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Chapter 112.1

Misfire (1)

Although Rabbit was a bit disappointed, she still happily took the $2,000,000 . She just looked doubtfully at Su Yanyi and asked: “Boss Sister, why did you make me come back . I haven’t fought enough, I could have at least won three rounds in a row!”

Su Yanyi didn’t say anything but Qin Jiran and Corey did stand up together, gave each other a look and walked to the stage together .

Rabbit’s eyes widened as she took in this scene . Her disappointed expression immediately became one of incomparable anticipation . She had the same look as the other members of secret team A, their eyes were all glowing as they looked at the two people on stage . They had been wanting to see Qin Jiran this Son-in-law’s moves for a very long time already!

“Boss Sister, are they fighting over you? Oh yeah, Brother-in-law is really great, he’ll definitely be able to beat Corey till he’s sprawled on the floor and not let anyone steal you away!” Rabbit was really very excited . She had said this as she waved her fist around, as if the two men were fighting over her!

Su Yanyi gave her a glance but didn’t rebut her, which was more or less a silent admission . She naturally wouldn’t be stolen away . To her knowledge, to be able to gain her recognition and to be able to match up with her was only Qin Jiran!

“Elder Miss, are you betting?” Kangaroo asked flatteringly . He also wanted to place a bet . Seeing his Elder Miss’ confidence also made him feel that Master Son-in-law would win for sure!

However, there was some fault in Kangaroo’s way of thinking; it wasn’t a question of whether Qin Jiran could win or not but it lay in Su Yanyi herself . She was very confident in everything, all the more in her man!

“Betting!” Her own man was competing on stage, she naturally had to bet . Su Yanyi’s word “betting” was said very resolutely .

“How much do you want to bet?” Kangaroo didn’t dare to make the decision himself . With regards to the Son-in-law, naturally it was the Elder Miss’ decision . Kangaroo felt that he understood . With what Corey had said about women not interfering in a man’s affairs, it was something to be looked down on . Although him and the team had not been following the Elder Miss and Son-in-law for a long time, there was something that was very obvious: the Son-in-law was very obedient to the Elder Miss, he never even had half an intention of rebelling!

However… Thinking to this point, Kangaroo’s eyes flashed as he thought of something else . Although the Son-in-law really listened to Elder Miss, actually, the Elder Miss also listened to the Son-in-law . It was just like with the dinner incident . With Elder Miss’ nature, she wouldn’t have done so . After all, they weren’t close to the Elder Miss but after Master Son-in-law brought it up, Elder Miss didn’t reject it ether . This was obviously the respect Elder Miss had for Master Son-in-law .

That’s why Kangaroo and the team had never taken Qin Jiran lightly . Besides, because Qin Jiran had made dinner for them and had respected them, they had a very good impression of him . They really felt that this Son-in-law was worthy of their Elder Miss .

“Since they bet $10,000,000, then let’s bet $10,000,000 . ” Su Yanyi didn’t feel like she had bet a lot but when the logistics team had seen this figure, they immediately reported it to management . Even though they weren’t in charge of who won and lost, they had to report such a big bet!

At this moment, the time for preparing for the two men was over and they both rushed towards each other!

Both Corey’s and Qin Jiran’s fighting styles seemed to belong to the fierce and valiant style . Although there were some techniques, they focused more on power . After exchanging a few opening moves, there was gradually a change . Corey looked for an opportune moment to raise his leg to kick out at Qin Jiran’s waist . Qin Jiran narrowed his eyes but did not retreat . He moved his right leg back a step and then waited for the right time to seize Corey’s attacking right leg . He very quickly moved forward and used his leg to sweep away Corey’s left leg, causing Corey to fall on the ground!

However, Corey’s reaction wasn’t slow either . In the instance he fell to the ground, he immediately rolled back up, dangerously avoiding Qin Jiran’s next attempt to kick him . His expression became more serious as he didn’t have any intention of looking down on his enemy anymore!

He was definitely deserving of being the man Su Yanyi thought well of, his skills were not weak as expected! Corey darkly praised him in his heart .

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In the few move exchanges, because Corey had become serious, Qin Jiran became even more serious . The two of them used fists to punch and legs to kick to battle . The battle was extremely interesting, causing the audience present to scream .

Su Yanyi looked around the crazy crowd, specifically at a few ladies who were especially passionate and her expression became icy! She had forgotten that the two men on stage were not just for fighting but to be watched, allowing these people to have a good show to watch .

Thinking to this point, Su Yanyi’s face became even colder . Was her man someone who could be viewed so easily!

Su Yanyi put on a cold face while she glanced around . She saw a glass of wine on the table that had been left behind by Corey . Her hand quickly reached for it and then she smoothly threw it towards the two women!

Half a glass of wine fell from the sky onto both women who screamed and stood up!

“Who, who did that?” One of the tall women shrieked but because Su Yanyi’s movement had been quick, people around them had only seen a shadow . Besides, the surrounding people had been focused on the fight on stage, who would have seen Su Yanyi’s actions? It was only secret team A that could guess unsurely, not to mention the people at the side . Thus, no one was able to answer that woman .

The woman had also brought a long quite a few bodyguards and with such a thing happening, they had been scolded like crazy . However, Su Yanyi had already turned her line of vision back to the stage . This was the first time she was seeing Qin Jiran fight with someone else . She could see from the intensity of his moves that it was more lively in comparison to when he fought with her . His attacks were also more obviously dominating and fierce . It could be said that he had firmly supressed Corey .

Towards this situation, Su Yanyi obviously wasn’t surprised . Qin Jiran was a very hardworking and gifted fighter . In the first place, his basics weren’t bad, plus the morning training they did together and the ten days of special training they had before they had come here . This resulted in Qin Jiran’s stamina and skills to have increased a lot . There was about an 80% chance of him defeating Corey .

Although Qin Jiran did have the upper hand, Corey wasn’t weak either and he was still looking for opportunities to counterattack . He would give Qin Jiran a small wound from time to time . Of course at the same time, he had to pay a price . The wounds on his body were increasing .

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Although this was a friendly match, to the two equally proud men, this was an all-out match, especially for Qin Jiran . When he had said the word “done”, he had already decided that no matter what, he wouldn’t lose!

How could he lose to another man in front of Su Yanyi? He could kneel before Su Yanyi and beg her to love him but he definitely could not be weaker than another man in front of her! This was his way of expressing his love towards Su Yanyi!

No one could understand Qin Jiran’s resolute feelings at that moment . Even if it really was a small friendly match, Qin Jiran didn’t want to lose either . He had always been working hard to become an outstanding man in Su Yanyi’s eyes and at this moment, this kind of intention was even more pressing!

The match gradually reached a conclusion . The stamina of the two men gradually dropped and both their bodies had a lot of wounds, even their fists had been dyed red . The cheering of the audience became even more intense while Su Yanyi’s expression became even icier . It was at this moment that Corey used the opportunity to strike out at Qin Jiran’s head with his left fist . Qin Jiran’s right hand flipped and pressed down Corey’s wrist while his left leg collapsed a small step, directly behind Corey’s left leg . At the same time, his right hand reached out wrapped around Corey’s neck and pressed down . His right knee was raised viciously towards Corey’s chest!

Corey was so in pain he collapsed onto the floor and spat out a mouthful of blood, obviously having suffered an internal injury . Qin Jiran saw this scene and retreated . He didn’t take the opportunity to continue attacking . This was obviously Qin Jiran’s win . However, if Corey wasn’t satisfied, Qin Jiran didn’t mind continuing to beat him until he was satisfied .

Corey struggled to stand . His mouth still had blood and his eyes flashed though he didn’t spit it out but swallowed it instead . He did his best to stand straight as he looked at Qin Jiran and said: “You really weren’t courteous, definitely worthy of being the man chosen by Su Yanyi . As expected, you’re brilliant!”

Although his body was full of aching wounds, his clothes were a mess, and he looked very fierce, this moment’s Corey was the most decent Corey . His tone of voice was very serious and his recognition of Qin Jiran was real .

It could be said that Qin Jiran had used his own skills to convince Corey . In their underground world, a person’s individual fierceness could convince a lot of people, just like the violent members of the secret team . Maybe Qin Jiran wasn’t as strong as them but such outstanding skills also won him their recognition .

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“You’re very strong too . ” Qin Jiran’s words were serious . Corey’s skills weren’t bad either but because he didn’t fight often, he lacked experience and aura .

“Hahaha, okay then, let’s stop praising each other . Hurry and go back, Sister Yanyi is starting to glare at me!”

Corey and Qin Jiran went down one by one back to their seats . As expected, they saw Su Yanyi’s icy expression though her eyes fell on Qin Jiran’s body . It was even the kind of look where she looked at him up and down .

Qin Jiran knew that Su Yanyi was worried for him so he went forward to grip Su Yanyi’s hand and said that he was okay . However, Su Yanyi’s expression showed no intention of becoming better .

“It’s almost lunchtime . I’m hungry, let’s go back and eat . ” Su Yanyi said this with a cold expression . After saying this, she turned around and pulled Qin Jiran to leave . All the members of the secret team naturally followed along, leaving Corey standing there by himself with a dumb expression .

“Sister Yanyi, it’s only 10am and you already want to eat lunch . Isn’t it a bit too early?” Corey yelled . Did these people not eat breakfast before coming out?

Su Yanyi didn’t halt her steps but turned around and said one sentence: “Remember to pay up, though default . ” After saying this, she didn’t bother with Corey anymore and took her people and left . She liked eating lunch early, so what!

The lot of them returned to the suite . Su Yanyi directly asked someone to grab the medicated oil and then pulled Qin Jiran towards their room . At this moment, everyone understood Su Yanyi’s intentions . As expected, lunch was just an excuse!

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