . Then she stiffly grabbed the tissue, carelessly wiped her mouth with it, and continued eating .

How many years had passed since someone last took such meticulous care of her? Many, many years . When she became old enough to understand certain things, she was given the responsibility of taking care of herself .

When he helped her wipe her mouth just now, it had felt even more intimate than when she kissed him during their date . Her emotions spun slightly out of her control as she savored the wonderful but complicated warmth . Such a small action was making her feel so much, prompting her to realize that living with another person could bring about a myriad of feelings, and she would slowly experience them one by one .

“001, does Qin Jiran’s virtuousness count toward the Mission?”

【Dear Master, no . Everyone knows that Mr . Master is very virtuous . 】001 responded with a tone that seemed to say, “you just realized?” Su Yanyi curled her lips .

“Are you full? Do you want more?” Qin Jiran asked thoughtfully when he saw that she had finished .

“No, I’m full . ” She started to shake her head but stopped when a wave of dizziness washed over her, a consequence of all the wine she’d drunk . Reaching up, she rubbed her forehead .

“What’s wrong? Is your head aching? I’ll massage your temples for you?” He noticed her action and immediately became anxious, ignoring the bowl and chopsticks he had to clear away as he hurried to her side .

“Mhm . ” She closed her eyes and leaned back against the sofa . Qin Jiran hesitated before reaching out to clumsily massage her temples . His hands were warm and his fingers were rough, feeling heavy against her temples, but he controlled his strength so she felt comfortable .

Soon, she fell into a deep sleep . Qin Jiran noticed and continued to massage her temples, but with less strength than before . A while later, he stood up and cautiously gathered her into his arms . After making sure she hadn’t been woken up, he took her back to her bedroom and gently laid her on the bed .

Her slumbering face reminded him of the Sleeping Beauty, but as much he wanted to play the prince and kiss her, he was afraid to disturb her sleep . However, she was still wearing her coat and it looked very uncomfortable . After a moment of hesitation, he carefully helped her take it, along with her shoes and socks, off so she could sleep better .

Once he finished doing that, he took a seat by the bed and watched her until he suddenly remembered that she hadn’t showered . So he went into the bathroom, dampened a towel with water, and returned to help her wipe her face and smooth out her hair . Then he sat down again and watched her for a long time before leaving .

The next morning, Su Yanyi woke up without a hangover and happily downed the bowl of rice porridge and other mild dishes Qin Jiran had prepared . Afterward, she recalled her upcoming “trip” and casually asked, ”I’m going to visit Wang Zhilin tomorrow . Want to come?”

“Go visit her? Why?” The thought alone was enough to disgust him . His dislike for Wang Zhilin was not due to the fact that she liked him —there were countless other people who did— but to the fact that she had tried, again and again, to sabotage his marriage with Su Yanyi . That, was completely intolerable .

“Yesterday, pictures of us at the filming site were released . I heard that she fainted after seeing them . ” Su Yanyi tactfully revealed the purpose of her visit: she wanted to go and anger the woman more . It took only three seconds for Qin Jiran to catch on . His expression changed to one of amusement, as he hadn’t expected Su Yanyi to have such a childish and petty side to her . He found it cute .

“Then I’ll go with you,” he agreed dotingly .

When Kang Zhong learned that Qin Jiran was joining, he wasn’t surprised . After all, he knew the purpose of President Su’s visit too, and it would naturally be best if Qin Jiran was also there .

The Wang family was very, very busy with a ton of different things, so there were only a few nurses and servants around to take care of Wang Zhilin .

Wang Zhilin was in the middle yelling at said nurses and servants when Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran arrived .

“A bunch of good-for-nothings! Can’t even make breakfast right! Why were all of you even hired? To anger me? Go recook it, and don’t come back until it’s good!” Wang Zhilin’s shrill voice sounded terrible . Su Yanyi stood at the doorway with furrowed brows .

“You should be satisfied that you have food to eat,” she remarked, making her presence known . Qin Jiran watched on with an interested expression .

“Su Yanyi? Why are you here? Get out, get out!” If one were to describe Wang Zhilin’s behavior earlier as being “almost crazy,” then after seeing Su Yanyi, her behavior was crazy . Malice and resentment immediately clouded her eyes, as though she was looking at a lifelong enemy that she wanted dead .

The corners of Su Yanyi’s lips arched into a sarcastic smile, and she responded infuriatingly, “Naturally, I came to see you . How is it, can you still walk on both legs? You wouldn’t have to use a wheelchair when you’re going to look for men, would you?”

Hearing that made Wang Zhilin want to vomit blood . She had always hated Su Yanyi’s arrogance attitude, so being mocked by her naturally annoyed her to no end .

The enraged Wang Zhilin struggled to a sitting position before grabbing something from the side table and flinging it at Su Yanyi . If she could move her legs, she undoubtedly would’ve flung herself at Su Yanyi instead .

Su Yanyi was about to dodge when Qin Jiran moved in front of her and caught the thrown object . Then he calmly retreated, letting her control the situation .

When Wang Zhilin saw what he did, her eyes instantly turned red . She glared at him viciously, as though she wanted to eat him, but he completely ignored her .

Needless to say, Su Yanyi was amused . He looked so cute protecting her while keeping a cold expression on his face that she wanted to hug him and kiss him—so she did .

Her eyes glinted mischievously before she pulled him in and landed a kiss on his lips . Then she looked at him and praised, ”Darling, you’re so amazing . ”

For a second, Qin Jiran was like a wooden figure . Then his eyes instantly brightened, filling with her reflection, and his previously cold aura completely disappeared .

“You, you two…” Wang Zhilin, on the other hand, almost vomited blood in anger, lost her breath, and finally fainted (again) from anger .

When the nurses saw the dramatic scene, they rushed out to find the doctor . The whole ward was in chaos while Su Yanyi took one last look at Wang Zhilin before leaving hand-in-hand with Qin Jiran .

Too weak .

How boring .

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