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Chapter 106.3

Even though Qin Jiran was on vacation, he still had a lot of work to do . He first went to the SQ Company and handled some company business with Zhan Minghui . They talked about the acquisition plan that they had been planning .  

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Qin Jiran had been trying to acquire Tiansheng Media and Wang Media . Tiansheng Media was now under his name, and Wang Media was on the verge of bankruptcy ever since the incident with the Wang Family . Qin Jiran arranged for Zhan Minghui to help him take advantage of this opportunity to acquire the Wang Media under his name . Once he acquired Wang Media, he planned to merge it with Tiansheng Media under The Dragon’s Emissary . Mother Su was concerned about this matter, so she provided a lot of help to Qin Jiran .

Qin Jiran was currently on the phone with Mother Su . At the end of the phone call, he agreed to meet her in the afternoon . Qin Jiran will bring the contract to The Dragon’s Emissary and sign a contract with Mother Su .  

Although this was cooperation between family members, Mother Su was not a person who would take advantage of the juniors . She did not give Qin Jiran shares of the company because she was afraid of hurting Qin Jiran’s self-esteem before . In fact, if Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran’s marriage was held under normal circumstances, then Mother Su and Father Su would’ve sent them a valuable gift . Mother Su planned to give 20% of The Dragon’s Emissary’s stocks to Yanyi as a dowry, but she never managed to give it . This time, Mother Su planned to take this opportunity to give them some stocks .

In the afternoon, Su Yanyi went to Ling Tianyue’s Ling Company to sign a contract and Qin Jiran went to The Dragon’s Emissary to sign a contract .

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“President Su, it’s an honor for us to have you here . ” Ling Tianyue personally went to pick up Su Yanyi at the entrance of her company . Her attitude was very polite .

“President Ling, you are being too humble . ” The two went to Ling Tianyue’s office . Kang Zhong came along with Su Yanyi . Su Yanyi and Ling Tianyue quickly signed the stock transfer contract . With the 2% stocks from Ling Tianyue, Su Yanyi now owned 7% of Qin Company’s stocks . Ling Tianyue finally obtained Daytime Cooperation’s stocks . She will no longer be blocked outside the gate of their company now that she owned some of their stocks .

“President Su, thank you . ” After they signed the contract, Ling Tianyue happily thanked Su Yanyi .

“Thank you too . ” She had acquired 3% of Daytime Cooperation’s stocks privately . It had not been very useful for a long time . Now, those stocks finally came in handy . It was a good deal to exchange them with Qin Company’s stocks .

“Haha . President Su, if Bai Qing and I successfully hit it off, then I must invite you out for a drink for being my matchmaker!” Ling Tianyue promised confidently .

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Su Yanyi looked at Ling Tianyue strangely . This woman’s skin was extremely thick (shameless) .

“There’s no need to be so polite . I think that it’s quite difficult for the two of you to successfully be together . ” Su Yanyi was not deliberately trying to bring Ling Tianyue’s hopes down, but she was just telling the truth . The probability that Ling Tianyue and Bai Qing would end up together was less than one percent! 

Of course, for Ling Tianyue, even a one percent chance meant that there was still hope . At least, Ling Tianyue hadn’t given up yet .

“Hey, do you know why I bought 2% of Qin Company’s stocks?” Ling Tianyue asked somewhat mysteriously .  

Su Yanyi glanced at Ling Tianyue lightly; she didn’t bother to ask why . She merely waited for Ling Tianyue to explain . Ling Tianyue felt that Su Yanyi was a dull woman who didn’t know how to enjoy the moment .

“The third daughter of the Qing Family wanted to fight against me for the same man . At that time, I just happened to hear from my friend that one of Qin Company’s shareholders wanted to sell his stocks . So, I bought the stocks off his hand and was planning to cause some trouble with the stocks I have once the opportunity arises . I never expected that I would be transferring the stocks to you right now . Haha . President Su, that girl seemed to be in love with your eldest brother . You won’t be “polite” to her, right?” Lin Tianyue was very thorough when she investigated the Qin Family . This was especially true when she investigated Miss Qin Ying . This was because they were love rivals .

“That is all her wishful thinking . ” Su Yanyi said disdainfully as she recalled how Qin Ying acted at the birthday party the other day . A love-struck fool like her was not worthy of her brother .

While Su Yanyi and Ling Tianyue were talking about the Qin Family, Mother Su and Qin Jiran were coincidentally also talking about the Qin Family .

“Here is five percent of The Dragon’s Emissary stocks and three percent of the Qin Company’s stocks . Jiran, don’t refuse my gift . ” Mother Su took out three documents; two of the documents were stock transfer documents .

“Mother, what are you doing? The stocks from those two media companies are not worth a lot . I don’t need any stocks . You are Yanyi’s mother, so you are also my mother . It’s natural for me to do things for you . ” The Dragon’s Emissary already gave him a lot of money to acquire the two media companies . He didn’t have any thoughts of acquiring any shares at all .

“Since you address me as your mother, then you should listen to my words . These stocks are not all business transactions . They are my gift for you and Yanyi . They are also considered as gifts from an elder to her junior . Don’t reject it, otherwise, I will be unhappy . ” Mother Su deliberately stopped smiling and put on a serious expression on her face . She sincerely wanted them to have the stocks; she considered it to be a gift from a mother to her child .

Qin Jiran was in a dilemma . The value of the two stocks that she was giving him had long surpassed the value of his SQ Company . It was definitely not a small gift . He really wanted to refuse the gift . But it was difficult for him to refuse the gift after Mother Su’s remarks . It will be impolite of him to refuse the gift since it was a gift from an elder to her junior .

“Mother, since you have put it that way, then I will no longer refuse the gift . However, it’s more proper if you transfer the stocks under Yanyi’s name . I have no use for those stocks if you give them to me . ” Qin Jiran was being too modest, but it also made the most sense if the stocks were transferred to Su Yanyi .

“No, if I was going to give it to Yanyi, then I would’ve transferred it under her name . But since I’m giving the stocks to you, then I will be transferring the stocks to your name . Moreover, you and Yanyi are a family . What belongs to her, also belongs to you and what belongs to you, also belongs to her . There is no need to divide the items between the two of you . Don’t you think so too?” Mother Su looked at Qin Jiran with an amused expression on her face . She made no room for arguments in her words . This gift was a token of love from her as a mother . She had already prepared Yanyi’s gift . The entire Dragon’s Emissary was left for her daughter .

Qin Jiran was still stuck in a dilemma . He didn’t know how to refuse the gift . What belonged to him also belonged to Yanyi, but it was really inappropriate for him to receive such a large sum of money from Mother Su!

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