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Chapter 106.2

That night, Su Yanyi received three reports from different places .

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【The little mouse’s spirit has been broken . She can be dealt with at any given time . 】

【Targets have fallen passionately in love . The two people are already in a relationship . 】

【The target is negotiating with banks to get a loan and has tried to raise funds from multiple parties . However, the is still a huge gap in funding . 】

Su Yanyi responded differently to the three different reports .

【Step the next step of the plan by letting the little mouse change its nest . 】

【Send a beautiful woman to him . Their sweet relationship should come to an end by now . 】

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【Continue to monitor the situation . I will arrange for people to start the next plan . 】

In the next few days, almost all the chess pieces arranged by Su Yanyi began moving . Her first chess piece was Wang Zhilin . The man, Wei Tao whom Wang Zhilin had been waiting for finally appeared . He also brought a lawyer along as well as a report proving that Wang Zhilin had a mental illness . He was able to successfully rescue Wang Zhilin from prison for “medical treatment” . The truth was that there were some holes in his procedures, but Su Yanyi secretly helped him cover up those holes .

Wang Zhilin was in an ecstatic mood when she walked out of the detention center . She felt like she finally returned to the real world when she saw the warm sun outside . However, the police escorting her around snapped her back to reality . She was only halfway to freedom because she was heading to a mental hospital right now!

Wang Zhilin told herself to be patient and to persevere, but the more she told herself that, the more she was panicking . She was barely able to walk from the panic and fear she was feeling . In any case, she was taken to a mental hospital for treatment . What Wang Zhilin didn’t know was that this was the beginning of another nightmare for her!

The people in prison are at least normal and sane people . It was nothing compared to a mental hospital . Wang Zhilin had no idea what was waiting for her in the hospital . This was a gift Su Yanyi had specially prepared for Wang Zhilin!

If a real mental hospital was not scary, then what about a mental hospital that was specifically arranged for a person? The doctors, patients, guards, and medicines were all specially arranged ahead of time for Wang Zhilin…

While Wang Zhilin entered the mental hospital, Sun Minyi’s company had a new beautiful boss . It was reported that she was the general manager’s younger female cousin . She had studied abroad in a foreign country and had a master’s degree in management and commerce . She was the cream of the crop in business and her appearance was beautiful too . She was as beautiful as Miss World . This beautiful lady was directly appointed as the deputy director of finance . She became Sun Minyu’s boss as well as Sun Minyu’s biggest rival .

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“The way that woman looks at you is suspicious . You better stay away from that woman!” A woman’s voice filled with jealousy and suspicion could be heard .  

“You are thinking too much . She is my deputy as well as my work colleague . How can I stay away from her? Don’t think about it too much, go back to work . ” A man’s voice could be heard . It was clear that he was impatient but forced himself to be patient .

“Humph! It better just be work, otherwise don’t blame me for being impolite!” The woman’s threatening voice was both annoying and unpleasant to the ear .

The man frowned, but he forced himself to patiently comfort her, “What are you talking about? Of course, it’s only about work . ”

“That better be the truth!”

It was also during this time that Qin Zhenyi had been secretly talking with major banks to receive some loans . He was working hard to raise funds . However, just as he raised enough funds to buy the shares from the two shareholders, Su Yanyi had swept in and asked someone to buy the 5% shares from the hands of the two shareholders . She even asked the other party to keep it a secret, so the transaction was not revealed .

What Su Yanyi wanted to buy was not only the 5% shares of the Qin Corporation . She wanted more than 50% shares of the Qin Corporation . She wanted Qin Jiran to honorably step up as the major shareholder of the Qin Corporation . She wanted the members from the Qin Family to look up to Qin Jiran . Su Yanyi had put in a lot of time and effort into this goal . She had invested all the shareholders of the Qin Corporation and had made a number of plans to target these shareholders . It didn’t matter whether she had used a fair and upright method or planned a sinister and vicious scheme for them . Su Yanyi carried out her plans without compromise . She even made plans for the members of the Qin Family and those plans were definitely learning towards the sinister and vicious method .

Su Yanyi was currently sitting in her office and was looking through the various information she collected from the Qin Corporation . The reports were very detailed . It consisted of the names of each shareholder, their age, family background, hobbies, habits, places they frequent, close friends and partners, and basically everything else that could be dug up about them .

Su Yanyi discovered an interesting name when she looked through the information . She was surprised to find out that Ling Tianyue owned 2% of the Qin Corporation’s shares .  

Su Yanyi didn’t hesitate and picked up the phone and called Ling Tianyue .

“It’s really surprising to receive a personal call from President Su . ” Lin Tianyue quickly answered the phone with a playful tone .

“I want the 2% shares that you have in the Qin Corporation . State a price . ” Su Yanyi directly stated her purpose for the call .

“Haha . I knew that President Su wouldn’t just sit back and ignore it . Sure enough, President Su has started to make a move . The stocks in the Qin Corporation cost about 100 million dollars per share . However, I don’t want to sell my share for cash . I want to exchange them directly for Resplendent Entertainment’s stocks . ” Although Resplendent Entertainment was the leading company in the domestic entertainment industry, it was inferior to the Qin Corporation . The Qin Corporation was a comprehensive company that involved many extensive fields while Resplendent Entertainment was only involved in showbiz . It can be said that Ling Tianyue will suffer a loss in this exchange .

“Impossible, change your terms . ” Although this was a favorable transaction, Su Yanyi did not hesitate to refuse the offer . Although Resplendent Entertain also had multiple shareholders, it was also regarded as a family business . Only the people from the Su Family held shares in this company, so she will not consider selling shares to outsiders .  

“You’re so stingy . You won’t even agree to such favorable terms . Since you rejected my offer, what do you want to buy my shares with? Let me tell you something first, I don’t want money . ” Ling Tianyue was not too surprised by Su Yanyi’s rejection . After all, the companies owned by the Su Family had always been like this . It was impossible for outsiders to get stocks on the companies owned by the Su Family .  

The Su Family had very few descendants from the direct lines . However, they have many relatives, friends, and subordinates . The Su Family even cultivated many talents that already have spread across various industries . If the Su Family needed to cooperate with someone, then they will first select from one of these people first . They will not need to cooperate with people outside their circle .  

“I will exchange 2% of the stocks from Daytime Cooperation with you . ” Before she had made this call, Su Yanyi had already considered the conditions for the exchange .

Daytime Cooperation was owned by the Bai Family . Just like the Qin Family’s cooperation, it was well-known throughout City A and throughout the country . The value of the stocks of the two companies was similar . But if the two cooperation was compared to each other, then Daytime Cooperation was slightly better than Qin Cooperation . It can be said that Su Yanyi suffered a loss in this deal, but for Su Yanyi, it was worth it .

“Okay, deal!’

“I will go to your company this afternoon to sign the contract!” Su Yanyi hung up the phone with satisfaction .

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